Top 10 Wrestlers Who Have Gone Nude on Camera

While the phrase professional athlete is debatable when referring to professional wrestlers, one thing that cannot be questioned is their undeniable physical appeal. Unlike many other sports, wrestlers are encouraged to heighten their appearance as much as possible, constantly posing for the camera which spends large amounts of time on their face and bodies.

The bright colors and cool designs of wrestlers in-ring gear can appeal to younger fans, but it is what the tights are covering that is intriguing to older viewers. Not to get too vivid here, but most male fans are more interested in a Diva’s body, more so than their body of work. Let’s face it, WWE in particular has a habit of hiring fitness models, and turning them into wrestlers. Don’t get me wrong, some of them can wrestle great, but most just look great while wrestling.

In the past wrestling companies have capitalized on the potential for publicity and sought out ways to feature their talents in men's magazines. Other times, performers drop their clothes prior to joining a major organization, bringing in a high Google presence before they start. And then there are the wrestlers who get desperate after their 15 minutes of fame are over, and go nude for the money. Either way, fans eat it up, and are always hot on the trail for nude pictures of their favorite wrestlers.

This article will focus on performers, who actively gave permission for their nudity to be revealed. Sorry if you were hoping for some leaked sextape photos/video, but those invasions of privacy are for another list. Also (after much internal conflict) this list will contain both men and women, as it would not be fair to disregard a huge male star in favor of an unknown female wrestler.

So here it is, the top 10 wrestlers who have gone nude on camera, and if you think we forgot something, be sure to sound off in the comments below.

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10 Shawn Michaels

via sports-kings.com

I wanted to hurry up and get this one out of the way, so that we can get to the stuff you guys are here for. In 1996 Shawn Michaels was on top of the wrestling world, and was ushering in a new generation (no pun intended) of entertainment. HBK’s character had evolved from a young unknown, into a glorified stripper - complete with leather chaps.

Taking inspiration from the lyrics of his entrance music, the “sexy boy” Shawn Michales decided to push his character further and pose nude for Playgirl magazine. Apparently HBK didn’t know that the magazine was geared towards homosexual men, and that barely any women actually saw the publication. In the end, Michaels never exposed his “showstopper” in the pictorial, and had his Title Belt covering up his pelvic area.

9 Sunny

via wwe.com

The original WWE Diva, Sunny took the wrestling world by storm in the mid 90s. The blonde bombshell entered the business at age 20, and was able to present herself as both wholesome and sexy. Sunny would frequently pose for WWE publications, dressing in bikinis, nightgowns, and skimpy outfits; depriving devotees of what they truly wanted.

In a case of better late than never, Sunny did pose completely nude for Missy Hyatt’s Wrestling Vixxxens website. The pictures of the Hall of Famer seemed to be taken at a low point in her life, and didn’t capture the personality that most fans fell in love with.

On a side note, Sunny does private Skype sessions online with fans who will pay the fee. In these sessions, it has been reported that she will go nude if you pay the $100 dollar fee for a 10 minute session.

8 Maryse

via pwmania.com

During her five year career in WWE, Maryse was able to gain countless fans relying on her French-Canadian charisma and stunning good looks. She was the top female heel on WWE programming in the late 2000s, and was on television every week...I wonder why?

The former Hawaiian Tropic Model put her photogenic skills to good use in a 2007 Playboy photoshoot. The pictorial took place in a weight room, but don’t worry, she kept on her weight lifting gloves for the workout. All in all, Maryse’s time in WWE may be forgotten, but her pictures will live on forever.

7 Lana

via imdb.com

It may surprise you to know that like many things in wrestling, Lana’s backstory is fake. While the Diva does speak Russian, she was actually born in Florida and speaks perfect English. She was first discovered while attending a Florida State football game, and quickly took advantage of the exposure to pursue modeling.

Like many knockouts in their 20s, Lana (real name CJ Perry) decided that she would jumpstart her career by posing nude. While her pictures aren’t graphic, they are very exposing, and very available on the internet. If you didn’t know that these photos existed I assume you will be leaving this article now, thank you for visiting.

