Top 10 Ways to Make Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns a Success

Well, it is now official: Roman Reigns will challenge Brock Lesnar for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in the main event of WrestleMania – not the desired match but it's time to live with this.

Well, it is now official: Roman Reigns will challenge Brock Lesnar for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in the main event of WrestleMania – not the desired match but it's time to live with this. WWE has made their decision and Roman Reigns is their man.

We all love Daniel Bryan and last year truly proved how the people still have some power over the product (John Laurinaitis just popped into my head) when the WWE fanbase basically forced the hand of Vince McMahon to place Bryan in the main event.

The conclusion of WrestleMania XXX saw Daniel Bryan raising the WWE World Heavyweight Championship above his head while leading the entire Superdome in a deafening “Yes” chant. The reaction this year will certainly not be the same should Roman Reigns end the night with the title above his head, but once again, it is time to live with this.

To be fair, Reigns is far from terrible in the ring – far from great – but not the worst performer on the roster. There are those who say Reigns is not ready to carry the company as its champion but let's compare the big man to someone else who faces daily adversity from WWE fans, John Cena.

John Cena won his first WWE Championship at WrestleMania XXI. This was only his second appearance on the grand stage and there were a plethora of naysayers who claimed that Cena was not ready to hold the top prize in WWE.

Fifteen WWE championships later and John Cena is the biggest and brightest star in WWE (yes, some times we compliment John Cena). Cena and Reigns are very similar in the ring, the biggest difference between the two is that John Cena radiates personality while Roman Reigns often times comes across rather bland – this needs to be rectified.

The Lesnar/Reigns match will not be the match that brings down the house but it can still turn out to be an entertaining match should WWE play their cards right. These are the top 10 ways to make Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns a success:

10 Keep Daniel Bryan Away


Daniel Bryan was the consummate professional following his match with Roman Reigns, extending his hand for a handshake and telling Reigns to go “kick Brock Lesnar's ass.” Much of the same transpired the following night on Raw, with Bryan even attempting to put Reigns over with the live crowd (to no avail).

The pair would successfully team-up later in the night to defeat Randy Orton and Seth Rollins. Now, it's time to move Daniel Bryan away from Roman Reigns. The more the fans see the two of them together, the more they will be reminded of what they want as opposed to what they have.

Judging from the minor altercation between Dolph Ziggler and Dean Ambrose, the planned Bryan/Ziggler match may be replaced with Bryan/Sheamus. Here's hoping that is not the case. At least, let's hope it's not as bad as the last time they faced each other at WrestleMania...

9 Keep Seth Rollins Close


Seth Rollins vs. Randy Orton has great potential. The whole concept of the face and the future is a good storyline. However, despite building a match with Orton, Rollins should still be lurking in the background of the main event picture, if only in the slightest manner.

According to the rules of the Money in the Bank briefcase, Rollins can cash-in whenever he so chooses. How come that circumstance is not being implementing on the road to the biggest night of the year? Wouldn't someone want to cash-in at WrestleMania?

On the plus side, a few confrontations between Brock Lesnar and Seth Rollins over the coming weeks can help draw some of the fan heat away from Roman Reigns.

8 Give Reigns Some Personality and Fast


Roman Reigns feels way too scripted during his promos (although he did say something valid on Raw, which we will get to in a later entry). Personality matters and with Reigns standing alone, WWE needs to figure out a way to make something about him pop when in front of the crowd.

In most cases, it's either you have it or you don't, but we will give Roman Reigns the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps somewhere inside of him is festering a big and bold personality that is ready to be unleashed upon the WWE Universe.

7 Tweener


The WWE need not be afraid of using Roman Reigns as a tweener, which means he is not quite a heel and not quite a face, at least heading into his match at WrestleMania.

In all likelihood, Brock Lesnar is going to receive a bigger pop than Roman Reigns come time for their match. There is real no way to alter or control this, so why not just allow Reigns to strut through the crowd like a badass and smile or smirk when he pleases?

Reigns can eventually find his full-blow face character but given the current position in which he is placed, the WWE should just embrace some of the hatred.

6 The Rock


If we are looking for personality, look no farther than The Rock. “The most electrifying man in sports entertainment,” has personality flowing through his veins. Therefore, if Roman Reigns can't quite peak the interest of the fans at this moment, bringing in The Rock (his cousin) to help him out may be a good idea.

Obviously, this was already attempted at the Royal Rumble, where even The Great One could not get the crowd behind Roman Reigns, but that was a different situation. With The Rock in Reigns' corner heading into WrestleMania; an extra flare is added to the night's biggest match.

And, let's be honest, Reigns will never win a mic battle with Paul Heyman but The Rock and Heyman exchanging words is pure entertainment.

5 Paul Heyman


Speaking of the ECW mastermind, Paul Heyman's involvement in the championship picture will be crucial to its success. Whenever Brock Lesnar is not around, it is Paul Heyman who justifies his absence with his incredible promo work.

Heyman should have some hand in the direction of this feud. Giving Heyman full creative control over the bout would make it substantially better but it is doubtful that WWE would allow such a thing. Nevertheless; Heyman should have some input backstage on the direction in which Lesnar/Reigns is heading.

4 Real Fight Feel


While face-to-face with Paul Heyman on Raw, Roman Reigns made mention of “making his Samoan blood boil” (the best thing he said all night). However, something about that statement came across as a real emotion, which is exactly what this WrestleMania match needs.

Brock Lesnar knows what it's like to prepare for a real fight and is stilled viewed as a dangerous man, despite being away from the cage. Roman Reigns is presented as a brawler in the ring, so they should allow the two men to treat this match as a real fight.

Give the WrestleMania main event a big fight feel, something reminiscent of boxing or UFC, and make the match more real.

3 No Physical Contact


Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns have never crossed paths before, which gives this match a refreshing element, as we will finally see Lesnar step into the ring without John Cena. This is why absolutely no physical contact should be made between the two men until the bell tolls at WrestleMania.

The WWE like to have someone gain the upper hand heading into the event or have the generic brawl that is broken up by refs and backstage staff members. There is no need for this when it comes to Lesnar and Reigns. Leave the cheap shots and sneak attacks behind and build the suspense for the inevitably collision at WrestleMania.

2 Roman Reigns Must Destroy


Obviously, we will not be seeing Brock Lesnar compete until WrestleMania but Roman Reigns is still active on a weekly basis. Therefore, from here until the meeting with The Beast Incarnate, Roman Reigns should become a beast himself – destroying all opponents in his path.

Meaning that whomever steps into the ring with Reigns should be defeated justly and in a short amount of time. Build Reigns up as a legitimate beast of his own, have him show the WWE Universe that he can hang with Brock Lesnar.

1 Brutality is Best for Business


Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns will not be a mat-style, technical wrestling match. This match will consist of two large men with opposing wills looking to take out the other and walk out of WrestleMania with the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Now, we all know how the WWE has toned down much of its product in recent years. That being said, this is WrestleMania, the one night of the year where everything and anything should be possible. Therefore, allow for Lesnar and Reigns to put on a barbaric match. The fans will get behind this sort of thing.

The last thing anyone wants is a repeat of WrestleMania XX where Brock Lesnar and Goldberg were booed out of Madison Square Garden. The only saving grace from that bout was the stunner both men received by “Stone Cold” Steve Austin following the match.

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