Top 10 Wrestlers That Need New Entrance Music

The first impression that any fan gets of a wrestler is their entrance music. WWE are high on body image and the 'It' look but before any of that is even seen by the viewer, the sound of their theme b

The first impression that any fan gets of a wrestler is their entrance music. WWE are high on body image and the 'It' look but before any of that is even seen by the viewer, the sound of their theme booms throughout the arena. Movies and TV shows both know the importance in music for manipulating the emotions and opinions of an audience and it is just as true for wrestling.

Some timeless classics are so synonymous with the superstar that they cannot be separated. To a wrestling fan, 'Pomp and Circumstance' means only one thing - the Macho Man. When glass shatters, the Texas Rattlesnake is expected to follow. Whether you're a fan of it or not, John Cena's music is iconic and it is difficult to imagine him with another one now. The gong of The Undertaker's theme instantly sends chills down the spines of every fan listening and the theme does the character justice.

Music can also be a great way to represent what character to expect, if 'Real American' hits, you know to expect the all American hero, Hulk Hogan. However, if the nWo theme plays you know that the ego-centric Hollywood Hogan has arrived.

WWE have recently been doing some clean-ups post-WrestleMania to try and rejuvenate (or in some cases, save) the careers of some of their talents - including Sheamus and Naomi - but they are still a few candidates that they need to take a look at. It's just a real detriment to the wrestler when their theme song either doesn't do them justice or the music flat out doesn't go with their character. Here are 10 current wrestlers on the roster that could use a new theme.

11 Heath Slater

Heath Slater is one of the finest comedy acts in WWE right now, as he was as a part of the former group 3MB. The name of the group was a play on Slater's self-titled moniker 'The One Man Band' after adding Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal. But with both men gone from the WWE, Slater is once again a solo artist.

Yet whenever his music hits, it opens with the line "We're a three man band!" due to the fact that since Slater's partners left, WWE haven't changed his song. This is bad enough for confusing fans who both were and weren't aware of 3MB, but given WWE's policy of not acknowledging released wrestlers, there has been no explanation whatsoever for the discrepancy.

10 Los Matadores

This one is as much needing an entire makeover as it is entrance music. The Los Matadores gimmick was doomed to fail from the very start. WWE took a talented second generation tag team (Primo and Epico) and saddled them with a bullfighting gimmick and a little guy in a bull costume as a mascot. Somehow fans enjoyed the novelty at first but, predictably, they got bored of it.

Now Los Matadores find themselves as a mostly unused joke of a team, who appear to now be mascot-less heels. If WWE insists on keeping them under the masks, the least they can do is embrace the change by altering their music. Knowing WWE, they will likely want to keep a racist vibe to the tone but they could at least make it more villainous. They already have one heel team entering to face music.

Ideally, drop the gimmick altogether and bring back Primo and Epico with Rosa at ringside again. Oh, but they'll still need new music.

9 Roman Reigns

"Roman Reigns has a good entrance theme. So why should he change it?" Was probably your reaction. Well the answer is simple. Roman Reigns needs to develop his own identity.

The Shield were one of the most successful stables of all time and it comes with no surprise that all three members have ended up shaping the main event picture since their split. At first it seemed like Roman got the gift of keeping the gimmick, complete with theme, whilst Rollins and Ambrose were left to re-establish themselves. Yet both men have gone on to greatness.

Reigns however has faltered. The fan support is waning and whilst there is an argument over whether it is the fault of the company, himself or the fans love for Daniel Bryan, there is no denying that something needs to be done. WWE have tried using his family and the returning WWE 24 but letting Reigns show off a bit of personality and breaking free of The Shield shackles could be the make-or-break situation necessary.

8 Brie Bella

The Bella Twins are known for one particular theme music that they still use to this day. Unfortunately for Brie, during the duo's brief break-up and rivalry, Nikki was the one to retain it.

