Top 10 Wrestling Boyfriends Who Are Jerks In Real Life And 10 Who Are Sweethearts

The following is a list of the best boyfriends and the worst boyfriends in WWE history. Some are jerks and some are absolute sweethearts.

WWE Superstars travel around more than any other athlete. They spend 300 days a year on the road, which means that many of the relationships they form are usually with other WWE stars.

There is a lot of stress involved in being a WWE star and much of the time this then leads to a volatile relationship. Many WWE relationships are happy ones and they usually lead to marriage, while others are not and they often lead to a less than amicable breakup.

Superstars are overworked much of the time and they are forced to travel and perform while they are injured, which usually causes an atmosphere in many relationships.

There is also the added cocktail of performance-enhancing drugs, which sometimes cause problems for many of the women who decide to date Superstars when they're on a come down from the drugs.

The following is a list of the best boyfriends and the worst boyfriends in WWE history. Some are jerks and some are absolute sweethearts.

21 Jerk: Edge


Edge is currently married to 2017 Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix and the couple have two daughters, but Edge has a reputation of his own that proceeds his relationship with Beth. Edge was married when he and Lita were aligned together on WWE TV and it seems that the couple decided to put all of that on the line when they began an affair.

Lita was dating Matt Hardy at the time as well, and the affair was eventually made public much to the horror of Edge's wife. She then filed for divorce while Edge's life both in and out of the ring became public knowledge. It seems as though Edge has changed over the past few years since he is now considerably happy with Beth and his own little family.

20 Sweetheart: Big Cass


Big Cass and Carmella have been dating since their time working together in NXT. And even though WWE have split them up as part of the draft, they have still managed to find time to spend together.

Carmella has been put in a relationship with James Ellsworth on SmackDown, but it seems Cass fully trusts his girlfriend because he has stated many times that this doesn't bother him. Cass and Carmella also live together and share some of the cutest Instagram pictures, which shows that even though they aren't together on WWE TV, they can still be together outside of the company. Carmella and Cass will hopefully end up on the same roster again in the near future, so the WWE Universe can finally see just how good they are together.

19 Jerk: Batista


The former World Champion doesn't have a great history when it comes to his relationships with women. One of the main stories coming out of Batista's time in WWE was the fact that he cheated on his wife with Melina, and forced his wife to hear about it in his tell-all book that he released a few years later.

Batista was also seen with another woman just hours after it was reported that his wife had been re-diagnosed with cancer, which shows what kind of a man he really is. WWE really wondered why Batista didn't work as a face when he made his return to WWE in 2014? Perhaps its because he is a natural heel in real life and the WWE Universe refuse to see him as anything different.

18 Sweetheart: Buddy Murphy


Alexa Bliss is the SmackDown Women's Champion. She began dating Buddy Murphy when she was aligned with both Murphy and Wesley Blake down in NXT. The couple looks considerably happy together, with Murphy travelling with Alexa, agreeing to go shopping with her, and even living together.

Buddy does the cooking in the house as well, which proves that he doesn't care about what is acceptable in society and he also shares Alexa's love of cult horror movies and even accompanies her to many of the premieres of her favourite films, and their marathons. The couple has two dogs together as well and it seems they are slowly building their own little family together. Buddy and Alexa recently announced their engagement as well and often travel to Disneyland together.

17 Jerk: Tyson Kidd


Tyson Kidd and Natalya have an incredible story to their relationship. The fact that they have known each other since they were children and the fact that they have been best friends almost their entire life does come off as a sweet little sroty in its own right.

That being said, the couple is very private about their relationship so the only things that have been seen of Nattie and Tyson is what is on WWE TV and Total Divas. And it seems that Tyson is always portrayed as a bad guy. Tyson was more interested in wrestling than he was in Natalya on one episode of Total Divas. While on WWE TV the company decided to portray Tyson the same was as he was more interested in being friends with Cesaro than spending time with his wife, which seems quite harsh.

16 Sweetheart: Matt Hardy


Matt Hardy was really put through it in the years that followed the affair between Lita and Edge. But Hardy managed to get over this and went on to date many other women, including Ashley Massaro, before he eventually left WWE.

Hardy has since married fellow TNA star Reby Sky and the couple have a son named Maxel together. After everything Matt has been through in his personal life he deserved to meet someone like Reby Sky. It was obvious that Matt did care about Lita before she cheated on him and it broke his heart. But finally, he has found a woman who cares about him as much as he cares about her and there is no one in the wrestling world who deserves this happiness more than Matt Hardy does.

