Top 10 Ways to Improve the Divas Division

The current state of the Divas Division is poor. When the Divas come on television, it is usually time for a bathroom break or time to grab another beer – nobody cares that they are out in the ring, which is a shame because they could provide some real entertainment if showcased properly by WWE.

In 1956, The Fabulous Moolah was crowned the very first Women's Champion. Thus, pioneering the long history of the title and really putting women's wrestling on the map. The title would remain on the circuit until 1990 when the championship was inactivated following the departure of Rockin' Robin (who was champion) from WWE.

The championship was reactivated in 1993 when it was won by Alundra Blayze who coincidentally would be responsible for its second inactivation when she left WWE for WCW in 1995 and dropped the championship belt into the trash on an episode of Monday Nitro.

However, the championship would return once again in 1998 when Jacqueline defeated Sable for the coveted gold. This third run for the Women's Championship would bring about the best class of female competitors it has ever seen with the likes of Lita, Trish Stratus, Chyna, Ivory, Jazz, and Molly Holly.

Following the brand extension, the Women's Championship became exclusive to Raw but in 2008, SmackDown General Manager Vickie Guerrero introduced the Diva's Championship as an alternative with the inaugural winner of the new title being Michelle McCool.

Then in 2010, at the Night of Champions Pay-Per-View, a unification match between Michelle McCool and Melina would put an end to the days of two female champions. The Women's Championship belt was eventually disposed of and all that remained was the pretty little butterfly belt.

Which brings us back to where we are today with the Divas Division – an extreme yawn-fest. Aside from AJ Lee (who is the best of the current product), there really isn't much else going on with the Divas. Which is why this article will attempt to toss out some ways to fix this problem.

These are the top 10 ways to improve the Divas Division:

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10 Bring Up Charlotte

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Ashley Fliehr-Latimer, better known as Charlotte, is the current NXT Women's Champion – a standout talent who has all the credentials necessary to compete on the main roster. While her arrival on the main stage seems inevitable, the delay is inconceivable.

Charlotte is better than many of the current WWE Divas and could bring something to the division that it is sorely lacking; wrestling ability. Charlotte also has a wrestling pedigree that stands above most others for she is the daughter of Ric Flair. Bring her up and make her “The Nature Girl.” The fans would dig it and do something else which is much more important; pay attention.

9 Keep the Models as Valets

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Over the years in WWE, the criteria of its female performers has fallen farther and farther away from in-ring talent and has become more and more based on looks. Remember the Diva search? Not exactly the best method of scouting female talent.

Now, the WWE is a business and its understandable how they would want beautiful women involved with their product. They know that attraction leads to attention and there is room for the women in which they seek – as valets. Prime example: Eva Marie. Here we have an absolutely beautiful woman who is an absolute bore in the ring. Pair her up with somebody as a valet but keep her out of the action.

8 Change the Championship

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The butterfly belt must be eliminated. The championship title is a representation of its division and the look of the belt is important. How can WWE expect anybody to take the girls seriously when they provide them with such a dainty little championship (perhaps they don't want anybody to take them seriously)?

When the Women's Championship was around at least it looked like a real championship – a golden strap and not some silver insect with pink trim (Side discretion: why are the tag team titles bronze?). The WWE will not divert back to the term “women” as they love their niche word of “diva,” but the least they can do is change the style of the championship and give it some credibility.

7 Lose Gimmick Matches

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The Divas are often subject to ridicule in WWE and tossed into cheesy gimmick matches that involve them dressing up in outlandish costumes for the sake of entertainment that is not at all entertaining.

Halloween, for example, usually brings about a Divas costume battle royal which has been happening for years now. We get that it's Halloween, but what we don't get is why the WWE feel as though they always have to make a big deal out of it and dress everybody (especially the girls) up look fools? The Divas should be able to have a battle royal match without the gimmick attached.

6 Serious Announcing

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This next entry can apply to WWE as a whole but with the Divas it becomes much worse. This of course being the horrid announcing involved with a Divas match.

Michael Cole, The King, and JBL have virtually no enthusiasm or care for the women of WWE while they are performing. Often times they are joined by a member of the Divas locker room (sometimes two) on guest commentary. The announce desk is already crowded and more voices trying to speak over one another is just annoying. Where is JR when you need him? The man would call every match with the utmost passion – men or women.

5 More Effort When Booking

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Have you ever been watching a Pay-Per-View and then suddenly, out of nowhere, comes a Divas match? Yeah, without warning or promotion, the girls are in the ring duking it out for a little while. There is little effort being made by those booking the division.

Even when a match is scheduled for a Pay-Per-View, it is often announced a week or two in advance, leaving no time for the girls to plant any roots into the match. This can be rectified with a little more effort on the part of the booking and creative team. Give these girls something to work with and don't just throw together any old match.

4 Establish a Top Diva

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John Cena is the measuring stick of the male locker room. This needs to be incorporated in the female locker room as well. Establish a top Diva and allow her to flourish as the face of the division. Present her as the alpha female.

Nikki Bella is the current Divas Champion, but she is not believable as the top Diva. Paige is good and has a bright future, but is still really young and a little rough around the edges. AJ Lee appears to be the best Diva, but is she necessarily considered the top? She is a little smaller but could be the Shawn Michaels of the Divas Division.

Of course, we can go back to #10 and bring up Charlotte – have her clean house and establish herself as the top Diva around. Remember Kharma? She would have fit the role perfectly.

3 Build Strong Alliances

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Once a top Diva is established, it would be a good idea to build a strong alliance around her. Something concrete,  maybe even a stable.

Now, we're not talking about the “friendship” or “frenemy” stuff that is going on at the moment. We are talking about a strong group of women standing behind the top Diva (who should be champion) and looking out for each other.

If the top Diva is AJ, then build her a group based on her personality. While she has feuded with Paige in the past, feuds are often forgotten in WWE and someone like Paige would fit right in with an AJ-based stable. Another girl who can be considered for such a group can be Emma. Have her lose the goofball gimmick and give her a more serious approach. Make it seem as though AJ has woken up her up and made her aware of her surroundings, much like CM Punk did with Luke Gallows when he emancipated him from his Festus character.

If somehow the top Diva becomes Charlotte, the road to travel here is pretty clear: a female version of The Four Horsemen. This stable would need women with style – enter the Bella Twins and perhaps someone like Summer Rae.

2 Place Someone in Charge

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The girls of WWE could greatly benefit from the past greats of women's wrestling. Which is why bringing one of them back into the company may prove to be beneficiary for the girls of today.

Bring back a former female superstar and have her act on television as the coordinator or commissioner or whatever “job” title you wish to give her of the Divas Division.

Having someone like Trish Stratus would immediately boost morale among the girls knowing that they will be working with perhaps the greatest female superstar of all time on a weekly basis.

1 Keep "Total Divas" Off WWE Television

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Total Divas is Total Divas and Monday Night Raw is Monday Night Raw. The incorporation of the reality show into WWE television is unnecessary and only causes more lackluster competition.

Total Divas is filmed months in advance and WWE tries to build matches on Monday night during live television based on something that has happened on the pre-recorded show from Sunday night. Nobody buys into that stuff.

The reality show is meant to provide insight into the real lives of WWE Divas but when watching Raw or SmackDown, the viewer is well aware that they are watching something based on non-reality.

Keep Total Divas away from WWE television.

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