Top 10 Wrestling Books We Would Love To Read

It's remarkable to think that prior to Mick Foley's 1999 book Have a Nice Day: A Tale of Blood and Sweatsocks wrestling autobiographies weren't in vogue as they are now. Foley's opening salvo to the literary world was everything that a wrestling book should be. It was heartbreaking, triumphant, funny and sad all bundled into a one package. Since then, countless wrestlers have written autobiographies (although many of them did so with ghostwriters unlike Foley) including Eddie Guerrero, Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart and Chris Jericho. These books have a wide range in quality but they certainly wetted the appetite of the public for autobiographies of professional wrestlers. The lives of the performers in the traveling circus are ripe with controversy and zany stories that keep readers hooked for hundreds of pages.

For as many great wrestling autobiographies that we've read that are just as many stories that people are just dying to read about. There are men and women who have come through the pipeline of pro wrestling that have oodles of information for which I would pay a great money to read.

This list will rank the top 10 autobiographies that must be written based on public interest in the personality, potential writing quality, and how much information could be revealed in their book. One thing to note about this list is that if a book is in the works at the present time they will not be mentioned in this list. That means upcoming books from Jim Ross, Daniel Bryan and The Rock will be excluded from the list despite the desire for the books.

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10 Rob Van Dam

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Yeah dude, like, why not read a book written by Rob Van Dam? An open marijuana advocate and the first man to win the ECW and WWE World Championships, RVD (real name Robert Szatkowski) has accomplished virtually everything one could do in the wrestling business. He's wrestled in All Japan Pro Wrestling, WCW, ECW, TNA and most notably WWE. His experiences in all these promotions would be a treat for any fan to read about.

Obviously the ECW locker room was full of men who loved to party, so any stories Van Dam could provide would be entertaining as hell or even a little depressing. Van Dam could also go into detail about his martial arts training in his early days and his struggles with WWE creative through his career. RVD's underrated humor would also give a light hearted nature to the book which is always welcome.

Suggested Title: Rob Van Dam, The Whole F'n Story

9 Jake "The Snake" Roberts

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For a long time it seemed that the story of Jake Roberts would have been one filled with woe and sadness. Once a WWE superstar in the golden era of the company, Roberts had degenerated into a drug addict who was a shell of his former self. Multiple attempts at rehab all proved to be futile as his weight ballooned to 300 pounds and seemed to be next wrestler in line for an early death.

Thanks to the efforts of Diamond Dallas Page and his popular DDP Yoga, Roberts finally turned his life around for good. His journey from the pits of drug addiction to his sobriety is a tale that could be told only by a master of story-telling like Jake Roberts. If his hall of fame speech is any indication, The Snake can capture a reader's attention for hundreds of pages with ease.

Suggested Title: Finding The Antitoxin: The Jake Roberts Story

8 Amy "Lita" Dumas

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There is a severe shortage of books written by female wrestlers, and who better to fill in that gap than one of the greatest WWE Divas ever, Amy "Lita" Dumas. While Lita already wrote a book which was released in 2003, much has happened since then which should be talked about in a second book especially now that she is no longer a performer in the WWE.

Lita's career is not without controversy. Her publicized affair with Adam "Edge" Copeland in 2005 was a sore spot for plenty of wrestling fans at the time and would make for a great chapter in the book. A book would also give perspective into the Divas locker room, a topic which seems shrouded in darkness as compared to the male locker room. Like Chris Jericho, Lita also created a musical band and her experiences with music would no doubt be interesting to read about.

Suggested Title: Love, Fury, Energy and Passion: The Amy Dumas Story

7 Kurt Angle

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While "The Wrestling Machine" has already written a book all the way back in 2000, that book focused more on his life before entering the WWE. Not that his amateur wrestling days aren't interesting mind you, but it would be fantastic to hear about his long career as a pro wrestler.

Insight into Angle's feuds and backstage stories with Brock Lesnar, Eddie Guerrero and The Rock could comprise much of the early sections of the book. The year 2006 could be seen as the turning point for Angle as he left the WWE to jump ship to TNA, whose lighter schedule made more sense for Angle. Getting Angle's side on his drug problems and kayfabe/real life divorce from his ex wife Karen are also issues which would make for great reading in a book penned by the only Olympic Gold Medalist in WWE history.

Suggested Title: An American Hero: The Rise, Fall and Rebirth of Kurt Angle

6 Paul Heyman

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When speaking of the greatest managers in wrestling history, Paul Heyman's name belongs alongside legends like Bobby Heenan, Paul Bearer and "Classy" Freddie Blassie. There are few minds in wrestling who can match Heyman's experience, creativity and determination which is why he could his story would make a great book.

