Top 10 Things WWE Superstars Must Stop Doing

As WWE fans, we pay for the tickets, pay for the merchandize, the WWE Network (Available just for $9.99 per month, by the way) or at the least we spend our time watching them in action. In return, fans rightfully have our own set of expectations from the superstars performing in the ring to feel satisfied with our investments or atleast not feel robbed or cheated with the content in front of us.

The choices vary, preferences vary, likings vary, the expectations vary too and if you think of it, things happening as per the wishes of WWE fans is at times pretty rare. Though, that in itself is also a strategy that the WWE use in order to sell their content, by getting reactions out of fans. The ending to Brock Lesnar/Undertaker match at Summerslam was one such tactic. Not many fans liked the ending sequence of the match and they did voice their opinions. Soon enough, the Lesnar-Undertaker ending became one of the hottest topics among WWE fans. Result being that Summerslam became ‘THE’ thing to discuss.

But as WWE fans, even with the difference in opinions, there are few things which are unanimous at times. The distinct hatred for Micheal Cole reading e-mails on a laptop from the Anonymous Raw General manager was one such example and how relieved were the fans when they finally ended that gimmick. That was the past but there are still few things in the current scheme of things that the fans dislike, do not approve of or just get irritated by it. WWE Superstars introduce certain personalized touches to their characters which seem like would help them get over with the fans and maybe they do manage to get some portion of the crowd in their favor initially but as times goes on, the effect could very well turn towards the negative end of the spectrum.

So, here’s looking at the Top-10 Things WWE Superstars must stop doing because it just isn’t clicking –

10 Big Show NOT being a giant anymore

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When you think of the fact that there is almost no title that the Big Show has failed to win in this industry and then you look at what has become of him now. It does make one wonder as to what exactly is going on with the Big Show’s character. The 'largest athlete in the world’ has faced taunts from the crowd telling him to retire. The WWE really need to revive the ‘Giant’ angle with the Big Show. If for nothing else, at least to honor the fact that he is often compared to the great Andre the Giant due to his size. Add to that, the fact he was the winner of the ‘2015 Andre the Giant Memorial Trophy’. This change should not really even be up for a debate.

9 Big E and his 'Big Ending' finisher

One of the most Entertaining acts on the current roster has to be that of the Tag Team champions “The New Day”. The Power of positivity is just too much fun to NOT be entertained. Big E, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods with the “New Day Rocks” chants is probably the most over thing right now in WWE and rightly so.

For all the good that Big E manages to do, including both in-ring performances and the pre/post match antics, the former Intercontinental champion really needs to get rid of his ‘Big Ending’ finisher which somehow gives the impression that he gets more of the impact and the pain rather than his opponent. So Big E gets the thumbs up but his finisher gets the thumbs down.

8 Sin Cara to not have a 'Botchmania'

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As a wrestling fan, you would be well aware that botches during matches are common. Though undesired but some botches do happen occasionally. But when you add Sin Cara to that equation of botches, suddenly the percentage of occurrence sky rockets drastically. Now, let us be clear about the fact that all the botch memes, the video compilations of Sin Cara’s Botchmania belong to the earlier Sin Cara (Mistico) who was released by WWE in 2014.

Hunico, who now plays the Sin Cara character, isn’t really known to botch as much as his predecessor. But the infamous concussion given to Alberto Del Rio by him and his latest SummerSlam performance, makes you wish for Hunico to not go down the road of Botchmania like Mistico did and we all really hope it stops.

7 Charlotte screaming "Woooooo"

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Charlotte versus Natalya in NXT last year was arguably one of the best female rivalries we have seen in the WWE since a long time. That rivalry really put both the athletes on the WWE map. People appreciated the fact that apart from being the Ric Flair’s daughter, Charlotte had immense in-ring abilities to go with the Ric Flair tag next to her name.

But then you see her being promoted to the next level, the live shows, with the whole Diva Revolution and she does that Nature Boy ‘Woooooo’ along with the Ric Flair strut at every possible chance which really needs to stop. Yes, we get it that you are the daughter of ‘The Nature Boy’ but Charlotte really needs to minimize the Ric Flair part of her personality and build her own persona for long-term success.

6 Seth Rollins' Pedigree

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Seth Rollins’ Curb Stomp was an amazing finishing move. The move was original enough, the impact was devastating and most importantly the crowd loved it. But the WWE had to ban it due to “SAFETY” reasons. That ban did stir quite a conversation among fans but what caused more turmoil was that it was replaced by The Pedigree.

