Top 15 Worst Storylines In Wrestling History

From TNA to WCW and to the WWE, the world of professional wrestling has given us hundreds and maybe even thousands of storylines that remain etched in memories. From the past we have gems like Bret vs Owen, Goldberg's undefeated streak, the Outsiders Invasion angle, Hogan vs Andre The Giant, Benoit-Booker T US Title feud, Backlund vs The Iron Sheik to look at. Even recently, we have seen notable ones like The Rock vs Cena Part 1, Daniel Bryan vs The Authority, Samoa Joe-Angle, The Main Event Mafia, and CM Punk' s vs Heyman and his guys to name a few.

Unfortunately though, we have also seen our fair share of horrible, ridiculous, and non-sensible storylines as well. Do you remember the time Triple H dressed up as Kane and pretended to make love to a corpse named Katie Vick? Or what about the time AJ Styles thought he impregnated Claire Lynch? What about the Anonymous Raw General Manager? And, who could forget the night B-rated actor David Arquette won a title that had been held by wrestling legends like Flair, Sting, Hogan, Vader, and Hart when he pinned Eric Bischoff to win the WCW World Heavyweight Championship?

Those angles above are the reason why we are here. While ratings is one of, if not the main goal of any wrestling promotion, common sense and decency should also make the occasional appearance in programming. Unfortunately, that doesn't always happen. So without further ado, here are Professional Wrestling's Top 15 Worst Storylines.

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15 Billy & Chuck

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In 2002, a storyline began in which Billy and Chuck became extremely affectionate towards each other as a tag team, hinting that they were more than just tag partners in the ring. Rico was pitted as their manager or their "personal stylist". Chuck eventually proposed to Billy, which Billy accepted and a commitment ceremony ensued on a Smackdown episode. During the ceremony, the two finally admitted that it was all just a publicity stunt that had gone too far. GLAAD was unsurprisingly not pleased with this storyline and neither were us fans.

14 Lita/Kane/Snitsky Pregnancy Triangle

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The storyline of Kane getting Lita pregant while she was still with Matt Hardy was bad enough, but this one went to a new low. Gene Snitsky and Kane wrestled too many times for one lifetime and the feud escalated when Snitsky shoved Kane into Lita, knocking her over and causing a miscarriage. This led to Snitsky's catchphrase, "it wasn't my fault!" Oh yeah, this also included Snitsky bringing a pram to the ring and punting a fake baby. Also, were we supposed to forget that Kane had impregnated Lita to spawn his demon child? Maybe Snitsky had done the world a favor.

13 Big Bossman Feeds Al Snow His Own Dog

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Al Snow and Big Bossman's feud in 1999 was centered around Bossman kidnapping Al Snow's dog Pepper, then feeding it to him. Making it even worse was the ridiculous Kennel from Hell match that ensued at Unforgiven, where Al Snow and the Bossman competed in a blue cage within a Hell in a Cell structure. One of the Attitude Era's worst storylines culminated in perhaps its worst match. The fact that it didn't go long is probably what saves it from a higher spot on this list.

12 Custody Battle

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Having Rey Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero wrestle/feud was never a bad idea. However their 2005 feud took an extremely bad turn. It was revealed, in storyline, that Eddie was the biological father of Rey's son Dominic. Eddie's villainous work was perhaps the only saving grace. The coup de gras was that custody over Dominic was decided in a ladder match at SummerSlam, which Rey won with Vickie Guerrero's help, the reasoning being Eddie didn't want custody because he cared for Dominic, but just wanted his former friend Rey to suffer.

11 The Invasion

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This storyline is the equivalent of a movie having a good script, but casting the completely wrong cast. Had this storyline included the likes of Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Goldberg and Sting, it really could've been a masterpiece. Where the problem lied in this one was the supposed WCW Invasion was mostly made up of midcarders, who seemed like no threat to the likes of Stone Cold, The Rock and The Undertaker. As a result, the McMahons were plastered all over the feud and WWE betrayals ensued that made no sense. The storyline was mercifully put to bed at Survivor Series 2001.

