Top 10 Wresting Girlfriends Who Are Jerks In Real Life And 10 Who Are Sweethearts

The following is a list of the 10 girlfriends who are the biggest jerks and the ones who have become known to be the biggest sweethearts.

WWE relationships have always been around. They only seem much more common now because of the internet. There wasn't anything like this a few decades ago, where fans could find out all about their favourite stars with just a click.

That being said, there are many relationships in WWE right now, many more than usual, but some of them are probably not as happy as the WWE Universe are lead to believe.

Some women in relationships right now have a have a history of being in bad relationships, or being the reason that their relationships go bad. Some women think that they can tame a bad boy and are then shocked when it turns out that he doesn't want to be tamed.

It's a vicious circle, but it's how many relationships work. There have been many of them in WWE over the past few years and it seems that there have been many women who were jerks to their other half, and many women who treated their man like the king he deserved to be.

The following is a list of the 10 girlfriends who are the biggest jerks in a relationship and the ones who have become known to be the biggest sweethearts.

20 Jerk: AJ Lee


AJ Lee is a former three-time Divas Champion and once held the record for the longest ever title reign. She left the company back in 2015 almost a year after she married former WWE Champion CM Punk, and retired as a popular female in the eyes of the WWE Universe.

Outside of WWE, AJ is very different from her in-ring persona. When it comes to her personal life, she doesn't have a great track record. AJ dated many wrestlers on her way up to WWE and was even romantically linked with Dolph Ziggler at one point. It was later revealed that AJ and Punk had got together while Punk was still dating AJ's idol Lita, which means that AJ knew that she was doing wrong in dating Punk and was still seemingly OK with it.

19 Sweetheart: Carmella

Carmella plays a convincing heel on WWE TV but it is Big Cass that really treats this woman like a princess and it seems as though she does the same for him. Carmella and Cass are currently on separate brands with WWE, but they still manage to find the time to spend together. Cass and Carmella were just as cute when they were performing on NXT together as well.

The couple upload some of the cutest Instagram photos and prove to their fanbase that it isn't a case of out of sight out of mind with their relationship. Many females coming through WWE right now have some people that are willing to tear them down and hold them back. But no one has a bad word to say about Carmella, who looks like a genuinely lovely person and girlfriend.

18 Jerk: Michelle McCool


Michelle McCool is a former Divas Champion and currently the wife of WWE legend The Undertaker. Michelle has been married before and coincidentally she decided to divorce her first husband Jeremy Alexander around the same time that The Undertaker filed for divorce from Sara.

There was a rumour backstage that Michelle McCool and Undertaker were already together before The Undertaker's divorce from Sara Frank was actually made official and that Michelle was one of the main reasons it was even filed. The couple made their relationship official in 2007, just months after the divorce was finalized and then married in 2010. They have since welcomed their first daughter together and Michelle has become the step-mother to The Undertaker's children, while The Undertaker himself has become the stepfather to Michelle's daughter from her first marriage.

17 Sweetheart: Candice LeRae


Candice LeRae is the current wife of former NXT Tag Team Champion Johnny Gargano. LeRae and Gargano married last year, and she currently continues to perform on the Independent Circuit.

LeRae and Gargano met at a wrestling show and have wrestled each other many times, they are thought to be wrestling soulmates and always put on a fantastic show. When Johnny was called up to WWE, LeRae was supportive of her boyfriend, who then became her husband. Rather than being jealous of his success, because he is essentially living her dream as well, she has been supportive of him and often attends many live events to spend some time with him, since they both have quite hectic jobs. One day Candice will hopefully make it to WWE, so they can perform together again.

16 Jerk: Sasha Banks


Sasha Banks is a popular WWE Superstar. She is a fan favourite amongst the WWE Universe and that support has led her to not only the NXT Women's Championship but the Raw Women's Championship as well.

Sasha has been married since August last year and she has only recently admitted that she has a husband. She stated that she kept her marriage a secret because she knows how fans would react to her husband. But many fans were already annoyed with Sasha because of the 'shipping' videos she was doing with Seth Rollins when she was fighting over him with Bayley. The WWE Universe stated that this was disrespectful to Sarath, who could not have been happy with any of it, whether it was just a silly online a game or not.

15 Sweetheart: Liv Morgan


Liv Morgan plays the babyface role because it is quite obvious that she is the kind of girl that people easily like. She has been dating Raw Superstar Enzo Amore now for the past few months and it seems as though she has helped him overcome many obstacles.