6 Brooke Adams

via catchactu.com

You may know her by her TNA moniker “Brooke Tessmacher”, or by the often Googled phrase “Brooke’s adventure at the beach”; either way Brooke Adams is a Knockout in more ways than one. Before going back into modeling full time, Adams had a five year run in TNA, and held the Knockouts Championship three times.

While Adams was featured on television frequently, and had a decent run in wrestling, some fans will remember her from an ultra sexy photo shoot on the beach. In the photo shoot, which is also on video, Adams rolls around in the sand completely nude and finishes it all off by taking a dip in the water.

5 Christy Hemme

via tnainsider.com

Even before winning the first WWE DIva Search in 2004, Christy Hemme was in pretty high demand. The star appeared in Maxim, music videos, the Lingerie Bowl, and The Man Show before joining the wrestling business.

After only a year with WWE, Hemme was featured on the cover of Playboy Magazine in April of 2005. The Diva was given a full pictorial in the magazine, and took advantage of the world wide exposure. Hemme has parlayed her fame into over a decade long career in the wrestling business.

4 Sable

via bleacherreport.com

Yeah, of course you knew Sable posed for Playboy back in the day, but that doesn't make it any less great. In fact, Sable’s April of 1999 issue of Playboy was one of the best selling issues in the history of the publication. As a testament to her popularity, Sable again posed for the cover of the magazine in September of the same year; becoming the first person to ever do so.

Though she was five years older, Sable also posed nude in tandem with former WWE Diva Torrie Wilson in 2004; proving that sex appeal doesn’t have an expiration date.

3 Torrie Wilson

via celebbuzz.com

Since we just mentioned this former Miss Galaxy Winner, we might as well give her a spot on the list.

Torrie Wilson may have crushed lots of dreams when she promised to never pose for Playboy while working for WCW. A promise not to go nude wouldn’t usually be such a big deal, but keep in mind that Torrie Wilson was hired purely because she was smoking hot. Maybe not the best H.R. decision, but I digress.

After WCW folded, so did Torrie’s promise, and she finally graced the cover of Playboy in 2003. When she decided to pose again in 2004 alongside WWE’s bad girl Sable, men (maybe some women too) everywhere rejoiced. On a personal note, I have seen the picture of Torrie licking Sables face in more college dorms than any other poster at the time.

2 Mickie James

via fanpop.com

Mickie James has done a pretty great job of brushing off her past, especially when it comes to her X-rated photoshoots for magazines like Leg Show and Naughty Neighbors. You may be wondering why she would be so high on this list, if all she did was pose nude? Well what separates James from the other ladies (and gentlemen) on this list, is that her pictures were very hardcore and graphic.

While wrestling in the indies, James decided to enter adult modeling to make some extra money. The pictures (which can be found easily) depict a young James, before plastic surgery, doing things that would make Hugh Hefner blush.

1 Chyna

via onlineworldofwrestling.com

An underlying trend in this list, was to countdown from the least exposed nudity, to the most graphic cases of it. So there can be no doubt in anyone’s mind that Chyna has left nothing to the imagination during her exit from wrestling, and entrance into adult entertainment.

Growing up during the Attitude Era as a young man, I always used to ask my brother if Chyna was really a man; the rumor had floated around for a while. The former Intercontinental Champion dispelled all rumors by posing for Playboy twice, once in 2000 and again in 2002. While she was more muscular than most women, she proved that she was all woman; and surprisingly sexy.

What started as a promising redefinition of femininity, ended with a downward spiral of bad decisions, as Chyna “leaked” a sextape during a drunken binge. The tape featured her and Sean “X-Pac” Waltman during a low point in their lives. The Ninth Wonder decided to jump feet first into adult entertainment a few years after her sextape, and starred in multiple professionally shot pornographic films. Chyna’s hardcore content is what has held her back from making a return to the WWE in any capacity.

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