Top 10 Things Daniel Bryan Could Do Next IF His Career Is Over

WrestleMania XXX: Daniel Bryan defeats Triple H in the first match of the evening to earn a spot in the main event to face off against Randy Orton and Batista in a Triple Threat match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. That night, Daniel Bryan would leave the Superdome as the brand new champion.

However, injury would strike and the newest hero of the WWE Universe was placed in an uncomfortable spot as he was forced to surrender the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Daniel Bryan was uncertain of his future but would eventually make his way back to the WWE later in the year and back into the hearts of all his fans.

WrestleMania XXXI: Daniel Bryan is out of the main event picture – much to the dismay of the WWE Universe – but will compete in a seven man ladder match for the Intercontinental Championship. Once again opening the event with a victory and capturing his first ever IC Championship. Daniel Bryan began the night much like he had closed 'Mania the year prior – leading Levi's Stadium in a Yes chant while hoisting gold above his head.

History repeats itself when Daniel Bryan is injured again shortly following a championship victory. This past week on Monday Night Raw, Daniel Bryan would relinquish the Intercontinental Championship; informing the WWE Universe that he may never wrestle again. Back-to-back years with hard luck and heartache for Daniel Bryan.

Hopefully, we will see Daniel Bryan back in a WWE ring some day as a performer but the man is beaten down; battered and broken on the inside. Therefore, what if the leader of the “Yes Movement” is unable to return to the ring in a wrestling capacity? What will he do next?

In this article we will take a look at the possible avenues Daniel Bryan could explore should his in-ring days be gone. These are the top 10 things Daniel Bryan could do next IF his career is over:

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10 Reality TV

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Daniel Bryan is currently featured in the supporting cast of Total Divas. The show will often focus on the happenings in the life of Bryan and his wife Brie Bella; an “inside” look into what we are meant to believe is real and unscripted.

While all realty shows fizzl,; a spin-off series is always a possibility. People tuned into Hulk Hogan and his family on reality TV so why not Daniel Bryan? Once Total Divas is down and out, perhaps a Brie and Bryan spin-off will emerge.

9 Commentary

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The WWE has long used retired superstars to fill in for color commentary at the announce table. Monday Night Raw currently uses both JBL and Booker T in said roles. Commentary provides an outlet for these former superstars.

Daniel Bryan is not necessarily the smoothest speaker but that has never stopped WWE in the past. While he may not be heard at the Monday Night Raw announce table, Daniel Bryan could find his way to a chair and a headset somewhere within the company.

8 Environmentalism

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Daniel Bryan is an avid environmentalist – a green crusader who shows genuine concern for the well-being of the planet in which he inhabits. These beliefs hold a strong position in his life and in some capacity could become a more permanent career path.

What sort of career could one obtain from environmentalism? Good question. There is surely some oddball wall of living and working with your evergreen conscious.

7 Acting

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The acting world has long lured many WWE superstars into its presence... could Daniel Bryan be next? Honestly, the scraggly superstar doesn't appear to have leading man qualities but there must be a place for Bryan somewhere on the screen.

Perhaps in some comedic fashion, a self-deprecating role of sorts that allows Bryan to poke fun at himself and the perceived notion of him that has been present in the WWE for a number of years. Just don't expect Daniel Bryan to become the next Dwayne Johnson.

6 Network Host

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The WWE Network continues to grow and continues to turn out programming. Renee Young and Corey Graves have both been given time on the network to work as hosts with their shows Unfiltered and Culture Shock.

Daniel Bryan could get involved with something along those lines – an alternative style of programming geared towards the interests of Daniel Bryan – no need to worry about ratings; this will be featured on the network.

5 Ambassador

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The WWE often use former superstars as company “ambassadors.” Those who travel the globe on behalf of the promotion; heading off to a variety of events as a representative of WWE and all that comes along with such a role.

Daniel Bryan is a likeable and recognizable superstar and to use him as a company ambassador would prove to be a positive. Unlike other superstars, Daniel Bryan looks like an everyman, as he is easy to relate with and is a non-intimidating figure.

4 Wrestling School

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In the world of sports entertainment, Daniel Bryan is a professional wrestler, a man who simply loves performing out in the ring in front of the fans; unaltered by his position on the card, Daniel Bryan is going out to have a great wrestling match each and every night.

Which is why a wrestling school would be a logical fit for Daniel Bryan – passing along that love and inspired passion that he has for the business could help a crop of aspiring wrestlers really find their own true emotionally attachment to the craft.

3 Road Agent

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In professional wrestling, a road agent serves as a liaison between the talent and management; helping with match set-ups, storyline production, and the overall vision of the booker. These positions are often reserved for veterans of the industry.

Such a role would suit Daniel Bryan as he has traveled the long hard road to reach the top of the WWE mountain. The former WWE World Heavyweight Champion would serve as a great companion piece to the talent while on the road as an agent.

2 On-Screen Role

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Quite often in WWE, when a performer can no longer run the ropes, said performer is placed into an on-screen role of sorts; a managerial position or more commonly, a position of power. The two best examples of this being Stone Cold Steve Austin and Mick Foley.

Daniel Bryan remains a hot commodity in the wrestling community. Therefore, should he not be able to actual wrestle anymore, using him in an on-screen role would satisfy the fans need to see him on WWE programming.

1 Trainer

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Daniel Bryan once served as the head trainer of the ROH Wrestling Academy – many years prior to his success in WWE. The role of head trainer is an important role in any promotion and a guy like Daniel Bryan, who knows every corner of the squared-circle, would always make for a great candidate.

Should his wrestling career be over, Daniel Bryan will most likely remain with WWE. This could lead to a number of different options for Bryan but using him as a trainer down in NXT may turn out to be the best. The future superstars of WWE being trained by a passionate wrestler such as Daniel Bryan could only help them improve for the better.

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