Enzo isn't the relationship kind of guy and on a recent podcast he admitted that he hadn't been in a relationship in the 28 years that he has been alive. But something about his current girlfriend changed all that. Liv and Enzo were friends first and it seems that they have allowed this to blossom into something quite beautiful. Enzo and Liv have never officially revealed that they are in a relationship, the couple seems happy enough keeping it a private matter.

14 Jerk: Ashley Massaro


Ashley was the 2005 Raw Diva Search winner and she was thrown straight into the fold on Monday Night Raw. Stories about Ashley surfaced following her win, stating that she had been working as an escort before she auditioned to be part of WWE. It seemed that these stories were true since there was never a real comment from her about them.

While she was part of WWE Ashley dated Matt Hardy. She was his first real girlfriend after the whole affair scandal with Lita and he was looking for some kind of stability. This isn't what she gave him and she instead started managing Paul London on SmackDown and also began dating him on the side. This led to various altercations between the men, one of them being online before Ashley decided to prematurely leave the company to care for her sick daughter.

13 Sweetheart: Maria


Maria came into WWE through the Diva Search as well and her first public relationship was reported to have been with CM Punk. She then went on to be one of many women who dated John Cena while he was still married before she left WWE and decided to open her eyes up to much bigger adventures.

Maria met Mike Bennett while she was working in Ring of Honor and it seems as though the duo have never looked back. Maria follows Mike whenever he leaves companies like she did with ROH. She then then joins new ones, which is why she's currently in TNA. The couple come as a team and she supports her husband with his career while he supports her with her blossoming in-ring career, which is just the way a successful marriage should be.

12 Jerk: Velvet Sky


Velvet Sky is a popular TNA Superstar and she has recently revealed that she is in a relationship with former TNA and WWE star Bubba Ray Dudley. Velvet and Chris Sabin were one of the most likeable couples in TNA for a long time and it seems that their relationship ended on a sour note.

Velvet and Sabin even took to Twitter to show that they did not end their relationship on good terms. Even though the details of their breakup were never made public knowledge, it is thought that Velvet cheated on Sabin with Bubba Ray and he didn't take the news well when he found out. Sky could have broken up with Sabin before she began a relationship with Bubba Ray, but she instead decided to see them both at the same time and cause a whole manner of problems.

11 Sweetheart: Lana


Lana is currently married to former United States Champion Rusev and the couple is often seen on Total Divas. It has shown just how much the couple cares about each other throughout their first season on the show and it proves how much Lana really loves Rusev.

There were many stories about the couple a few years ago when it was revealed that Vince McMahon thought Lana was too good for Rusev so he tried to break them up in real life by aligning her with Dolph Ziggler while she was working in WWE. This obviously didn't work, because Lana never felt as though she was too good for him because she has always felt the same way about him. The couple's wedding was shown in the latest season of Total Divas and they then had another wedding in Bulgaria for Rusev's family.

10 Jerk: Stephanie McMahon


Stephanie McMahon is a very powerful person. She is the only daughter of WWE Chairman Vince McMahon, so her opinion holds a lot of weight in the company. This is why the whole Chyna/Triple H/ Stephanie McMahon saga is thought to be mostly her fault.

Stephanie and Triple H were having an affair behind Chyna's back for a while before they decided to tell her about it and because she didn't react in a calm manner. Name any woman who would. Stephanie used all of her power in the company to ensure that she couldn't return. In a matter of days, Steph took Chyna's boyfriend and her job and she thought it was acceptable. As a woman she should know that doing something like that to another woman is unforgivable.

9 Sweetheart: Rebecca Curci


Shawn Michaels has had a mess of a life. Back in the 1990s he was a very different person. He was addicted to drugs and women and his life was spiralling out of control so he knew he had to sort it out.

Michaels then met Rebecca, former WCW Nitro Girl Whisper. She knew what she was doing when it came to wrestling and she helped change Michaels life around. Michaels states that he wouldn't be where he is today without her and that she has been his rock through some of the hardest times in his life. Rebecca was even part of a WWE storyline where she was legitimately punched in the face by Chris Jericho. She has also attended many WWE live events to support her husband with their children.

8 Jerk: Melina


Melina is a former WWE Women's and Divas Champion. She made quite an impact in WWE when she was part of a lengthy feud with Mickie James. But one of the things that will always follow her around is the fact that she had an affair with Batista.

Melina was dating John Morrison at the time and Batista was married and his wife was suffering from cancer. It was an unthinkable betrayal and it led to problems for both couples. Morrison and Melina didn't last a lot longer and she eventually left the company, while Batista used it as an excuse to finally leave his wife. This is why Batista makes such a good heel or bad guy in films because he has become a person that the WWE Universe can easily hate. Meanwhile, Melina has begun to sort herself out lately.

