Top 10 Wrestlers Who Pooped Their Pants In The Ring

One of the biggest, living nightmares in life is to lose control of your bowels in a public place. This is meant for the toilet, and in most cases, the privacy of your own home or bathroom. Sometimes,

One of the biggest, living nightmares in life is to lose control of your bowels in a public place. This is meant for the toilet, and in most cases, the privacy of your own home or bathroom. Sometimes, emergencies happen, and you are in a spot where you are screwed. People poop their pants, it happens, especially with older people, but that is a given. All types of athletes go long periods of time with the lack of access to a bathroom. Racing drivers are known to go number 1 or number 2 in their suits. Wrestlers are normally on stage and cannot really abandon a live performance. This puts them in a bad predicament.

Wrestlers can tend to be a jumbled mess in the ring. Combine the mixture of anxiety, movement, being slammed, protein drinks, creatine along with other possible substances, and you have the makings for an upset stomach. We have created a list of the Top 10 Wrestlers Who Pooped Their Pants In The Ring. There are some interesting stories to go along with this list, as these have mostly been confirmed at one time or another. If that story was spun, however, there is no telling. These wrestlers have competed a lot over the years and it is easy to mistake matches. However, some of these moments are unforgettable to the combatants that it marks one of their worst or funniest moments ever.

When going through our list, you will notice that it is definitely the larger-sized guys in the industry that have had trouble not making a mistake. Some have toughed out matches, while others have abandoned the match or got lucky due to it being the end of it. Some of these were during major pay-per-views, while others were during house shows or on independent circuits. This just shows that no matter the crowd, accidents happen.

10 Yokozuna


It seems like a lot of people have poop stories involving the late Yokozuna. According to this story, Bret Hart and Yoko were having a match in India. Yoko was suffering from a bad case of diahrrea (and you can imagine how bad that is). In the middle of the match, Hart was about to get hit by a Banzai Drop from Yoko. Hart looked up and noticed the worst thing that you could in that situation, a poop stain. It looked like a bowl of pea soup. According to Hart, that moment was the fastest he had ever moved in the ring. Yoko forever left his mark in the corner of that Indian wrestling ring.

9 John Cena


John Cena is known to rise above all things as he is consistently the underdog. He could not beat food poisoning, however. There are a few different stories of when Cena took the Browns to the Super Bowl during a match. While it was revealed a while back on an episode of Total Divas, he has done numerous interviews and has explained what happened. While he states it was in Canada against Scott Steiner, it seems it was in Jacksonville, Florida at a house show. Cena got food poisoning and ended up going under the ring during a match to relieve himself.

8 Tommy Dreamer


In an interview with Jeff Pearlman, Tommy Dreamer admitted what his worst screw-up was in the ring. What’s funny is that he didn’t even realize he did it. Competing against Mark Henry, he took the World’s Strongest Slam from the 400 pound Olympian. Dreamer mentioned he smelled something and thought Henry let it go. He did not discover it until afterwards when he took a shower. He even went to the doctor to confirm that the feces was his, as he could not believe what happened. The doctor told him that the force from the Henry’s slam knocked it out of him. Mark Henry literally slammed the crap out of Tommy Dreamer.

7 Doink the Clown


A Deadspin article in 2012 asked people about their worst run-ins with professional wrestlers. One in particular, Calvin, used to be a photographer for independent shows. He states he was in the locker room at a show that would feature Doink the Clown, (Matt Osbourne). Before the show, he kept going to the bathroom and finally said, “HOLY F*** BOYS, I HAVE THE SH*TS TONIGHT!” According to the poster, Doink would have a fifteen minute appearance including post-match activities. Two minutes into the match, Doink grabs the ref and the other guys and they just fall for the three count. Doink darted to the bathroom and even stiff-armed a kid on the way. He came back out to boos and told the promoted, “I need my check, I’m out of here, I’ve got the sh*ts or something fierce.”

6 Vince McMahon


In case you are unfamiliar with how Vince McMahon acts backstage, he is a giant goofball. Also, Gerald Brisco is known to have a weak stomach. In an interview with Jim Ross on Opie and Anthony a while back, he talked about the time that Vince McMahon let a fart rip in Brisco’s face before doing a segment on RAW. Turns out it was more than just a fart. McMahon came to the ring on live television with poop-stained pants and even chased Brisco around the ring. That, right there, is dedication to the business. Expect nothing less from Vincent Kennedy McMahon.

5 Sycho Sid


One of the more famous rumors of a wrestler defecating his pants during a match was at WrestleMania 13. This was Sycho Sid's final match in the WWE as he took on The Undertaker. While going for the tombstone, The Undertaker caught a whiff of something foul and still completed the move. Sid was fairly quick to get out of the ring and there have been theories that he did this on purpose. However, even though Taker confirmed it happened years later, it seemed to have happened at the house show prior to WrestleMania 13. So if you try to watch this on the WWE Network and hope to catch a glimpse, you most likely will not.

4 Stone Cold Steve Austin


No one will ever question the integrity of Stone Cold Steve Austin. However, when you ask him about his worst moment in the ring, it involves the poop story specialist, Yokozuna. He has admitted in multiple interviews, including on the show Tough Enough, that Yoko was not the pooper, but the poop-ee. During a match in South Africa, Austin was picked up by the big man and slammed in the ring. When he got slammed, Austin immediately pooped his pants. He mentioned in one interview that it was a tricky day at the office and that he was lucky he wore his black trunks that day.

3 CM Punk


During the infamous Colt Cabana podcast, where CM Punk spilled his guts about the WWE, he made mention of an incident that happened on SmackDown. He admitted to being forced to compete while having a staph infection. While being loaded up on Z-Paks from WWE Doctors, he managed to poop during a match. Z-Paks are anti-biotics that were for treatment of that staph infection. Punk mentioned the reason was, simply, that its what Z-Paks do, they make you poop. He just happened to be in the ring and it happened to be on semi-live television, as SmackDown is taped in advance.

2 Yokozuna...Again


While this story did not happen in the ring, Bret Hart has confirmed in an interview that this happened backstage and it is certainly a story worth sharing. Again, the late Yokozuna has an issue with bowel movements. According to Hart, one of the funniest moments in his career was when he was with The Undertaker backstage at an event. This took place in Washington and both wrestlers heard a loud fireworks-like bang. It was followed by the sound of rushing water. Both peaked around the corner and saw Yokozuna, crying, covered in poop and the remnants of a porcelain toilet. Yoko had a cut on his leg and was begging for help. Hart and Taker were struggling to hold back laughter as neither wanted to get close to the ailing seven hundred pounder.

1 Andre the Giant


Talk about the perfect ring name to relate to a poop incident. At one time, Andre the Giant feuded with Bad News Brown. This story has been confirmed by Brown in a shoot interview with Derek Burgan. He mentioned about a time when Andre was sick and had been drinking all day. They competed in a match and Andre said “Big ass, boss” in the ring, indicating a splash in the corner. Once the splash was hit, he involuntarily lost control of his bowels and let it all go. Bad News immediately went to the shower and was completely disgusted. Brown stated it did not add any heat to the feud as he knew Andre was truly sick and it was not on purpose.

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Top 10 Wrestlers Who Pooped Their Pants In The Ring