Top 10 Shocking Revelations From Stone Cold’s Podcast With Triple H

Directly after this past week’s edition of Monday Night Raw, WWE Hall of Fame legend and fan favorite Stone Cold Steve Austin returned with his WWE Network exclusive Stone Cold Podcast, featuring another much anticipated guest.

Weeks after his highly enjoyable chat alongside WWE President Vince McMahon, Austin was joined by Triple H, who does more than just terrorize faces as the head of The Authority these days. The Executive Vice President is as busy as ever in the wrestling business, taking the reins with his wife Stephanie McMahon and overseeing the day-to-day operations in dealing with talent, creative, and the live events. He’s also running WWE NXT, which is probably the best wrestling show on television right now.

He was the perfect guest for Austin to host, considering the backlash WWE faced in terms of the booking decisions at last month’s Royal Rumble pay-per-view. Not only were fans intrigued about the interview segment, it came after WWE somewhat made amends by putting Roman Reigns’ title shot at WrestleMania 31 up for grabs at Fast Lane against Daniel Bryan (after the latter defeated Seth Rollins for the shot on Monday night).

It must be stressed that Austin does a terrific job at asking the questions the fans want to hear, and to be fair, the show wouldn’t be a success had he gone a different route. Despite the segment being entertaining, it wasn’t as enthralling as Stone Cold’s sitdown with Vinnie Mac, yet it was satisfactory.

There were a lot of interesting conversations that came up, aside from “The Game” admitting he sent a WWE World Heavyweight Championship belt to NFL champions The New England Patriots and professing his desire to see more airtime be given to the women of the WWE. He didn’t exactly stay in character, yet many of his responses were open-ended, and he opted for safer answers more often than not. You can’t blame him, considering he doesn’t exactly have more pull than his father-in-law, nor should he be forced to say exactly what’s on his mind.

Here are some of the conversation’s best moments:

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10 Triple H Kind of Confirms Match With Sting at WrestleMania 31

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Austin hinted at Triple H’s next contest, asking when the last time “The Game” was in the ring (as a part of Evolution). Triple H couldn’t give too much away, yet he did admit he was training extensively for something that was coming up.

For what it’s worth, Triple H challenged Sting to confront him inside the ring at Fast Lane later this month, and there could be an announcement made regarding the match.

9 Buddy Rogers Is “The Game’s” Dream Match

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Triple H chose the original “Nature Boy” as his dream opponent, which is someone who the current WWE Universe may not be familiar with.

The icon was the first man to hold both the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and the NWA World Heavyweight Championship, and influenced a number of wrestlers including Ric Flair, who used the same moniker and finishing maneuver (the figure-four leg lock).

8 Making Amends With The Ultimate Warrior

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If you’ve been watching the pro-wrestling game for a while, you would remember Triple H’s first WrestleMania match against The Ultimate Warrior, who was making his return to the WWE.

With that said, Triple H had problems with Warrior about his WrestleMania 12 match, which was over in seconds. He didn’t enjoy working with him, but they settled their differences years later. Hunter also said Warrior was the type of guy that never let go of a grudge.

7 Triple H Asks For More Time

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When Austin’s chat with McMahon couldn’t have gotten any more fascinating, the interview was about to come to a close. Vince, who has never shied away from being unintentionally funny, said he owned the WWE Network and granted Austin more time.

After Austin told Triple H they were out of time, “The Game” sarcastically asked if his partner thought he didn’t have any pull around those quarters, and was awarded some extra time after convincing Kevin Dunn, who was in Austin’s ear.

6 Word Association Session

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Austin decided to play a little word association with his guest, and it was fairly amusing. “The Game” obviously praised his pals Shawn Michaels and Ric Flair, said Kevin Nash was an underrated wrestling mind, and that he learned more from Scott Hall than anyone.

He also said Bret Hart was an amazing technician, but then cracked a smile and said he may take himself too seriously.

5 Triple H Doesn’t Choose A Side On The Streak Debate

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Just like when he asked Vince, Austin wanted Triple H to weigh in on The Undertaker’s WrestleMania 30 loss, and surprisingly, Helmsley looked as if he wanted to sway in the opposite direction of what actually happened.

For historical purposes and keeping the home run streak clean, Triple H wouldn’t have minded if it was kept as is, yet he was undecided on the matter. It’s interesting to see that the multi-time WWE World Heavyweight Champion didn’t chose a side, but he wasn’t exactly going to say it was a bad call, either.

4 Monday Night Raw And The Three-Hour Problem

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Stemming from Austin’s praise of WWE NXT, which Triple H runs, it’s obvious the weekly hour-long program targets a core group and focuses more on wrestling rather than sports entertainment.

A huge problem these days is many feel Monday Night Raw, the three-hour program, isn’t an essential watch anymore, and Triple H said it was extremely difficult to produce a program of that length because the third hour is murderous to book.

Triple H didn’t rule out going back to two hours, which would be amazing news for suffering wrestling marks.

3 No Issues With CM Punk

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Towards the end of the show, Austin asked Triple H about his thoughts on CM Punk, and surprisingly, the COO said he didn’t have any issue with him. Whether that was honest or not, Triple H said he would never rule out a return for CM Punk.

He said one of Punk’s problems was that he didn’t voice his thoughts on current daily activities. It’s hard to believe Helmsley on this one, considering Punk’s outstanding promos and the feud he embarked on against Triple H, where he didn’t exactly go over.

It's also hard to believe Triple H is completely fine with Punk, who recently jumped ship to the UFC.

2 Chyna In The WWE Hall of Fame?

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Triple H, Chyna’s former beau, admitted there was no doubt former WWE Women’s Champion and Intercontinental Champion Chyna transcended the wrestling business, and deserves to be included in WWE’s Hall of Fame class.

There just one slight problem and he’s well aware of it.

Without directly saying it, Hunter eluded to Chyna being in the adult entertainment business, and that if his eight-year-old son wanted to type her name up in a search engine after seeing her induction, he would be worried about what could come up.

However, it’s somewhat of a double standard, considering Joanie Laurer had made a "adult video" with former WWE superstar X-Pac, who made multiple appearances on television, his latest being two weeks ago.

1 Addressing Roman Reigns Winning the 2015 Royal Rumble

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Some good points were raised about this and Austin didn’t waste any time getting into the subject. It was only after a few seconds that “Stone Cold” wanted Triple H to shed some light on the situation.

Both veterans admitted kayfabe was dead and Austin suggested the finish could have been different (with all due respect to those involved). Triple H said Reigns work ethic is unparalleled to his peers and both talkers said it puts Reigns in a funny situation where he isn’t going to decline being pushed.

About the push itself, Triple H said fans will never agree on one wrestler being universally loved, and that we shouldn’t look too much into the push. He said riding a storyline is dead these days and that there has to be a lot more buildup as opposed to the old days. Triple H also suggested Reigns wasn’t booed at live events over the weekend, hinting some crowds want to see different things.

He also said Vince has the final decision on everything and that the Rumble’s finish was discussed over and over again. Although Vince understood his product had upset many fans, which forced a few changes on Raw.

Still, the jury is out on Reigns and his WrestleMania 31 place. It’s best to sit back and watch the events of the near future.

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