Top 10 Takeaways From WWE Fastlane

WWE Fastlane took place in Memphis, Tennessee on Sunday night. It essentially set up everything for WrestleMania and provided all the answers for what the card will be. For the second year in a row, WWE had to cover themselves from tomatoes being thrown at them for their inability to book a quality Royal Rumble. They created a nauseating angle in order to shut up the Daniel Bryan fans and keep their hopes alive that the WWE would actually give him the title reign that he unfortunately never received due to a severe neck injury. Back in the old days, WWE would not have to do this. People believed it was real and whatever happened was taken at face value. However, during the social media age and everybody and their mother aware that wrestling is fiction, the stories WWE has been trying to tell aren’t sitting well with their audience. The utter disconnect that WWE has with their fans has never been so apparent. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to matter in the least.

The results of WWE Fastlane in no way reflected what the majority of the WWE Universe wanted. It left many simply feeling defeated. At the end of the Royal Rumble last month, the audience booed Roman Reigns out of the building. Even having The Rock come out to try to generate some kind of positive reaction for Reigns blew upi n Vince McMahon and WWE’s face. It was so predictable. As soon as Daniel Bryan was eliminated, the audience knew who was going to be the Rumble. The audience knowing who was going to win so early and ultimately rejecting the entire match represents a lack of creativity and the inability to build new stars by the WWE. In the end, WWE gives fans the illusion that their input matters but it really doesn’t. They have a vision for what WrestleMania will be and we all just have to accept it. WWE Fastlane revealed that vision and unfortunately there is nothing fans can do about it.

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10 Dolph Ziggler is Stuck

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Ziggler is stuck in place where no WWE superstar wants to be. He is regarded as one of the best talents in WWE by fans, yet it seems like he never wins a match. Without fail, he was the one that was pinned in the six-man tag team match that opened the WWE Fastlane. It would have made some sense if Seth Rollins was the one who pinned him, but no it was Kane. This is the year 2015 and Kane is pinning one of WWE’ s most popular stars. I'm not sure who thinks this a good idea, but essentially nobody benefited from this match, except for Randy Orton.

9 Stardust Isn't Completely Boring

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Even though the match between Stardust and Goldust was completely boring, the backstage promo Stardust cut was great. I don’t think anybody really wants to see the brothers fight again at WrestleMania, but it is beyond obvious that is what is going to happen. My only hope is that Stardust turns back into Cody Rhodes. A gimmick like Stardust can only go so far before it hits a wall. For the most part, I think it already has but I was really impressed with the promo after the match between Stardust and Goldust.

8 Cesaro and Tyson Kidd Deserve the Titles

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I will go as far to say that Cesaro/Kidd versus The Usos was the best match of the night. There is no way I thought that would be possible before WWE Fastlane started, but amazingly it was. In between everything else, Cesaro and Kidd won the Tag Team Titles. This was the highlight of the night in my opinion. Much like Ziggler, fans have wanted Cesaro to play a more prominent role in the WWE. The WWE most likely will never give the green light to Cesaro like they have with Roman Reigns, but this is at least something to be happy about. The tag team division has been horrible for years, maybe Kidd and Cesaro can cure that.

7 Bray Wyatt Will Face The Undertaker at WrestleMania

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The worst kept secret ever, essentially became official on Fastlane. Wyatt came out to The Undertaker’s music and hid in a casket. It was obvious that Wyatt was going to be the one in the casket, but it was still an awesome promo. However, I don’t see how this match could be even remotely good at WrestleMania. If you think about the match between Lesnar and The Undertaker just last year, it is difficult to see how this match could work. Last year, The Undertaker looked absolutely awful. He looked done. If you add 365 days to that, I don’t see how any match from here on out with The Undertaker could be any good. Thus, at WrestleMania we will see the battle of the cool entrances, followed by what will likely be a snooze-fest of a wrestling match.

6 The Divas Matches Are Still Terrible

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I don’t understand why the WWE almost seems afraid to put on a half decent divas match. Paige and Nikki Bella should at least be able to put on a decent match, but for some reason the WWE seems petrified to let them. These matches never get enough time to develop and the crowd has become so used to the same thing over and over, they simply do not care about the match. Whenever a divas match comes on, it signals to the crowd to run to the bathroom or grab another beer. It is far less entertaining than it could be if the WWE just gave the matches time.

5 Memphis Crowds Can Be Dull

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Everyone in the crowd must have been sick, right? What was with the crowd during the event? For the first hour, I felt like I was watching a WWE event that was being held in a public library. I have never heard a crowd so lifeless in my life. They reacted to nothing during the first hour of this event. Granted, it may have had something to do with the horrible way WWE opened the show. Note to WWE, having Kane pin Ziggler in the opening match probably will set a negative tone for the rest of the night. Don’t do it again. Please.

4 Triple H Has Still Got It

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Everyone knew what was going to happen when Sting and Triple H had their confrontation at Fastlane. We knew that the outcome would be either Triple H or Sting pointing to the ridiculously large Wrestlemania sign. However, Triple H has an innate ability to sell a match. Bringing up WCW and having wrestlers well past their prime highlight WrestleMania is right in WWE’s wheelhouse and Triple H is an absolute pro at getting that match over with the crowd. Sting didn’t say a word and Triple H was able to get everyone hyped by cutting a promo in a leather jacket and mom-jeans. Well done.

3 WWE Is Still Protecting John Cena

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In a match where John Cena couldn’t find a way to cover his mouth when calling out every move that was about to take place, WWE still found a way to protect him. After weeks of Rusev saying that Cena was washed up and couldn’t do it anymore, WWE still felt the need to have a screwy finish. Lana comes in and distracts the referee and Rusev hits Cena with a low blow. This leads to Rusev leaving victorious, but it wasn’t a clean win. Why couldn’t Rusev win this match clean and in convincing fashion? I think WWE is setting the table for Cena to beat Rusev at WrestleMania, so why not let Rusev win convincingly at Fastlane?

2 Roman Reigns Will Face Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania

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Everyone knew that this would be the case but many held out hope that the WWE would change their mind. Heck, they did last year. This year, it was not the case and WWE stuck with Lesnar vs Reigns at WrestleMania. Most of the WWE Universe feels like Roman Reigns is a year or two away from being ready to be the WWE Champion. However, Vince McMahon clearly does not feel that way and his voice is the only one that matters. We might be in for Goldberg versus Lesnar 2.0, which was one of the worst WrestleMania matches of all-time (the crowd booed it throughout).

1 WWE Does Not Believe in Daniel Bryan

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When it comes to being the face of the company and a true main-eventer, it is abundantly clear that McMahon and the higher ups at WWE do not believe in Daniel Bryan. They know he is a gifted wrestler, but unfortunately he does not have the look of a typical WWE Champion. He is small and has a beard, thus the announcers must refer to him as a goat or a farm animal. Daniel Bryan does not cater to the casual audience. If someone is flipping the channels and stumbles upon Monday Night Raw, Daniel Bryan will not hold their attention. However, if that same person sees Roman Reigns, they may not change the channel. Reigns is more marketable, that is what this comes down to. The people that want Daniel Bryan to headline WrestleMania are the fans that are going to watch no matter what. Thus, the WWE does not have to listen.

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