Top 10 Storylines For Wrestlers Who Are Struggling

Every wrestling fan has played a round of fantasy booker before, trying their best to think of storylines involving talents that otherwise would go unnoticed. The IWC especially has a habit of being a

Every wrestling fan has played a round of fantasy booker before, trying their best to think of storylines involving talents that otherwise would go unnoticed. The IWC especially has a habit of being a back seat driver to the WWE, often disagreeing with their creative direction.

The most glaring example of fans imposing judgement on WWE writers/creative, was the fallout following the 2015 Royal Rumble match. The match was literally booed from the moment Daniel Bryan was eliminated by Bray Wyatt. Keep in mind that Bryan was eliminated with nearly 40 minutes left in the match. After that match, social media exploded with anger, hate, disgust, and general disapproval with the WWE’s decision to book the Royal Rumble in such a way.

Literally the day after the Royal Rumble match happened, online contributors, podcast hosts, and fans were all fantasy booking how the match should have been written. Some had drastically different ideas than others, but all of them were different than the actual results.

The Rumble match is just part of a growing problem in WWE, where their creative team doesn’t understand or care what the fans want to see. Many former WWE stars have stated that the writing team only follows through with storylines that involve top guys like Cena, Orton, and Triple H. Lower tiered stars on the roster, are usually subject to half developed gimmicks and stories with no real chance at getting over. The wrestlers deserve better from WWE, and so do the fans that support them.

In hopes of this article reaching the corporate office of WWE (I doubt it), we are going to play fantasy booker for the current WWE roster. We are going to book 10 WWE talents into a new direction that could possibly get them over with fans. While some of these fantasy storylines may have some plot holes, remember that currently most of these wrestlers are in limbo, and anything is better than nothing. As always, let us know your opinions in the comments below.

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10 Bo Dallas with The New Day


We can all figure out something for Bo Dallas to do on WWE programming, if we just BO-lieve. In all seriousness, with Dallas back on the full time roster, WWE needs to utilize his over the top personality better. I would absolutely not put him in the Wyatt family, as he is already established as a brand. He is hands down the funniest person on the roster, and can actually hold his own in the squared circle.

Instead of joining the Wyatts, Dallas should intentionally intrude on the New Day’s entrance. He could try to tell everyone that his brand of positivity is what the group needs, so it makes sense for him to lead them. This could lead to weeks of Dallas and New Day trying to be more positive than one another, which could lead to hilarious results. I would also have him have wrestle singles matches with each member of the New Day over the course of three months.

Each month would feature Dallas wrestling a New Day member at a pay per view, in a best of three series. I would have him lose his first match with Big E, followed by winning his next match with Xavier Woods. The final match would be between Dallas and Kofi Kingston, and would determine who could lead the WWE Universe in Positivity.

9 R-Truth


R-Truth isn’t getting any younger, and the guy is very talented in the ring and on the mic. With that being said WWE should leverage topical issues to their advantage, and make Truth a revolutionary character.

Truth could be antagonized each week by the Authority about his career not mattering as much as other superstars' careers. This angle could play off of the “black lives matter” movement growing in America currently. Personally, I think the angle would be better served making him a heel; constantly having him question all WWE employees on their racist ways. He could use other black superstars to make his argument, and develop intrigue in forming a new Nation of Domination.

WWE shouldn’t go the full blown Nation route, but they could channel some of Truth’s anger that was shown during a similar angle while he was in TNA. Alternatively, the company could go the other way and make him an underdog who the audiences sympathize with, effectively turning him into a different kind of babyface.

8 Veteran Divas


The WWE is in a unique position right now with their Divas division. They have made it very clear that they want to shake things up, and make the roster more competitive. Instead of having so many little groups like they do right now, they could have the division be a rivalry between the current WWE Divas and the women of NXT.

The NXT roster is so much stronger than the Divas division, that the Divas could use it as an angle where they band together to train to become as good as the NXT girls. Stranger things have happened as Trish Stratus was garbage upon her debut, and became one of the best female wrestlers in WWE history.

The storyline could be blown off on a Raw, where the women would compete in the main event match of the night.

7 Ascension


The high hopes for the Ascension have fallen by the wayside, as their careers have taken a bit of a wrong turn. The WWE instantly buried the group by having them get destroyed by older teams who were not on the current roster. With the tag team division slightly stable at the moment, WWE has the opportunity to bring the duo back into the spotlight.

WWE could have a situation where each week a member of a tag team is found beaten badly backstage. The superstar would be beaten so badly that they couldn’t compete for a few weeks, leaving their partners without a teammate. After the last beating, the Ascension would admit it was them and dare anyone to come face them for revenge. Since no team would be fully intact, wrestlers would be forced into weird tag combinations like Kofi Kingston and Darren Young.

By using this method, the tag team division could create some tension by forcing relationships between guys who don’t like each other - setting up potential storylines down the road. It also would establish the Ascension as monster heels, who are willing to do whatever it takes to assert their dominance.