10 David Flair's WCW Reign

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David Richard Fliehr is better known to most as the Nature Boy's Ric Flair's son David Flair. Despite having no real wrestling experience besides the fact that he was trained by his legendary dad, the junior Flair was thrust into the spotlight straight from the get go. In his debut match for the promotion, he teamed up with father and took on well respected wrestlers Curt Hennig and Barry Windham at the WCW/NWO Sold Out PPV. The father-son duo were victorious.

After turning on his dad, and then making up with his dad on several occasions, (flip flopping was a major trait of WCW's writing and storylines) David Flair was involved in numerous feuds with many of the top stars. David would also go on to capture the United States and World Tag Team Championships throughout his tenure with the company, that in 2001 was essentially sold to the WWE. While his contract was picked up by the WWE, besides wrestling The Undertaker during the buildup to his father's with the Deadman at WrestleMania 18, David was never used as a full time wrestler.

9 Claire Lynch/AJ Styles

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In 2012, TNA wrestling decided to run with a storyline where AJ Styles who at the time was arguably the biggest face in company, had an extramarital affair with the CEO of the company Dixie Carter. The two were shown meeting at a hotel and setting up private meetings. The alleged affair was exposed by TNA heels Christopher Daniels and Kazarian, who for weeks on Impact chastised and ridiculed the pair. It's also worth noting that before this storyline, Kaz and Daniels were actually enemies, but for no apparent reason, they decided to become friends and bring the affair to light. (typical TNA booking)

To make this storyline even worse, TNA decided to bring a second woman into the angle, a woman by the name of Claire Lynch. She supposedly was a friend of Carter and Styles who was an addict that the duo was trying to help. To everyone's surprise (not just wrestling fans, but to people with common sense) Lynch said that she was pregnant, and that AJ was the father. Obviously Styles denied being the dad. This led to a match with Daniels at the Bound For Glory pay-per-view where the former beat the latter and won the right to get a paternity test.  On the ensuing episode of Impact, it was revealed that the whole idea was a hoax, and Lynch wasn't pregnant at all, and Kaz and the aforementioned Daniels paid her to lie about the whole thing.

The idea was doomed from the start for a myriad of reasons. Mainly the fact that Styles is a devout Christian, and that Lynch (real name Julia Reilly) who was an actual actress couldn't act her way out of a wet paper bag. She reportedly quit TNA before the storyline was finished, apparently due to her real name being posted online, and all the negative messages she was receiving on her YouTube channel, and her personal website. This story was yet just another example of many of the missteps and questionable booking decisions that still continue to haunt the company.

8 Aces & Eights

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It's honestly a shame that these guys had to be included on the list. When they first debuted in June of 2012, and in the ensuing months after, the group was not only popular, but they gave TNA a much needed boost. The original members were D-Von, D'Lo Brown, D.O.C. From there the group expanded to include Bully Ray, Mr. Anderson, Knux, Taz, Garett Bishoff, Wes Brisco, Brooke Tessmacher, and even MMA legend Tito Ortiz.

What led to the downfall of the group, and what unfortunately landed them on this list, is the notoriously bad TNA management and booking. Not only did the members of the group lose nearly every PPV and main event match they were in, but to make matters worse, D'Lo Brown and D.O.C's contracts with the wrestling organization were expiring. Instead of renewing them for the sake of the storyline, TNA allowed them to leave. This group had the potential to be the next coming of the original nWo

7 Al Wilson

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In 2002, former Extreme Championship Wrestling original Dawn Marie signed with the WWE. After starting off as Vince McMahon's legal assistant, and then moving on to a feud with Stacy Kiebler, the former ECW vixen was put into a long storyline with fan favorite and former WCW ring valet and wrestler Torrie Wilson. The feud with these two started when Dawn Marie said she had feelings for Torrie's father Al Wilson. She tried to sexually seduce him, and eventually got him to agree to marry her.

