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When wrestling legend Ox Baker passed just shy of a year ago, some of the things circulated amongst the Internet were both his wild facial hairstyles and backstage stories. However, one of those backstage stories stood out more than others did. According to an urban legend, Baker killed not one,

but two wrestlers on separate occasions due to his finishing maneuver, the Heart Punch.

The first came in June of 1971 when Baker was working a tag-team match with the AWA, he had used his finisher against Alberto Torres – and Torres died three days later. Although it was widely assumed that Torres passed away from a ruptured appendix, many still believed that it was due to Baker’s move. Just a little more than one year later in August of 1972, Baker was involved in another incident involving the Heart Punch. While competing in a promotion in Georgia, Baker faced Ray Gunkel, who was part owner. During their encounter, it is believed that Baker dropped dead after taking the Heart Punch and although some have claimed that Gunkel died from other causes, it is still thought by many that it was because of Baker.

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