15 Jerk: Triple H


Triple H is the COO of WWE and the husband of Stephanie McMahon. The couple have been married for almost 15 years now and have welcomed three daughters together. Triple H and Stephanie may be the biggest power-couple in WWE right now, but the WWE Universe will never forget how they actually got together all those years ago.

The fact that Triple H cheated on Chyna with Stephanie and then The Billion Dollar Princess used all the power that she had within the company to get rid of Chyna is still considered to be unforgivable. It doesn't matter how perfect the couple are right now, in the eyes of the WWE Universe, that couple destroyed Chyna's life and then stepped aside and did nothing to help rectify the problems they had caused.

14 Sweetheart: Jimmy Uso


Jimmy Uso and Naomi have been married since 2014 and even though they are no longer part of Total Divas, they are still one of the most popular couples in WWE. Naomi and Jimmy managed to be drafted to the same roster in the draft last year, and sometimes are able to work together on-screen, Naomi even used to manage The Usos and was able to accompany them to the ring at WrestleMania 31.

Jimmy and Naomi showed when they were on Total Divas how cute they were together and Naomi makes an incredible stepmother to Jimmy's children as well. Jimmy has been unlucky in love in the past, but it seems as though he has found the perfect woman with Naomi and he is making sure that he treats her right.

13 Jerk: John Cena



John Cena is the face of WWE, but when it comes to women, he shouldn't be the one left to represent the male gender. Cena cheated on his wife with Mickie James, Kelly Kelly, Victoria and countless other women, before divorcing her because he said that she had spent too much money on house renovations.

Cena has spoken in interviews about how many women he has had relations with and the way he treats women, and even though he is seemingly happy with Nikki Bella right now, he is not willing to change his beliefs in order to give her what she wants. He was even open to allowing Nikki to leave him and go back to Dolph Ziggler last year. Can't he see just how much Nikki actually loves him?

12 Sweetheart: Dean Ambrose


Dean Ambrose and Renee Young were voted as the favourite WWE couple of 2017 and it is easy to see why. Ambrose is nothing like the lunatic he plays on WWE TV and it has been made evident how much he really cares about Renee, and in turn, just how much she cares about him.

He has stated many times that he has no idea why she's still with him. He genuinely thinks that she's too good for him. Dean has his own history when it comes to relationships, but it seems as though Renee has finally managed to ground him. Dean has even allowed cameras into his personal life as part of Total Divas, so that the WWE Universe can see just how perfect the couple's relationship really is.

11 Jerk: Alberto Del Rio


Alberto Del Rio is currently engaged to former Divas Champion Paige, but there are not many people left who will say nice things about Alberto. The Mexican star returned to WWE back in October 2015 and began sleeping with Charlotte Flair in secret. Perhaps because he was still married to his first wife Angie at the time of the affair.

He was also still technically married when he announced publicly that he was dating Paige, much to Charlotte's horror. His wife eventually filed for divorce, with a lot of evidence proving that he was cheating. Del Rio accepted Paige's marriage proposal before the divorce was ever finalized. The last year for Del Rio has been a sorry state of affairs, luckily, it seems his divorce has now been made official.

10 Sweetheart: Zack Ryder


Zack Ryder hasn't been given the opportunities that he has deserved in WWE over the past few years, but at least it seems as though his personal life is going well. Zack and Emma have been dating for the past few years and the couple looks to be getting along very well.

They upload many selfies of their relationship and were even injured at the same time last year, so they finally managed to spend some much needed time together. It hasn't worked out great for Zack and Emma. When she was in NXT, he was on the main roster. And now that they are both on the main roster, he is on SmackDown and she is on Raw. Somehow, the couple is still managing to make it work, though.

9 Jerk: Randy Orton


Randy Orton has been married twice so far and has dated countless other women throughout his lengthy run in WWE. The former World Champion was divorced from his first wife Samantha Speno back in June 2013 after she decided that the marriage was “irretrievably broken." There were rumours of cheating, because of the fact that it was his wife that filed for divorce and not him.

Orton then moved on to date JoJo Offerman for a few months before he then met current wife Kim Marie Kessler, whom already had three children when she met Orton. The couple married in 2015 and welcomed their first child together last year. It seems that Kim has finally managed to tame The Viper after years of him running wild around the company.