Naturally Torrie stepped in and tried to put a stop to this. Dawn Marie who admitted that she also had feelings for her rival, said that she would call off the wedding if Torrie agreed to spend the night with her in a hotel. One of the highlights of that angle was the on-screen kiss between the two. Fast-forwarding, Dawn Marie ended up marrying Al. However, on their honeymoon after having hours upon hours of rigorous sex, the senior Wilson died from an apparent heart attack. This led to a pair of PPV matches. The first took place at No Mercy, and the second at the Royal Rumble in a match titled Stepmother vs Stepdaughter. A vengeful Wilson won both contests.

Besides the point that a storyline like this laughed at the institution of marriage, it not only also poked fun at the elderly, but it also promoted the idea of sexual blackmail, and could even give younger fans the wrong ideas about lesbians and gays. The WWE has been known to push the envelope on more than one occasion over the years, some would argue that this is just yet another example of that.

6 The Anonymous Raw General Manager

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For over a year Monday Night Raw, the WWE's flagship show had a storyline where there was an anonymous General Manager. The GM would communicate via e-mails that would be sent to a laptop during the show. The messages would be received and read by announcer Michael Cole who acted as the GM's spokesperson. The storyline started off well, and showed promise. The WWE was even smart enough to jump on the Apple bandwagon and use a similar e-mail and text message notification sound as the technology company. Hating both the source of the message and the person delivering it, fans booed mercilessly every time an e-mail was received.

Besides the point that the anonymous GM played a part in many of the key storylines going on in the sports entertainment company at the time, the role was eventually pushed to the background in favour of wrestler and the WWE's real life COO Triple H, as well as former WWE  Vice President of Talent Relations John Laurinaitis. Both individuals essentially filled the same role as the GM, as they made matches and added stipulations that were unpopular with the fans. The most disappointing fact about the whole thing was the end result. Despite the fact the unknown individual would drop false clues to his or her identity by using popular wrestler's catchphrases, the true identity of the mystery person was never exposed. On an episode of Raw over a year after the storyline had been dropped, it was revealed that Hornswoggle was the culprit. It goes without saying that that was a huge (no pun intended) let down to what had started off as a promising angle.

5 Mark Henry and Mae Young

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When you think of the "World's Strongest Man" Mark Henry, the first thought that might come to your mind is power, strength, or maybe even the Hall of Pain. In 1999 however, before he started inducting people into the hall, Henry was best known for his Sexual Chocolate gimmick. The character was actually funny, as the future WWE World Heavyweight Championship who came down to the ring with a theme that sounded like it a mixture of Al Green and Barry White. He would flirt with essentially the entire female roster.

What puts this storyline on the list is when Henry became involved with Mae Young. Young who passed in January of 2014, was 77 at the time of her on-screen involvement with "The World's Strongest Man" (in 2000). During the course of the angle, Young became pregnant, and on an episode of Raw, she eventually gave birth to a rubber hand. On the July 23rd, 2012 episode of Monday Night Raw, which was also doubled as the show's 1,000th episode, there was a brief backstage skit where the hand was shown all grown up. Although that was somewhat funny, the storyline itself is yet just another example of the WWE's creative team's immature thought process.

4 Samoa Joe gets kidnapped

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One of the best wrestlers in the history of TNA let alone in professional wrestling, Samoa Joe was involved in numerous angles good and bad during his time with the company. While the former consisted of his many matches with AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, Kazarian, and Bobby Rhode to name a few. Courtesy of TNA's predominantly horrible booking and storylines. the leader of the Nation of Violence has also had to be a part of angles that made little to no sense whatsoever.

