Top 10 Superstars Who Should Join The Authority

The Authority are running the show in WWE and they are not afraid to let their employees know just who is in charge. The modern day version of The Corporation have been involved in most of the top WWE

The Authority are running the show in WWE and they are not afraid to let their employees know just who is in charge. The modern day version of The Corporation have been involved in most of the top WWE storylines in recent memory.

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are the power couple who have made life hard for many superstars on the roster while paving a gentle path for certain select superstars. Seth Rollins, the golden boy of The Authority, has clearly benefited the most from running alongside Triple H and Stephanie as Rollins is not only the current holder of the Money in the Bank briefcase but the proclaimed “future of WWE.”

The addition of J & J Security to work alongside Rollins provides some comic relief to an otherwise serious character. Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury are reminiscent of Pat Patterson and Gerald Brisco – the old Vince McMahon stooges. Meanwhile, Kane and Big Show are just good old Kane and Big Show; nothing new or particularly exciting about their involvement with The Authority

It is obvious that being placed in The Authority can automatically propel a superstar to a higher level. Which is why in the following article we will take a look at some superstars who could use such a spot to further advance their careers.

This article will not include top WWE superstars such as John Cena and Daniel Bryan as realistically we know that neither man would be placed into The Authority. Cena and Bryan are meant to be the quintessential good guys – there to do battle against the evil faction.

We will also exclude Dolph Ziggler from this list, who could potentially work as a member of The Authority but has become such an anti-hero that he truly does work better on his own – no need to be paired with good or evil.

This article will focus more on up-and-coming superstars and those who just really need a new direction. The kind of person(s) who would fit in nicely with The Authority and contribute to the scheming success of the group.

These are the top 10 superstars who should join The Authority:

10 Sheamus


The only former WWE Champion you will find on our list is The Celtic Warrior, Sheamus. With his impending return, speculation is that Sheamus will be coming back to WWE as a heel, which is good because Sheamus always seemed better as a villainous ass-kicker.

However, simply turning Sheamus heel may not be enough to elevate him back to where he once was on the card. Sheamus is a former man event superstar who has competed in big matches against the biggest names in WWE.

Aligning Sheamus with The Authority as a repackaged Irish brawler could be just the boost he needs.

9 Cesaro


Having Cesaro get involved with The Authority can be a really good thing. Cesaro has long been a fan favorite, but has never been given a specific direction that can drive him to the top of the WWE.

We have already seen Cesaro looking sharp in a suit, so this seems like a simple choice for The Authority. He has skill and looks, both of which embody The Authority.

8 Erick Rowan


Erick Rowan has done battle with The Authority in recent months – even getting “fired” in the process – but in WWE all bad blood is often forgotten and a big brute like Erick Rowan could provide some solid reinforcement for the group.

Rowan has already proven that he can follow orders as a former member of The Wyatt Family which is another reason to toss him in with Triple H and Stephanie. In the process of transitioning Rowan into the group perhaps a slight makeover would be in order. Lose the jumpsuit and tidy up the beard with a trim or a braid.

7 Charlotte


I happen to complain in a lot in my articles about the state of the Divas division. I have also discussed the Flair family on many occasions. Perhaps this is something to bring up whilst lying on coach in a psychiatrist's office but I digress.

The Authority does not have to only recruit new male superstars but can also lure in some promising female superstars as well. Charlotte would be a perfect fit in The Authority. The history between her father and Triple H can only improve on the storyline which can be provided to Charlotte as a member of the faction.

6 Ryback


Ryback once feuded with The Authority after hinting that he would join the faction and was also involved in the “firing” angle that surrounded John Cena. Of course, Cena would play the hero role and win him back his job.

However, when it comes to Ryback, his character always seems stuck in limbo. Pairing him with The Authority as the big enforcer could finally help him take that next step. If nothing else; it will provide another piece of protection for Seth Rollins.

5 Curtis Axel


This whole “AxelMania” and never being eliminated from the Royal Rumble thing was entertaining but where does Curtis Axel go now? This gimmick was bound to lose steam.

Now, as a competitor, Axel is a gifted third generation superstar who has promise and potential and was once viewed as a future star – a man who Triple H personally supported. So, how does Axel regain his steam? Place him in The Authority along side Triple H. Groom him in the image of The Game and make something of him already.

4 The Usos


The Usos have been one of the best and most exciting WWE tag teams in recent years. Jimmy and Jey shot up through the tag teams ranks and have established themselves as one of the premier teams in WWE today.

However, things are getting a little bland. Therefore, a nice shake up would be great for The Usos. Much like their father did years ago when he left the dancing gimmick behind and was revealed as the man who ran down Stone Cold Steve Austin. It's about time for the twins to unveil their darker side.

3 Bad News Barrett


There is something about Bad News Barrett that screams Authority – as though his joining of the faction would be viewed as less of a surprise and more of a natural fit – a coming home of sorts.

Barrett can throw with the best the WWE has to offer and could finally find himself in the main event picture should he join forces with The Authority. Barrett is a big man with a big mouth which is a fine fit with the likes of The Authority. Bad News Barrett would compliment the faction quite nicely.

2 Dean Ambrose


The Lunatic Fringe is slowly becoming a lot less lunatic and a lot more ludicrous. Dean Ambrose seems to be the forgotten member of The Shield; the one lost among the main event scene.

Dean Ambrose has worked alongside Seth Rollins once before so there is no reason why it can't happen again. The personal animosity can be tossed aside as Ambrose can claim his alliance with The Authority is strictly a business decision – all the while, a silent tension can remain between the two former Shied members.

1 Kevin Owens


Kevin Owens is one of the fastest rising stars in the WWE. Independent wrestling fans may known Owens best as Kevin Steen – the former ROH World Champion.

Although Owens has only been part of WWE for a few shorts months, it would appear as though a lot has already been invested in the new talent. Introducing him as a member of The Authority will not only make a huge impact and provide a memorable moment but will make Kevin Owens an instant household name.

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Top 10 Superstars Who Should Join The Authority