Top 10 Awesome Stone Cold/Vince McMahon Moments

Many people would love to get their hands on their boss and start whaling on them without any repercussions/ Unfortunately this is reality and that can't happen (well it can, but you're likely to end

Many people would love to get their hands on their boss and start whaling on them without any repercussions/ Unfortunately this is reality and that can't happen (well it can, but you're likely to end up in jail or in the best case, without a job). Though, during the Attitude Era, wrestling fans lived vigorously through Stone Cold Steve Austin and his feud with Vince McMahon.

The Austin-McMahon feud was arguably the best wrestling fans have seen, or ever will see. This feud created many memorable moments and some believe it was this feud alone that kept WWE alive during the Monday Night Wars. Week after week, Austin and McMahon raised the bar and fans kept tuning in to watch it unfold.

The story between this two was perfect, Stone Cold was the epitome of everything the WWE was trying to be at that time and fans related to him. He was the anti-hero. On the other hand, Vince was a billionaire corporate boss who wanted to keep structure. Needless to say, they were a perfect match to face one another.

This list consists of the most memorable moments in the Austin-McMahon feud. All but one moment happened during the Attitude Era. Every one of these moments is memorable and will you provide you with warm feelings of nostalgia if you grew up in the 90s.

10 Cage Match

St. Valentine's Day Massacre was headlined by a steel cage match between Austin and McMahon, with the winner getting a title shot at WrestleMania XV. Many fans wondered how McMahon would fair in a match like this, since he wasn't a professional wrestler. However, to the shock of many, Mr. McMahon held his own and delivered a very solid and entertaining match. The biggest bump in the match was when McMahon fell from the cage onto the announcer's table and Austin was even quoted as saying many wrestlers wouldn't have taken that bump. Austin would end up winning the match and going to WrestleMania with McMahon's own devious plan backfiring on him, when Big Show debuted and threw Austin into the cage. Sadly for Mr. McMahon, the cage busted open and Austin escaped with a win.

9 Stone Cold Drives A Zamboni to the Ring

On an episode of Monday Night Raw in 1998, Austin would get one of the biggest pops from the fans that you will ever hear. Austin would drive down to the ring in a Zamboni and if this wasn't crazy enough, he would get on top of the Zamboni and jump onto Vince McMahon in the ring. Cops had to come to ring and separate the two of them. The fans in the building brought the house down. It's one of the more memorable moments from their feud just because of the crowd reactions.

8 McMahon Wins Royal Rumble

Austin and McMahon would continue their feud at the 1999 Royal Rumble, as they would be the first two entrants. However, they would take the fight backstage with Austin getting jumped by The Corporation and being placed into an ambulance. Vince would return to do commentary, thinking that would be the end of Austin. Naturally, he was wrong and Austin returned to the arena driving an ambulance. Austin and McMahon would be the last two remaining entrants in the Rumble and it seemed destined for Austin to win and go on to WrestleMania. This wouldn't be the case and Mr. McMahon would eliminate Austin with interference from The Rock.

7 You Ruined It! You Ruined It, Damnit!

This was one the most famous moments in the Austin-McMahon feud. It was so popular that it made its way into mainstream media. Iron Mike Tyson WWE debut was interrupted by Stone Cold and they had an epic face to face confrontation. Austin and Tyson would start brawling with security separating them. This moment wouldn't have been as spectacular as it was, if it wasn't for Vince, as he started hilariously screaming at Austin:  "You ruined it! You ruined it, damnit!" all the while trying to kick Austin from the ring apron.

6 Their First Match

For the very first time, fans were gong to see Austin finally get his hands on McMahon in a match. Well I should say "hand," as a stipulation was put in by McMahon that Austin had to have one hand tied behind his back. After months of anticipation, fans were finally going to get what they wanted, the bell rang and Vince took the first shot with a slap in the face. Just as Austin was going start giving his beat down, Dude Love interfered. Fans didn't get to see the match they hoped for, however it didn't cause a huge backlash, as the anticipation grew even stronger to see these two square off in the ring.

5 Austin Turns Heel

Some may say this is too high on the list and there is a strong argument to be made for that. Austin's heel turn wasn't fully successful as fans still were cheering for him, however, it still was a unforgettable moment when he shook the hand of Mr. McMahon. During the heel turn, it showed more of a comedic side of the relationship between Austin and McMahon, which worked really well for a little while. Fans needed the intense feud between these two to resurrect, as Austin and McMahon were made to be much better enemies than friends.

4 Austin Holds McMahon Hostage

This moment showed just how extreme the Attitude Era was. McMahon fired Austin, so for revenge, Austin decided to kidnap Vince and threatened to kill him. As an 9 year old kid, this seemed extremely real, yet still I was cheering for Austin, and I wasn't alone as the crowd was going crazy when Austin brought McMahon to the ring and put a gun to his head. When he pulled the trigger and a paper with 'bang 3:16' written on it came out, it was hilarious, and to make the moment even better, McMahon peed himself, which gave us the memorable line: "McMahon 3:16 says I just peed myself."

3 Dr. Austin

This is one of the most hilarious segments in wrestling history, as Austin decided to impersonate a doctor and make Vince's life a living hell. It started off with Austin attacking Vince and hitting him with bedpan right to the skull. After that, Austin took the defibrillator and shocked Vince. Austin wasn't done there, as he finished his attack off by sticking an I.V up Vince's....well you have the image in your head and an explanation is not needed.

2 Austin gives McMahon a Beer Bath

The most famous vehicle Austin ever drove to the ring has to be the beer truck. While Vince, Shane, and The Rock were in the ring, Austin drove down, took out the hose and decided to shower them with beer. What made this moment so memorable was the image of Vince attempting to escape by trying to swim away in the puddle of beer. If you ask a wrestling fan which segment in this feud was best, many of them will bring up this one, as it is a timeless classic.

1 Austin Stuns McMahon For the First Time

This feud never would have began if it wasn't for the first stunner and that is why it lands at the top of the list. Without the first stunner, there would have never been all these great and memorable moments. The stunner itself was badly executed by Vince and is still laughed about today, however, that did not tarnish the moment one bit. Fans were in utter shock when they saw a wrestler hit the billionaire boss. It was the first time fans saw the stunner on McMahon, but it certainly wouldn't be the last, as these two would feud throughout the Attitude Era and create lasting moments wrestling fans would never forget.

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Top 10 Awesome Stone Cold/Vince McMahon Moments