Brie's solo music sees her enter to a dance theme that centres around her nonsensical 'Brie Mode' phrase. She is fortunate enough that she can get cheers from the fact that she is Daniel Bryan's wife, so the music doesn't do too much damage but it certainly doesn't do any good for her.

7 Kane

It has been one of the biggest focuses of Raw in the past two months, that Kane is no longer the Devil's Favorite Demon. He has fully embraced the corporate world to the point that he lies down instead of fighting.

Yet Kane still enters to the same dark, demonic music that he is known for. This is obviously so that fans recognize the legend, which is understandable, but it doesn't fit. Kane has had softer music in the past, even under his masked gimmick - he entered to Fingered Eleven for six years.

Now that he wears a suit, and even wrestles in it, it is time to completely neuter the beast. Have his music match, then whenever he rebels or even completely breaks free to return to the mask it will have more impact because he will have to return to his demonic theme.

6 King Barrett

Wade Barrett has had many different gimmicks and many different entrance themes in his time, most recently he has updated from Bad News Barrett to King Barrett, after being crowned King of the Ring last month.

Despite changing his name, titantron and entrance attire, he has retained the BNB music. The music was never much good but it did fit the Bad News gimmick in its own way, however, now is a new time. As Booker T put it on Raw, that is not music fit for a king, and he should know.

Even if only for the year that Barrett wears the crown, he should embrace the King title to its fullest and his music should reflect that. The King moniker has changed the career of many superstars before, with the likes of Booker, Owen Hart and Harley Race going all out as royalty.


4 Emma

When Emma first appeared in NXT, she was supposed to annoy fans with her ridiculous dance and her failed attempts at climbing into the ring. The Emmalution swept over the NXT fandom and soon enough she would find herself on the main WWE roster.

Unfortunately for her, the fans weren't given the same character progression to fall for the quirkiness of Emma and she ended up in a cringe worthy relationship with Santino. Out of the ring circumstances would see the two removed from television for individual reasons, and now Emma spends most of her time back in NXT.

In NXT, she has the gimmick of a jilted and bitter diva who hates her former best friend Bayley for still pandering to a crowd that will one day betray you. Yet, with this completely new character she still enters to the exact same upbeat theme. She needs something that will reflect her new attitude for fans to fully embrace it.

3 Erick Rowan

He may not be currently using it thanks to a reunion with Wyatt Family 'brother' Luke Harper, but Erick Rowan needs to never use his music again.

When he was first 'set free' from the Family, he embraced the WWE universe and he was given a theme music that had the same lullaby qualities of Mankind's original victory music.

Whilst Mankind's was meant to unsettle viewers who were already on edge because of his victory, his entrance music was considerably more impactful. Rowan does not have that and so never actually gets the opportunity to build any excitement - something especially important given the fact that his singles career was as a fan favourite.

2 Cesaro

When Cesaro broke free of the Real Americans at WrestleMania XXX, the world seemed to be at his feet. The fans loved him and his swing and WWE looked like they were going to push him big time. Unfortunately for Cesaro, he was ultimately lumbered with an ambulance siren.

It is impossible to say anything good about this entrance music. It really is. Even the man himself frequently asks for it to be cut whilst criticizing it during his entrances at live events.

The Swiss Superman has unfortunately been the beholder of several bad themes during his time in the WWE, including yodelling to the ring, with only his Real Americans one actually being good. Maybe WWE should take a look at what worked from that and reapply it to a new theme for him (and Kidd).

1 Seth Rollins

The WWE World Heavyweight Champion should have a theme that separates them from the rest of the roster. Seth Rollins's theme sounds like it would be used by jobber #2 or could be create a wrestler #5 in a video game. It just sounds so generic and bland and really doesn't speak to the kind of performer Rollins is. He hits the ring with a ton of energy and his matches carry a fast pace with plenty of exiciting bumps. Nothing in his music captures that, nor his slimy, sellout, opportunistic character. This theme sounds like it was thrown together in a rush once the Shield split, but they've had a year now to get him a standout theme. It's about time he gets one.

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