Top 10 Worst Creations of Vince McMahon

Nobody can deny that Vince McMahon is an extremely creative individual. Professional wrestling would not be the phenomenon it is today without him. You know it and I know it. After buying the company from his father in 1982, he had a vision to break the unspoken territorial agreement between promoters and take his World Wrestling Federation national. Did he upset a lot of people? Absolutely. Yet, it was this decision that changed the business forever.

For more than three decades, Vince McMahon has grown WWE into a global phenomenon. His biggest creation, WrestleMania, was a huge gamble, but it paid off. He's helped to create characters that have become worldwide icons; Hulk Hogan, Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock. He's taken guys that weren't getting over in other promotions and turned them into stars. Please tell me you haven't forgotten that Triple H was once Terra Ryzing in WCW, or that Mark Calaway went through gimmick after gimmick before he came to the WWE to become The Undertaker. I'm not saying that all of these creations were all due to Vince, but I think we all know by now that he has the final say in everything involving his company.

However, with success comes an ego, and I think it's safe to say that Vince McMahon has a big one. The wrestling boom of the 80s made him a ton of money, and the "Attitude Era" of the late 90s made him a billionaire. After creating Monday Night Raw (certainly one for the positive column) and going to monthly pay-per-views, he had to create a lot of storylines and characters, and every single thing he came up with wasn't going to be a hit. For every Hulk Hogan, there's a Saba Simba. For every Undertaker, there's a Gobbledy Gooker. Every mark in the world will tell you that for every good storyline, there's 50 bad ones. And having all of that money and success would make anybody want more. Sometimes, the wrestling business wasn't enough for Vince, so he ventured into other things. Vince McMahon is considered to be a genius by many, but let's take a look at some ideas we could have done without.

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10 WWE Films (Studios)

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Before you start with the argument that WWE Films, now known as WWE Studios, makes money, let me counter by saying that the Kardashians do too. That doesn't mean they put out anything worth watching. Outside of maybe some of the early ones starring The Rock, who would have become a movie star anyway, you can't tell me that you get excited every time they announce yet another sequel to The Marine. You can't tell me that one of your new holiday traditions is to gather around the fire and watch Jingle All The Way 2, starring Santino Marella and Larry the Cable Guy. If it is, I feel extremely sorry for you.

9 The "New" ECW

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The original ECW, the Paul Heyman version, was awesome. I think we can all agree on that. The watered down version that Vince brought to life in 2006...not so much. Sure, it was cool to see the name, but the old-school feeling was long gone. The matches looked just like what you saw on Raw and Smackdown and had the feeling of being the lowest brand in the company, which is probably the way Vince wanted it. Vince always wins, and he makes sure that you know that.

Vince even put the ECW title on himself at one point. Extreme wrestling has no place in this "PG era" and Vince finally put a stop to it in 2010 and replaced it with NXT, which I think we're all okay with.

8 Fake Diesel & Fake Razor Ramon

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Vince can be a petty guy. After Kevin Nash and Scott Hall left for WCW in 1996, McMahon wanted to prove that it wasn't them that made those characters work, so he actually had two other guys dress up in the outfits and go to work. Some people think this was just that one-off promo with Jim Ross, but the whole thing actually lasted for months. Fake Razor Ramon would leave the company soon after, but Vince would find something better for Fake Diesel to do the next year. You may know that character as Kane. I'm sure he'd like to forget that time in his career. I know I do.

7 The "Kiss My Ass" Club

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Nobody wants to see your ass, Vince. NOBODY!!! That didn't matter to him. The creation of the club in 2001, which ran on and off through 2008, saw legends such as William Regal, Shawn Michaels, Jim Ross and Mick Foley have to pucker up on national television and literally kiss McMahon's bare ass. At WrestleMania 22, he even had his own son, Shane, do the deed. I'm all for pushing the envelope, but damn. This may be one instance where everybody is glad that the "PG era" is in play. The only funny one may be where Hornswoggle, his other "son" (bad idea as well), actually bit him.

6 The Divas Championship

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In 2008, the Divas Championship was introduced to the WWE, and was later unified with the Women's Championship and became the only title for the divas to compete for in the company. I'm sorry, but this "revolution" is very hard to take seriously when the belt the women are competing for has a big pink butterfly on it. On the other hand, the NXT Women's Championship is pretty sweet, and I don't think I'm the only one who thinks the butterfly belt needs to go away. If Vince is really serious about the women's division (and he's probably not giving it his full support), then give this talented group of ladies a real title to fight for.

5 The Mae Young Birth Storyline

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Perhaps this really doesn't need an explanation, but I'll give it a shot anyway. Mae Young, who actually was a very decorated wrestler for decades, was put into a storyline with Mark Henry and "got pregnant", later "giving birth" to what turned out to be a rubber hand. No, I'm not kidding. This whole thing was absolutely ridiculous and is easily one of the worst stories in the history of the business. The only thing that came out of this whole thing was the Dudleys putting her through that table. Wait, maybe that wasn't such a good idea either.

4 Brawl For All

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As toughman competitions and UFC began to gain popularity in the late 90s, the WWE decided to hold an actual fighting competition. Granted, none of the big names in the company were involved (can't injure the moneymakers), but guys like Steve Blackman, Road Warrior Hawk, Savio Vega, "Dr. Death" Steve Williams, and Bart Gunn competed in this ridiculous $100,000 tournament. Vega would never work for the company after this and multiple wrestlers were legitimately injured during this thing. Bart Gunn would eventually win, and was then fed to professional boxer Butterbean at WrestleMania XV. Gunn was knocked out in 35 seconds and would soon be out of the company.

3 The Katie Vick Storyline

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You had to know this was coming. In what many think (including myself) is the worst storyline in wrestling history, Triple H had a "secret" about Kane involving a past girlfriend named Katie Vick, who had died in a car accident. In an actual segment on RAW, Triple H, yes, the same Triple H who is now COO of the company, went on to pretend to have sex with a dummy in a casket to provoke the Big Red Machine.

The feud would thankfully come to an end with what else, a casket match the following week. Kane would pick up the win after help from Shawn Michaels, putting an end to this monstrosity of an angle. I think Vince was hoping we'd forget this (as he likes to do) when Kane joined The Authority, but I think every single wrestling fan will never forget this, as much as we may try.


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You probably thought this would be number one on the list, and I'll give you a trillion internet points if you could name another player's nickname (without Google) besides "He Hate Me" in Vince's version of "extreme football". The NFL had become king of the American sports world by the turn of the century and Vince wanted to cash in. Eight teams were created for the league, which had its own set of rules, one of which was a scramble (instead of a coin toss) for the football to see who had the kickoff option, you know, just like you do in grade-school gym class dodgeball. After one year, the league was out of business, and even McMahon himself admitted that it was "a colossal failure".

1 World Bodybuilding Federation

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Remember the WBF? No? You're not the only one. The World Bodybuilding Federation was unveiled by Vince McMahon in early 1991, and tried to compete with the International Federation of BodyBuilders, the folks who handle the famed Mr. Olympia contest. It did not go well. After promising to keep the wrestling element out of the WBF, Vince attempted to develop these guys as characters, and things just went downhill from there. After a low buyrate at a 1992 event, Vince announced that he was dismantling the company. The only mention you may remember came at Wrestlemania VIII, during an interview with Lex Luger, who had just signed with the company. Hmmm....speaking of bad ideas.

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