8 Sweetheart: Daniel Bryan


Daniel Bryan is without a doubt one of the most popular WWE stars in the company right now. The WWE Universe were shocked and stunned when Bryan announced his retirement last year, but he has since been able to return to WWE in a non-wrestling role.

Bryan married Brie Bella just days after he won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania XXX and the couple is now due to welcome a daughter in the next month. Brie and Daniel fit together so easily and their relationship always feels seamless whenever they are seen on Total Divas. Brie cares about Daniel so much that she retired to be with him and have children, and Bryan looks set to be the breadwinner in the household when Birdie Jo finally gets here.

7 Jerk: CM Punk


CM Punk may be married to AJ Lee now and the couple looks like they are happy, but his previous dating record speaks for itself. Punk reportedly cheated on Lita when he first began dating AJ Lee and before that, he was known as one of the biggest serial daters in the WWE locker room.

When Punk was younger and first coming through the ranks in wrestling, it was reported that he was actually dating two women at the same time, for two different wrestling promotions and managed to string them along for a good few months before he was found out. His record doesn't show that he has a lot of respect for women, but at least AJ has finally managed to tame him and right now the couple seem happy enough.

6 Sweetheart: Rusev


The Bulgarian Brute may be a heel on the Raw roster right now, but since Lana and Rusev have been added to Total Divas, the WWE Universe have been able to see what the real Rusev is actually like.

Rusev has proved so many times how much he cares about Lana and even surprised her with a really expensive flower arch for their wedding, even though he said that it cost too much money. The couple seems as though they are perfect together and even managed to fight through the fact that WWE wanted to break them up a few years ago. Their engagement came as a shock and got them both in a lot of trouble with WWE, but that could be seen as just how much Rusev values his wife.

5 Jerk: Stone Cold Steve Austin


Stone Cold Steve Austin may be one of the biggest heroes of the WWE Universe right now, but a few years ago it was revealed that Austin was less than a hero in real life. Austin married fellow WWE star Debra Marshall back in 2000 and it seemed their marriage went downhill straight away.

Debra called the police on her husband a few years later when it was reported that he had beaten her head, back and legs in a fit of rage. Austin was arrested for Domestic Violence following this and the couple divorced not long after. Debra later revealed that Austin had beat her three times during their relationship and that he was an avid steroid user. Many of these instances were a result of 'roid rage. Stone Cold has since married his fourth wife Kristin (Pictured Above).

4 Sweetheart: Enzo Amore


Enzo Amore is a firm fan favourite when it comes to the WWE Universe and it seems that he is also a favourite when it comes to his new girlfriend Liv Morgan. Enzo is completely different to his in-ring persona outside of WWE and only has good things to say about the current NXT star.

Liv and Enzo haven't been dating for long, and in recent interviews, Enzo has failed to mention who his girlfriend actually is, but he has stated that he hasn't had a real relationship in 28 years and it was only her who could finally ground him. He also helped Liv to land a WWE tryout a few years ago, which also gives him major boyfriend points, which means that Liv is one very lucky girl.

3 Jerk: Seth Rollins


Seth Rollins may be one of the most popular Superstars in WWE right now, but when it comes to his life outside of a WWE ring, it's a very different story. Rollins became the victim of a massive scandal back in 2014 when personal pictures of Mr. Money in the Bank were leaked on his Twitter account.

It turned out to be his fiancee Leighla Shultz that put the pictures online when she found out that Rollins was having a secret affair with NXT Superstar Zahra Schreiber. Rollins then broke up with his fiance of the past few years and decided to start a relationship with Zahra. This relationship ended in a matter of months, and it seems that Rollins has had more ring rat scandals than most of the veterans in WWE at this point.

2 Sweetheart: The Miz


The Miz and Maryse have become an on-screen couple in WWE for the first time since their marriage over the past few months. Maryse seems to give The Miz much more confidence in the ring, and has helped him become one of the biggest heels on the SmackDown brand.

The Miz has shared many videos of him and Maryse that show just how cute the couple are. They are also part of latest season of Total Divas where it can be seen just how much The Miz cares about his wife. They are now teaming together at WrestleMania for the first time against John Cena and Nikki Bella as well, which will be incredible for them because Maryse hasn't wrestled in more than four years. And The Miz will happily support her all the way.


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