Top 10 Wrestlers With The Most Impressive Dating Resumes

When it comes to the marks of the WWE Universe, “who’s dated who?” is a query that’s quickly becoming a standard one. This truth--by itself--is a true testament to the expansive growth of social media and increased wrestling dirt sheet coverage.

They say: “With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility.” I say: “With Being In ‘The Reality Era Comes Even Greater Publicity”--both good and bad. Usually on the road with each other a minimum of 300 days a year, it’s no revelation that a many of our favorite WWE Superstars and Divas--past and present--have wound up hooking up with one another. It's only natural, as they have so few opportunities to go out and meet new people. When they do meet new people, they don't get to see them all that often, so it makes dating outside of the business really difficult.

Sometimes when you dig and look through some of the people wrestlers have dated, you're quite amazed.

Although most of the love lives of our squared circle heroes haven’t exactly played out like an ending from a Hollywood movie, several of them have given it the ol’ college try, on more than one occasion--a few have even attempted their hand at celebrities outside the biz. But hey, who’s counting? I’ll tell you who, we are!

10 Kelly Kelly

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It’s hard to believe that Barbara Blank aka Kelly Kelly is now three years removed from her days as a bleached blonde WWE Diva. What’s even harder to fathom, you ask? The way in which Randy Orton nonchalantly outed her for being promiscuous during a June 29, 2011 radio interview with 98 KUPD. While it wasn’t an RKO, “The Viper” dropped a bombshell “out of nowhere” when he insinuated that Blank, now 28, got hot and heavy with “like, 10 guys” on the WWE roster.

If there is indeed truth to these rumors, then the one-time aspiring journalist didn’t seem to have had any penchants in particular when it came to the attributes she preferred in a man; short, tall, big framed guys, or small--for the most part, she fancied em all.

The late Andrew Martin (Test), Justin Gabriel, Dave Batista, CM Punk, Jeff Hardy and Dolph Ziggler were a handful of them. However, Blank did diversify her dating portfolio when she attended an Eagles-Jets NFL game with actor Jeremy Piven--following his Aug. 3 2009 Raw guest appearance.

While chances are she was probably doing a lot more than “hugging it out” with Piven (random Entourage reference), she has evidently moved on to greener romance pastures. Blank left the company in 2012, and has since tied the knot to retired NHL defenseman Sheldon Souray.

9 Dolph Ziggler

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Sure, “The Showoff” hasn’t pulled in the number of romances that several others on this list have, but the man needs to be shown appreciation somewhere--heck, he has been with a few notables. During his FCW developmental wrestling days in Tampa, Dolph Ziggler--real name Nicholas Nameth--was an item with current Divas strap-holder Nikki Bella. The relationship was said to last roughly two years (2008-2010).

To top that off, Nameth was also involved with comedian/Trainwreck star, Amy Schumer. It’s worth noting that although Dolph makes garnering pops from arena audiences look effortless, he ultimately got the opposite treatment from Schumer--who told shock jock Howard Stern that the former Spirit Squad member was “too athletic” for her between the sheets.

Poor guy can’t seem to catch a decent break. To add insult to injury, Dolph was even the only wrestler that Orton spilled the bean on for being with Kelly Kelly.

8 Torrie Wilson

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When it comes to dipping your toe into the locker room talent pool, former Diva Torrie Wilson knows a thing or two… or four. Wilson--a former fitness model--was previously married to former cruiserweight division high-flyer Billy Kidman, now a WWE producer. She also got up close and personal with Spirit Squad member Nick Mitchell enough to date him and open up a clothing line--"Officially Jaded.” With the fashion company seemingly nonexistent these days, their partnership--on every imaginable level--is dunzo.

Back in February, Wilson was reportedly given the heave-ho by current “MLB Comeback Player of the Year Award” candidate Alex Rodriguez, whom she’d been an item with for the last few years. Sadly, Rodriguez supposedly wanted to play the field again (no pun intended). Regardless, 40 never looked so stunning--and I’m not talkin’ bout A-Rod!