The move Pedigree, in itself is one of the best in WWE history, is not really the problem. Triple H made it famous and he pulled it off exceptionally well. But Seth Rollins finishing a match with a Pedigree does not have half the effect as Triple H’s Pedigree did or even what Seth Rollins had with his Curb Stomp. Since Seth Rollins is ‘The Man’, he needs a new finisher, probably one that suits him more than the Pedigree.

5 John Cena's 5-Knuckle Shuffle

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It is no secret that John Cena has extreme reactions from the audience. There are those who love him and then there are those who hate him. It is very hard to find any fans sitting on the fences when it comes to Cena. The main criticism with Cena is the fact that he does not have many moves to showcase. There were a lot of ‘Cena 5-moves’ and ‘Same 5 moves Cena’ Memes and jokes all over the Internet a year or so ago. To Cena’s credit, he has managed to give some of the best matches in wrestling in 2015 but he still needs to cut out some of his old boring moves in order to win few fans back.

His ‘5-Knuckle Shuffle’ is neither a finisher nor is it effective. It was more likable when it was used to mock an opponent. Cena’s days of mocking seem to be past him and so should his ‘5-Knuckle Shuffle’.

4 Dean Ambrose's Rebound Lariat

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Dean Ambrose has this move called ‘The Rebound Lariat’ where he goes through the 2nd rope and explodes back in with a wild clothesline. A move also used by Nigel McGuinness in his early days of Professional wrestling. The move did have a ‘WOW!’ factor initially and seemed pretty cool but with Ambrose turning it into a routine in every match, it looks forced rather than naturally smooth. The move seems a bit awkward too and the fans are not taking it that well.

3 John Cena's Springboard Stunner

When John Cena had his long rivalry with Rusev, Cena pulled out quite a few new facets in his game, his character and also a new move in the form of a ‘Springboard Stunner’. It is, as the name suggests, a type of stunner similar to the one Stone Cole Steve Austin delivered barring the fact that Cena does it coming from a spring board off the middle rope.

The WWE universe, though, did not take too well to his new move. He continues to do the move more frequently now but with equally negligible impact. The legendary Stone Cold himself reacted with a comment stating “Springboard Stunner=Zero effect” in one of his tweets during SummerSlam. Safe to say, the Rattlesnake was not impressed and maybe it is time for Cena to think of a new move before the crowd gets disgruntled too.

2 Brie Bella's screaming "Brie Mode"

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There are quite a few things that the WWE universe does not particularly like about The Bellas and unfortunately, there are only a handful of those things that are repairable. One of those things is surely, the “Brie Mode”.

Apparently, Brie Bella screaming “Brie Mode” in a shrill voice refers to Brie’s high intensity mode been activated which got famous from the show Total Divas’when Brie got drunk and went into the ‘Brie Mode’. It is supposed to be much like Hulk Hogan’s ‘Hulking up’ but with no serious effect in her case. It is not the best idea to continue this as it is unappealing as well as irritating at times for the fans. Maybe Brie should cut lower the intensity on her mode.

1 Roman Reigns' ‘Lock and Load’ before the Superman Punch

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Roman Reigns was half-a-count away from becoming the new WWE Heavyweight champion this WrestleMania. The 2015 Royal Rumble winner not only beat the 29 men in the Royal Rumble but also defeated Daniel Bryan at Fastlane to prove that he indeed deserved to headline WrestleMania facing Brock Lesnar for the title. Reigns’ rise and fall in the crowd popularity chart has been volatile and fluctuating to say the least. From being a crowd favorite to being booed in arenas, the transformation has been surprising to say the least.

When asked about why Roman Reigns picked The Superman Punch as a signature move, he answered stating that he felt it would really be cool to have someone just fly and knockout an opponent with just a punch. Though the move in itself is not an issue but the build-up to it is not the most pleasant in-ring theatrics you would hope to see.

The whole ‘lock and load’ thing which Reigns does is just not over with the fans. There are matches where he uses the Superman Punch against giants like the Big Show when a single Superman Punch is never enough. So Reigns has to go for a 2nd and a 3rd punch to conquer the giant but it’s not just the Superman punch that repeats, it is the ‘lock and load’ which goes with it too and that is certainly cringe worthy at times.

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