6 Xavier Woods


Woods is a very smart guy, so smart in fact that he is going for his Ph.D. while currently being on the road. He has great charisma and is pretty good on the stick, so why not make him a hated heel in the WWE?

The idea would be to have Woods be the kind of heel who never would want to fight, but rather berate you in a pompous manner; think Bobby Heenan, not Damien Sandow. If he played a cowardly heel who ran, but was willing to hit someone with a weapon, his heel persona would be greatly elevated. This storyline would only work if there was some kind of lower tiered title that he could compete for, a championship on the level of the older European Title.

5 Fandango


Fandango could be World Champion one day, but not as Fandango. When he debuted as Johnny Curtis, Fandango showed all the promise in the world of having a successful career. He had the look, charisma, and ability to work his way to the top, unfortunately WWE didn’t think so; then he was repackaged.

Now as for his storyline, I would have him come down to the ring and progressively become less interested in dancing. Eventually he would grab a mic, break character and ask them to turn the music off. Fandango would start to denounce his character, as well as the WWE for asking Johnny Curtis to play such a ridiculous character. Dropping a pipe bomb esque promo, the newly renamed Curtis would start to bash the WWE system, hopefully getting over with the fans.

Worked shoots are tricky, as they don’t always work out for the wrestler delivering the message. Fandango has made it very clear that he loves the business, so if he would speak from his heart during this segment, he could make it work.

4 Wade Barrett


The Bad News Barrett gimmick was actually working for a brief period of time, before he won the King of the Ring, and adopted a played out royalty gimmick. Barrett should return to his Bad News ways, and incorporate trolling the WWE audience as part of his gimmick. The best way to get heat (serious old school heel heat) is to twist the audience's emotions.

I envision WWE making big announcements and Barrett subsequently coming out and telling the audience that he has some bad news for them. For example, advertise that The Rock will be coming back in a few weeks; only to have Barrett troll the entire audience. In addition whenever he is losing a match Barrett should leave the ring and grab the microphone, telling the audience that he has bad news for them. He can then take pride in the fact that he hasn’t been pinned in months, and hasn’t technically been beaten.

After a few months of this, Barrett would ideally be one of the hottest heels in the company, and could be booked in some sort of cage match where he is forced to get uppcomance. This would satisfy fans who want Barrett to be beaten and also create another heel in the company.

3 Zack Ryder


Poor Zack Ryder, the guy was literally thrown off screen on an episode of Raw, and hasn’t been the same since. Fans were cheated out of an on screen confrontation between him and John Cena a few years ago, after his broski was kissing a hoski (his love interest). Due to how over Ryder was, there are still fans who go nuts for the guy; especially at live events.

WWE should start a storyline where Ryder asks Cena for another chance at the U.S. Open Challenge backstage. The two should have a pretty decent match, where Cena would go over and remain the champ. Cena would then be blind sided by Ryder who would adopt a new power finishing move (haven’t worked that part out yet), and beat Cena with a chair.

Ryder would grab a mic and start talking, while standing over Cena, about how he was not given a shot at because of him. Periodically he would stop talking and hit Cena with the chair, before ending the promo with his catchphrase. Ryder and Cena would feud for a few months after that, with Ryder enlisting the IWC for support against Cena. This would play into both men’s strengths, as Cena could rise above the hate, and Ryder could use social media to his advantage. The blow off would be a match where Cena drops the title to Ryder who would at that point have become over enough to carry the title.

2 Adam Rose


Given all of the rumors about Adam Rose joining the Wyatt family, I had to include him on this list. I do agree that Rose should join the family, but rather than follow behind Wyatt aimlessly, Rose should challenge him for leadership. He could claim that he has already controlled a family of mindless brainwashed followers (the Rosebuds), and he knows how to lead his followers better than Wyatt ever could.

Rose could really start to challenge Wyatt’s authority by recruiting his own members of the family, creating his own subset. The two groups could clash in a huge tag team match with Rose getting the win, only after converting one of Wyatt’s originals (Luke Harper). By having Rose turn on Wyatt, he would be established as the heel, and Wyatt as an underdog babyface. This would effectively create a double turn, giving both stars a new path in the company.

1 Dolph Ziggler


Before we go into this one, remember that everything has been done in wrestling. With that being said, I would have a beat for beat recurrence of Chris Jericho’s win over Triple H on Raw way back in 2000; Seth Rollins would be playing the part of Triple H, and Ziggler would be playing the part of Jericho. Ziggler would challenge for the title, not before employing a tag team like Curtis Axel and Damien Sandow as a new APA-ish protection. The former Meta Powers would keep watch over J & J Security while Ziggler secured the clean win over Rollins.

The angle should take place when Authority is on vacation, so that Rollins can impose his will on the referee and reverse the decision. The match should restart again and diverge from the original angle by having Ziggler win for a second time. The next week Triple H could claim that the referee was extremely disoriented from being threatened and beat up, and the title will be vacated until the next pay per view. The two stars would then begin an epic feud, where the crowd would be 100% behind Ziggler as a main event guy.

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