7 Mickie James

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Current TNA/GFW superstar Mickie James first launched her pro wrestling career in 1999 as a valet in the Indies. Since then, she’s become not only a household name in the ring, but also one when it comes to dating the WWE superstars. No need to mention James’s risque photo leak with “The Animal” or, her apparent infatuation with Cena. But, indie grappler Jake Damien and J&J Security member Joey Mercury were also said to have cozied up to James.

While she does have two country music albums under her belt, James is currently making sweet music will fellow TNA superstar Nicholas Aldis (Magnus). The two had their first child--Donovan Patrick Aldis--last September.

6 Lita

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Who could forget Amy Dumas’s 2000 debut on Sunday Night Heat as the spicy Lita alongside light heavyweight contender Essa Rios? I’ll tell you who; a helluva lot more people than the ones that forgot about her behind-the-curtains affair with Adam Copeland (Edge).

Things were serious between Dumas and Matt Hardy for five years prior to her indiscretions with the soon-to-be named “Rated-R Superstar.” Never one to stay mum, Hardy--the grappler formerly referred to as “Version 1.0”-- aired out Dumas’s dirty laundry on the matter. The friction surrounding it ultimately led to Hardy’s release. While the couple called it quits, Matt was brought back into the WWE to parlay his real-life heat with Edge and Lita into an angle. Fast forward to 2009 and Dumas ended up in the arms of CM Punk. However, word through the grapevine is that the two ended up in splitsville during their second stint together in 2013 due to “The Best In The World” leaving her for his current wife AJ Lee. If anyone knows anything about karma being a b****, it most likely is Lita.

5 Batista

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Well before he was rubbing shoulders with A-Lister Chris Pratt on Guardians of the Galaxy, Dave Batista was laying down the foundation for a overly generous dating lifestyle. Although he was a member of Evolution, “The Animal” may as well of had a faction of his own that included all the women he allegedly had trysts with.

An in-ring monster by WWE’s larger-than-life standards, the 46-year-old was evidently one with the ladies behind the scenes as well. Batista--a grandfather of two by the time he hit 40--pulled in former ECW backstage reporter/Playboy playmate Rebecca DiPietro, current Diva Rosa Mendez, and of course, Kelly Kelly. Although many speculate that Melina Perez strayed on long-time boyfriend/parkour loyalist John Hennigan (John Morrison) with “The Animal,” she recently told JR on his The Ross Report podcast that they were just good friends.

Unlike Melina, Mickie James didn’t have anything peachy to say about Batista. During a 2010 shoot interview, Brian Kendrick--now NXT trainer-- stated that “The Animal” plastered nude photos of James throughout the locker-room after she pissed him off. It’s safe to say that Batista’s actions went over about as well as his WWE return did in last year.

4 John Cena

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As the real “chosen one” of the WWE (my apologies to Drew McIntyre), John Cena, 38, has an immense amount of weight on his broad shoulders when it pertains to the WWE product. Unfortunately for Cena, who initially wrestled under the Prototype gimmick in OVW--Kenn Doanne (Kenny Dykstra) has an inclination for calling what he feels a spade a spade.

Doanne claimed in 2012 that The Cenation leader was cheating on his high school sweetheart/now ex-wife Liz Huburdeau with Mickie James, whom he used to date. Doanne--once creatively considered The Spirit Squad’s brightest member--stated that his languishing over James is what ultimately led to his release from the WWE. *More on James & Doanne below*

Lisa Marie Varon (Victoria) also acknowledged that she was romantically involved with Cena in 2002. Cena also was said to have a one-time real-world kiss with Maria Kanellis, and at one point was rumored to date adult film star Kendra Lust. He's now in a relationship with Nikki Bella, whom he began dating briefly after his divorce.

Oh, the perks of being John Cena (I can vividly hear the boos).

