Top 10 Worst Finishing Moves in WWE History

Throughout the history of professional wrestling or sports entertainment (as the WWE prefers to call it these days) there have been a multitude of incredible maneuvers utilized by wrestlers and sports entertainers to signal the end of a grueling contest. These maneuvers (known simply as finishing moves) can be executed from a variety of positions or situations to help a wrestler earn the victory whether that is obtained by way of pinfall, submission, or even by knockout (in some rare cases). Each wrestler understandably attempts to utilize a fishing move that will help highlight their natural strengths and abilities while capturing the imagination of the audience. These finishing moves are one of the best ways for a wrestler or sports entertainer to put away an opponent as well as display their dominance and showcase their various skills.

However, for every amazing or awe-inspiring finisher, there always seem to be a handful of finishing moves that just fall flat for one reason or another. Some of these finishing moves happen to be so bad or awful that they actually warrant being put into an online list for the masses (specifically the IWC otherwise known as the Internet Wrestling Community) to laugh and scoff at repeatedly for all time.

Please note that this list will not be including the “Five Knuckle Shuffle” though because John Cena does not deserve to be on this list multiple times as there are numerous other wrestlers with terrible finishing moves more deserving of a spot on this list. Furthermore John Cena gets more than enough notoriety already so this would be best this way overall. Thank you for your understanding in regards to this matter.

10  10. Attitude Adjustment


9 Zig Zag

8 The People's Elbow

After moving to their upper body he would lightly kick his opponent’s arm while slowly removing his elbow pad (which he would subsequently toss into the audience). The Rock then flings his arms back and fourth before running from one side of the ropes to the other. After hopping over his opponent and rebounding back off the far ropes he would lift his leg midair and jiggle it briefly before dropping an elbow on his opponent. Overall the best part of the move is The Rock’s taunting, and the setup in general. The move itself is just terrible. To think, it ended CM Punk's historic 434-day title reign. Fortunately for The Rock, he's so revered that he's earned a pass on this move.

7 The Cobra

6 The Bullhammer


5 Brain Chop

Towering above the competition at a jaw dropping 7-foot-1, The Great Khali must have an excruciating finisher right? Not so much. Although the Brain Chop looks like it deals a great deal of damage to opponents and most likely hurts more than an unprotected chair shot to the head, it’s extremely unimpressive and dull. The finishing maneuver is exactly what it sounds like. The Great Khali simply waits for his unsuspecting opponent to face him and then slams down full force on their head with a massive karate chop. Moreover, Khali’s limited athleticism and lack of speed only made the finisher look worse. Fortunately in later years, Khali began utilizing other moves as his finishers including the “Punjabi Plunge” and the “Khali Vice Grip” however both still fell flat but neither as much as the Brain Chop.

4 The Worm

3 The Big Ending

2 Overdrive/Playmaker

1 Hyperdrive

In WWE’s developmental territory (NXT) there’s a developmental talent named Mojo Rawley who finishes off his opponents with a “devastating” maneuver simply known as “Hyperdrive”. Although Mojo Rawley is an outstanding athlete (who always stays hyped), his finishing move is absolutely terrible and by far the worst finishing move this writer has ever seen. After knocking his opponent down onto the mat, Mojo runs full speed directly into the ropes (to gain momentum), and then jumps high into the air on the rebound, landing butt first on top of his opponent’s chest. Following this “vicious” finishing maneuver, Rawley goes for the victory by way of pinfall. Overall there was no other viable option to top this list for the worst finishing move. Heck, even the announcers can't feign excitement for this move.

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Top 10 Worst Finishing Moves in WWE History