Top 10 Things AJ Lee Could Do Next

The breaking news coming out of the WWE this past week did not concern the likes of Brock Lesnar or John Cena but the three-time Divas Champion, AJ Lee, who announced her retirement – sending out a heartfelt tweet thanking her fans and posting a symbolic picture of her wrestling boots leaned up against a travel bag. The end of the road has arrived for AJ Lee as it pertains to her WWE career.

While most people are not retiring at the age of twenty-eight, AJ Lee is clearly not most people. The entire story behind her decision has yet to surface and thus the obligatory speculation from WWE fans has begun to circulate around the internet. The full story could emerge tomorrow, next week, next month, next year, or perhaps never.

One must wonder if AJ Lee left the WWE on good terms? Their well wishes would lead us to believe as such but there is no telling what exactly was going on backstage. Perhaps AJ Lee and the company that helped make her famous parted ways as perfect gentlemen and gentlewomen or perhaps they left each other on bad terms. This is the WWE where everything is a possibility.

So, what happens next? What does a retired Millennial do with herself after only knowing one way of living throughout most of her adult life? What does the future hold for AJ Lee? Well, in this article we will take a look at some options that AJ Lee may like to explore now that her tenure in WWE is complete. This is of course a speculative article as we are all uncertain of AJ Lee's life plan.

However, we will explore certain avenues in which we know AJ Lee has interest as well as some other topics that may intrigue the former Diva. The world is out there. The world beyond the wrestling ring. CM Punk was brash enough to leave behind the WWE Universe and now his wife has followed along.

These are the top 10 things AJ Lee could do next:

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10 Nothing

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There is a distinct possibility that for the immediate future AJ Lee could simply do nothing. Sit around at home watching Netflix and eating high-calorie modified food not fit for human consumption. Forget about motivation for a while.

George Carlin said of motivation in America: “If you ask me, this country could use a little less motivation. The people who are motivated are the ones who are causing all the trouble.” Therefore, AJ Lee could find the great slacker within; the part of her being that desires nothing.

9 Model

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Alright, now that our first entry is out of the way: let's assume that AJ Lee will want to do something with herself and not consume all that horrid food and remain in shape. One option for a woman like AJ Lee that quickly comes to mind is modeling; not in the conventional sense of course.

The world of modeling has changed. More and more people are realizing that Victoria's biggest secret is that she is an unrealistic image of the modern day woman. AJ Lee is a raving beauty but wings will not suffice for such a girl. However, some form of alternative modeling may appeal to the unique former Diva.

8 Art

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AJ Lee an artist? Why not. This is not a subject to be bourgeois about, anybody can be any artist so why not AJ Lee? What kind of art would she create? Who knows. The mind can recall horror at any given time; for AJ Lee these memories are those of the WWE warfield.

I know that this entry is a little vague but we're discussing art here and really, what the hell is art anyway? Some kind of sociological commentary or grand political statement? Perhaps art is just plain sight; life passing us by every hour, every minute, every second, of every miserable day.

7 Podcast

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There is no ignoring the rise of the podcast. They are all over the internet. The podcast has given the entire world a chance to become radio broadcasters. The professional wrestling world is no exception. Stone Cold Steve Austin, Chris Jericho, and Jim Ross stand out as the best who have tried their hand at the podcast craze.

Essentially, a podcast can be conducted in the comfort of your own living room. When it comes to AJ Lee, there is surely a fanbase willing to tune-in on a regular basis to hear her take on wrestling and whatever else she may see fit to discuss.

6 Comics

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Much like her husband, AJ Lee has been a longtime fan of comic books. Recently, CM Punk was afforded an opportunity from Marvel Comics to write a comic book. The book, Thor Annual #1, was released in February of this year.

While Punk will continue to work for Marvel throughout the year, there is no reason to rule out the possibility of AJ Lee being brought in to work for the iconic company as well. AJ Lee has her own perspective that could be translated to the comic book world.

5 Wrestle

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AJ Lee has “retired” from in-ring competition. In-ring WWE competition. Being retired in the wrestling business does not mean the same as it does for a professional baseball or hockey player. Wrestlers always seem to come back.

Now, this does not mean that AJ Lee will return to WWE or even wrestle on a full-time basis. However, a few independent shows a couple of times of year can not only satisfy any remaining itch to compete but can also provide some extra cash.

4 Train

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Another avenue that AJ Lee may want to consider is the role of trainer. This would keep her involved with the professional wrestling business while still keeping her out of in-ring action and “retired” as such.

Like many former professional wrestlers, perhaps AJ Lee will operate her own wrestling academy. Perhaps she will train for an independent promotion. Perhaps – depending on their relationship – AJ Lee will be brought back to WWE some day as a trainer to the Divas down in NXT.

3 Write

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People are fascinated with tell-all tales and behind-the-scenes looks at everything. Natural curiosity cannot be contained. People want to know everything, anything, and nothing as long as your phrase it correctly and make them believe that you have just told them something.

There is much curiosity about AJ Lee that many fans would like to read about. Especially in regards to her time in WWE following the abrupt departure of CM Punk. Oh, the people crave gossip. Therefore, writing a book may be something that AJ Lee some day considers.

2 Act

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The acting bug has bitten a lot of professional wrestlers over the years. This bug should have never gnawed at the skin of Hulk Hogan but that's another story. The obvious success story of professional wrestler turned actor is that of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

AJ Lee has charisma and good looks on her side. Would she succeed in the movies? She might. She might not. Still, there is reason enough to give it a try and put forth a solid acting effort; if not in the movies, perhaps on a television series.

1 Start a Family

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AJ Lee and CM Punk could very well be planning to start reproducing and creating their own personal Chicago/New Jersey version of the All-American punk-rock family, and there is certainly nothing wrong with that.

Whatever AJ Lee chooses to do next, whichever twisted path she embarks upon, one thing will remain constant: the admiration of those fans – particularity the young girls who she has helped inspire – will remain strong and supportive no matter how strange anything becomes.

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