3 Missy Hyatt

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One wouldn’t think anyone else had more backstage war stories than “The Nature Boy”Ric Flair, but clearly Missy Hyatt does. The former WCW and ECW manager-who has been a part of the wrasslin’ biz for quite some time in more ways than one--was a valet to over 10 wrestling superstars. To top it off, Hyatt, 51, had no qualms about airing out her dirty, especially during a 2013 shoot interview.

More specifically, the 51-year-old dished on just how endowed the following men (and more) were: Flair, Lanny Poffo, Robert Fuller, and even retired NFL QB Jim Kelly--who apparently came up a little short with Hyatt prior to one of his Super Bowl appearances.

She was also involved with “Hot Stuff” Eddie Gilbert, saying that good ol’ Jim Ross was the reason behind her and the late wrestler’s breakup. Interestingly enough, Missy stated that Jake “The Snake” Roberts was the first person in the business that she ever dated. Who knew: Hyatt was even the girlfriend of Wonder Years star/Eric Bischoff’s business partner, Jason Hervey--whom she said got her fired by his “butt buddy” Bischoff. Baseball slugger Jason Giambi and Road Warrior Hawk are two more she had been with. On a sad note, Hyatt was recently arrested on March 26, 2015 for Grand Theft.

2 Triple H

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Yes he is “The Game” and he is absolutely “that... damn... good...” when it comes to romance. With that confidently said, the WWE’s COO--better yet, Vince McMahon’s right-hand man--Paul Levesque, has definitely earned “The Cerebral Assassin” moniker.

In the prime of his career as the leader of the D-Generation X group, Triple H’s stock seemed to be rising faster than a NASA-approved space rocket. As it turned out, this was not the case when it came to his real-life relationship with Joanie Laurer (Chyna). Laurer claimed that her and Levesque were engaged during the time of the oh-so-popular McMahon-Helmsley Era angle, which took place during the Attitude Era in '99. Laurer even stated that Leveque cheated on her withhis current wife Stephanie McMahon.

Laurer--the only woman to ever nab the Intercontinental belt--said that her confronting Stephanie is what spurred to her exit from the WWE. Soon after, she ventured into the adult film industry (Levesque admitted to Steve Austin on his podcast that this may keep her out of the Hall of Fame. Being that Chyna ended up venturing down a such checkered path post-WWE, it appears that “The Game” dodged a public relations bullet.

In the words of musician Alanis Morissette, “Isn’t It Ironic” that Levesque was given the keys to Vinny Mac's castle while Laurer unfortunately hit rock bottom? Laurer is presently trying to make amends to both Hunter and Vince for a chance at a WWE Hall of Fame induction, among other things. However, it doesn't appear that they are having any of it.

1 CM Punk

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During his infamous 2011 Pipebomb heard round the world, Phil Brooks (CM Punk) told fans that no one could touch him on the mic. But, the man they used to call “The Straight Edge Superstar” forgot to add was that he couldn’t be touched in dating numbers either. When it comes to wooing WWE Divas over the past decade or so, Brooks was undoubtedly “The Cult Of Personality.” As if “The Viper’s” radio interview didn’t bring the WWE enough heat; Brooks also came clean about ex Beth Phoenix (now with Edge) with an on-air confession of his own--calling her a “flake” and “douche-bag.” Well, aren’t the radio airwaves just a Venus flytrap for WWE’s relationship mishaps!?

On a positive note--well, maybe not exactly, Punk was the recipient of a backhanded compliment from another former flame in ROH’s Maria Kanellis. The former WWE Diva passive-aggressively told PWMania in early 2014 that Brooks’s rise to fame proved that “some dirty, stinky wrestler from Chicago can become famous.”

The 36-year-old also had two romantic stints with Lita *see entry above*. Brooks also dated retired TNA Knockout Traci Brooks and former WCW standout Daffney. If Rolodex’s weren’t obsolete, rest assured that Brooks's would be damn impressive. To top it all off, he’s now married to the newly retired AJ Lee. This means that nobody--including yours truly--should ever question the legitimacy of CM Punk being “The Best In The World” in terms of WWE dating résumés.

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