7 Sweetheart: Alexa Bliss

Alexa Bliss may be one of the best heels on SmackDown right now. And while she may play a convincing bad guy, but outside of WWE, it seems that she is the perfect girlfriend when it comes to her relationship with Buddy Murphy.

The couple have been together since their time in NXT and even live together now. Alexa often uploads cute videos and pictures of the couple on Instagram which proves that even though they are on separate brands and perform in different cities every day. They still have time to hang out together and have fun. Buddy Murphy recently proposed to Alexa so now the couple is engaged and hopefully looking at future dates for the wedding. A date that Murphy may well have been called up to the main roster by.

6 Jerk: Paige


Paige is a former WWE Divas Champion and a member of the Total Divas cast, but it's thanks to her spell on Total Divas that the WWE Universe are fully aware that Paige is horrible to the men that she is dating.

Before Paige began dating Alberto Del Rio, she was in a relationship with a man named Bradley. He fell in love with her and actually proposed. She then continued to lead him on even though she didn't want to be in a relationship with him anymore. She also began dating Del Rio when she was aware that he has been 'fooling around' with Charlotte, which left the two feeling quite awkward in WWE when they were forced to work together. Luckily, Paige is still out of action following her neck surgery.

5 Sweetheart: Maryse


Maryse and The Miz are one of WWE's current power couples. They are set to team together against Nikki Bella and John Cena at WrestleMania and have been absolutely tearing it up on the SmackDown brand recently.

It is only since Maryse made her return to WWE that The Miz has found this confidence that he now has. It is as though his wife's sheer presence allows him to become more confident. She had plans outside of WWE with her own company and many other avenues, but she decided to return to the company to partner her husband for the first time. Maryse and The Miz are also part of the new cast of Total Divas, which allows the WWE Universe to gain an insight into their private lives, which is actually quite interesting.

4 Jerk: Mickie James


Mickie James has recently returned to WWE as a married mother which means she is unable to pick up where she left off. Mickie left WWE a few years ago off the back of a scandal that almost cost John Cena his marriage and cost her an engagement.

Mickie was engaged to Kenny Dykstra at the time and John Cena was married, but he was sleeping around with many other female wrestlers, only Mickie decided she wanted more. Kenny found out about the cheating and called off the engagement and John decided he wanted distance from Mickie so she was transferred to the SmackDown roster. Mickie and John currently work on the same show, without any problems. Mickie has also recently stated that she would like to work with Cena's current girlfriend Nikki Bella at some point in the future.

3 Sweetheart: Brandi Rhodes


Cody Rhodes and Brandi Rhodes are as close as a couple could ever be. When Cody decided to walk away from WWE back in 2016 Brandi decided to quit the company as well to show a united front with her husband.

Brandi and Cody have since moved on to work together in TNA and on the Independent Circuit. Brandi even recently allowed her husband to hit her with Cross Rhodes as part of a WhatCulture show in the UK, and she took the move better than most men. Brandi was there throughout Cody's time in WWE but was never allowed to work with him, but she was allowed to hold his hand as he declared that Samoa Joe and Finn Balor were the Inaugural Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic winners.

2 Jerk: Lita


Lita is a legend in the eyes of many WWE fans. As a former four-time Women's Champion, she revolutionized Women's Wrestling and she inspired many of the current class of women to take up the sport. But Lita has a dark cloud that will always follow her around in her wrestling career.

Lita dated Matt Hardy when she first came over to WWE and when Matt was injured and put on the shelf for a few months, Lita was aligned with Edge instead. Edge was married at the time and the couple still decided an affair was a good idea. The affair cost Edge his marriage and it made Lita's personal life public knowledge when Matt found out. It was the turning point of Lita's career and the thing that no WWE fan will ever forget about her.

1 Sweetheart: Brie Bella


Brie Bella may have been the least popular Bella twin when it came to deciding who to win the Divas Championship, but it seems that Brie is the fan favourite amongst the two. Brie has always come across as the most caring one when it comes to her family and her dogs, and her husband.

Brie decided to walk away from her dream career in WWE last year after it was revealed that her husband Daniel Bryan could no longer wrestle. Brie then later announced that she was expecting her first child, a daughter who is due next month. It seems as though everything is working out for one of the most popular couples in WWE right now. Daniel Bryan has even managed to find a job in WWE that doesn't include in-ring work.

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