Top 10 Wrestlers Who Sang Their Own Entrance Music

Wrestlers are performers unique to every other industry. There's the film industry, singers, musicians, dancers, professional athletes who only have to perfect one craft. In wrestling, you have many crafts to perfect to become well-rounded as a performer. You have to hone your in-ring craft, you have to master the art of cutting a promo, you have to be an amazing improviser and some wrestlers even take up acting classes to help them in storylines. Occasionally, a wrestler will even be called upon to be a singer.

There have come times when wrestlers have sung their own entrance music, either because it fit their gimmick or the person just happened to be a good enough singer. When you have a masterful music composer like Jim Johnston, he can make an average voice sound amazing, or at least passable for wrestling themes. Who would have thought Shawn Michaels would have been asked to one day perform his own theme, having to take the place of Sherri Martel? More impressively than that, who would have thought that nearly 20 years later, Shawn would be using that very same theme in his last match? If anybody pitched lyrics like that today, they'd be laughed out of the studio and it'd be used for a comedic gimmick at best.

It's very rare that the WWE will find a big name singer to sing a theme for a wrestler. Sure, Triple H got Motorhead for his theme, Rey Mysterio got P.O.D. and CM Punk just got to use Living Color's Cult of Personality, but often times, the work will be done in-house by WWE and what better source than your own wrestlers?

This list will only include guys who actually sang or had extensive vocals for their theme when they came down to the ring. A track on CDs such as Piledriver or WWE Originals doesn't qualify. Side note: hearing Mr. Perfect and Kurt Angle sing really make you feel they could have pulled off this feat if given the chance. The Undertaker? Let's be grateful he never came down to the ring to "The Man in Black". Anyway, here are the top 10 wrestlers who sang their own theme.

10 Koko B. Ware

9 Tyler Breeze

8 R-Truth

7 Road Dogg

6 The Fabulous Rougeaus

When Jimmy Hart is your manager, it kind of makes sense to take a crack at your old theme music. Jacques and Raymond Rougeau made themselves a hated tag team in the WWE as The Fabulous Rougeaus. They would subtly mock American fans by saying that while they were Quebecers, they wanted to be embraced as Americans. They were even billed as "soon to re-locate to Memphis, Tennessee". The vocals of their theme would include them praising America and its culture in English, but then in French, they would admit their true feelings. Here are the translated lyrics for the French verses.

We love the USA!

5 Honky Tonk Man

4 Ted DiBiase

3 The Rock

2 John Cena

Whether you prefer "Basic Thuganomics" or "My Time Is Now", John Cena sang both and his current theme has now been used over 10 years, even though he is well past the rapper gimmick he had when he started using it. Cena had his own rap album back in 2005 so it made sense for Cena to sing his own theme.

1 Shawn Michaels

The song was first used just when Shawn Michaels was really coming into his own as a singles star. Originally his manager Sensational Sherri sang the theme, when she was parading Michaels around as her boy toy, but when Michaels broke off from Sherri, he kept the theme, but with his own voice singing the lyrics. The song might be a little enhanced by a studio, but for some reason, the song stands the test of time, at least in Michaels' case.

For any outsider, this theme would sound like the most ridiculous thing they've ever heard, but for wrestling fans, they know the icon behind this theme and will never get tired of it. Even though he was no kid in his last WWE run, and far removed from the boy toy character, you just couldn't picture Michaels with another theme, unless it was D-X.

I just can't decide whose version is better; Shawn Michaels or Kurt Angle's.

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Top 10 Wrestlers Who Sang Their Own Entrance Music