A perfect example of that was on the episode of Impact where Joe was kidnapped by a group of ninjas...yes, you read that right, a group of ninjas. Behind the scenes, Joe was taken off of TV while TNA head writer Vince Russo (the brainchild of many of the company's horrible ideas) wanted to repackage him. In typical TNA fashion, the storyline went nowhere. Joe returned to Impact nine months later during an 8-man tag match with the same look and gimmick as before. His kidnappers were never identified. Typical TNA booking. Thankfully Joe is finally in the WWE.

3 David Arquette becomes the WCW World Heavyweight Champion

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This right here just epitomizes World Championship Wrestling at its finest. Desperate for ratings, and already bleeding money due to their numerous mis-spending and misguided attempts to not only generate ratings, but to catch their rivals the WWE, WCW decided it would not only be a good idea to bring in long-time wrestling fan and B-rated actor David Arquette into the company and let him wrestle, but it would be an even better idea to have him win their top title. On the April 26th edition of Thursday Night Thunder -WCW's B-show no less- David Arquette teamed up with at the time, arguably the top face in the organization Diamond Dallas Page to take on the company's biggest heel Jeff Jarrett and WCW's second biggest heel Eric Bischoff. A special stipulation was added to the match that the first person to get a win or make an opponent tap out, would be crowned champion. Arquette scored the pin on Bischoff, and won the title.

The win was marked by controversy as DDP had actually covered Jarrett a second or two before Arquette went for the cover on Bischoff. The replay actually shows the replacement ref who came down to the ring to make the count (after the original referee was knocked out) visibly looking at the DDP pin, and then ignoring it to make the Arquette count. This win marks a sad day in the history of wrestling for many fans, and is the unofficial nail in the coffin for the wrestling promotion as it went under less than a year later.

2 Katie Vick Storyline

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This storyline started in 2002 when Triple H was feuding with Kane, and the Cerebral Assassin called the Big Red Machine a murderer. Triple said Kane had been hiding a secret from everybody, and the secret was Katie Vick. Vick was a supposed girlfriend of Kane who had died in a car accident after she had a few too many drinks and got behind the wheel.  Right away this angle reeked of stupidity.

Triple H in typical HHH fashion, taunted and provoked Kane for weeks. The moment that sticks out the most in fans' minds is when the future WWE COO dressed up as Kane, and re-enacted him at Katie Vick's funeral, where he proceeded to fondle Vick, and eventually jumped into the casket to have sex with her dead body. Leave it up to the WWE to find necrophilia funny.

1 Hawk's Addiction Issues Played Out On Screen

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Although having sex with a dead person is viewed by most as disgusting and offensive, our no.1 entrant on the list is arguably the most disturbing. In 20...Legion of Doom/Road Warrior member Hawk took part in a storyline where he was drunk, high, and suicidal. The future Hall of Famer would constantly show up to matches under the influence. This took place during the WWE's Attitude Era, and with the company willing to push the envelope for the sake of ratings, they played off of Hawk's real life alcohol and drug addictions .

Hawk and his tag team partner fellow Hall of Famer Animal, wanted no part of the storyline, but the company still went forward with it. A third wrestler named Puke (who went on to be Droz) was added to the angle and the legendary tag team as a replacement for Hawk. The highlight or lowlight of the storyline took place on an episode of Raw, where Hawk climbed the titantron and was telling Animal and Puke to stay away. Puke climbed up after Hawk and appeared to push him off the structure, despite the fact that the commentators (Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross) said on air that Hawk jumped. Later it was reveled that Puke enabled Hawk's bad habits so that he could kill him and replace him in the tag team. Animal and Hawk both left the company shortly after.

At the end of the day, whether it was a push or not doesn't matter. The fact that the WWE even decided to air this on their broadcast speaks volumes about them. Suicide, alcohol, and drug addiction are serious issues. As fate would have it, Hawk (real name Michael Hegstrand) died from a sudden heart attack in 2003 at the age of 46. This just a guess, but maybe his real life demons finally caught up to him.

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