Heyman quite literally started from the bottom and made it to the top. He began as a ringside photographer and eventually became the promoter of the most influential independent promotion ever, ECW. The stories and insight Heyman possesses would make his book one of the most engrossing wrestling books ever written.

Suggested Title: Maestro: An Extreme Look into The Life of Paul Heyman

5 Phil "CM Punk" Brooks

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My oh my would this one fly off the shelves with blindingly fast speed. Ever since his 2011 "Pipe Bomb" promo, it seems that everything CM Punk does is an act of controversy. While Punk has essentially said everything there is to say about his departure from WWE on Colt Cabana's Art of Wrestling podcast, there is so much more to talk about in the life of CM Punk.

Punk's life has been intriguing ever since he was born. A troubled relationship with his biological family led Punk to find solace in professional wrestling and comic books. He competed in a backyard wrestling to wet his feet in wrestling and before long he was main eventing in Ring Of Honor and the WWE. Punk's defiant attitude to authority got him in heat with WWE officials countless times so those stories about WWE management would interesting to read. Now after leaving wrestling he's set to make his Mixed Martial Arts debut later this year.

Punk is known for not pulling any punches when he speaks his mind so fans can expect if nothing else honesty in a book penned by The Best In The World.

Suggested Title: The Straight Edged Truth

4 "Triple H" Paul Levesque

via wrestlingnews.com

We follow Punk up with the man CM Punk loathes. Paul Levesque is one of the most polarizing figures in wrestling history. Some see him as a mid-carder who slept his way to the top while others view him as one of the greatest villains in WWE history regardless of his marriage to Stephanie McMahon. Everyone could agree that Levesque would have a hell of a story to tell.

After training with Killer Kowalski and a brief stint in WCW, Levesque ended up in WWE and buddied up with the infamous Kliq. Even though he was essentially the babysitter for the partying posse, I'm sure he has plenty of stories involving Shawn Michaels, Kevin Nash, Sean Waltman and Scott Hall. His handling of the criticism of his marriage to Stephanie McMahon would also be a highlight of the book. We would also get to hear about how a wrestler transitions into a corporate role, giving fans a peek into the machine which is the WWE. In addition, we could finally find out what his real opinion is of CM Punk.

Suggested Title: Play My Game: The Story of "Triple H" Paul Levesque

3 Glenn "Kane" Jacobs

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There are few wrestlers who are as well spoken and intelligent as Glenn Jacobs. Though he plays a demonic monster on television, multiple wrestlers have stated that Kane is the smartest man in the WWE locker room. If that's true, I predict that fans would receive a fantastic book from the Devil's Favourite Demon.

Aside from his "brother" Undertaker and Triple H, there is no WWE superstar who has seen more people walk through the company more than Glenn Jacobs. His perspective on the changes which WWE has seen over the eras would be gripping for any hardcore fan. Who knows, maybe Jacobs could even teach us something about politics in his book.

Suggested Title: Wrestling Through The Demon's Eyes

2 Vince McMahon

via catch-arena.com

Do I really have to justify this ranking? There is not a single wrestling fan past or present who wouldn't want to read a book by Vince McMahon for one reason or another. Entertainment value? I don't think I need to tell you that Vince McMahon is a crazy SOB who has had the most insane life of any personality in wrestling history. Insight on the business? There wouldn't be WWE as we know it if not for McMahon's promoting ability.

Even if you were to take away all the wrestling from Vince McMahon, you're still left with a rowdy animal who used to fight marines. Why? Because it was fun damnit! The only issue I could foresee with this book is a lack of honesty on more controversial issues due to the position that McMahon is in as the owner of the WWE. Still, there is no other living man who could write a more captivating book than Vincent Kennedy McMahon.

Suggested Title: Grapefruits and Suplexes: The Insane Story of An American Business Icon

1 "The Undertaker" Mark Calaway

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If we were to take dead men into account though, there is a man more interesting than McMahon. There is no other main eventer in wrestling history who is shrouded in more mystery than The Undertaker. Mark Calaway has been a part of the company since 1990 and quite literally has seen and done everything there is to do in professional wrestling. There is no other performer more respected in the entire industry than the Phenom.

Due to the nature of his gimmick, the real Mark Calaway hasn't been able to say much about his personal life. It appears his career has reached its end with the loss to Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania XXX, so there is no better time than now to hear the Deadman's story straight from his mouth. Any question that a fan could ask would be answered in this hypothetical book.

There is another reason why a book written by Calaway is the most desired one by fans. Due to his no nonsense and incredible body of work, no other man in the WWE is respected more than Mark Calaway. His opinion is revered so much that his word might as well be gospel, because nobody has EVER said a bad word about the Lord of Darkness. If done right, there is no other book that could even touch a potential book by The Undertaker.

Suggested Title: Welcome To The Dark Side: The Phenomenal Story of "The Undertaker" Mark Calaway

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