Top 10 Wrestling Husbands Who Are Jerks In Real Life And 10 Who Are Sweethearts

The life of a professional wrestler is an extremely difficult one; these athletes have to endure a strenuous lifestyle to make it big in the industry and often get no personal time to look into their social lives. These professional wrestlers are heavily reliant upon socializing amongst themselves as they travel together on the road and many male and female wrestlers end up falling for each other and getting married after some years on the road together.

There have been many wrestling marriages over the years, as we've seen wrestlers from many promotions take the oath with some female talents in the wrestling industry and settling down with them. These wrestlers tend to have more responsibility after becoming husbands to their wives and have to maintain a proper reputation for themselves to keep their marriage and image in good light.

While there are many wrestling husbands who are actually very good people in real life and come off as real darlings to the fans when they're not portraying their characters, there are some who are plain rude to the fans.

19 Sweetheart: Jimmy Uso

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Jimmy Uso has shown amazing development in the WWE alongside his brother Jey, with The Usos making quite the impact on Smackdown Live in recent times. Their change in gimmick from babyfaces to heels has worked perfectly well and while Jimmy may come off as an intimidating guy in the ring, he's nothing like that outside it. Jimmy's actually a very good guy and a loving husband to WWE Diva Naomi, with the two being a very happy couple in real life. Total Divas has shown their adorable relationship and how much of a kind person Jimmy really is. He's also very good to the fans who approach him, often taking pictures and also great friends with many WWE wrestlers in the back with his appearances on UpUpDownDown videos proving as such.

18 Jerk: Brock Lesnar

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"The Beast" Brock Lesnar is definitely one of the most dominating men to have ever stepped foot in a WWE ring as the Universal Champion looks absolutely unstoppable these days. Lesnar may be a rather entertaining wrestler because of how he brutalizes his opponents, but he doesn't have that many fans because of how rude he has been to them in the past. Lesnar has been married to former WWE Women's Champion Sable for over a decade now and hates it when someone approaches him in real life. He's acted rudely towards many fans who have approached him for a photo or autograph and is someone you wouldn't want to meet in real life. He just loves his quiet time with his sexy wife and even though that's something to respect, it doesn't mean he has to act like a jerk to fans who try to interact with him.

17 Sweetheart: Rusev

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Rusev has been an amazing heel in the WWE for the past few years as the former United States Champion has been hated by many fans because of his anti-American gimmick in the past few years. While he may be this rather dislikable guy in the WWE because of his views, he is quite the opposite in real life where he comes off as a really cool guy. Rusev has sacrificed a lot of things to be with his wife Lana, even losing his place as a top heel due to it. He may be a jerk to fans while portraying his gimmick, but Rusev is completely different in real life as his true self can be seen in the UpUpDownDown videos where he often features. He's made a lot of friends and fans because of his sweet nature and seems like an absolute darling when not portraying his gimmick.

16 Jerk: Matt Hardy

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Matt Hardy made a triumphant return to the WWE along with his brother Jeff at WrestleMania 33 earlier this year when the Hardy Boyz returned and won the Raw Tag Team Titles at the grandest stage of them all. Hardy has been entertaining fans a lot for the past few years with his "broken" gimmick which was amazing, and has been doing well without it in WWE as well. Despite seeming like a loving husband to Reby in real life, he's actually been a jerk to her in the past. Hardy was arrested in January 2014 for allegedly getting into a fight with Reby at a hotel room. Pictures of them later showed Reby and Hardy to be beaten and bruised, as Matt had actually physically assaulted his wife, which shows how much of a jerk he can be in real life.

15 Sweetheart: Johnny Gargano

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Johnny Gargano is a very lovable guy in WWE NXT as he's been the perfect babyface for the promotion ever since he stepped foot in it a year or so ago. Gargano is the lovable underdog who aims to entertain the audience and be the good guy for them and as it seems, he's quite similar in real life as well! Gargano is also a sweetheart in real life and is a really fun guy to be around as well. He's been really respectful to fans in the past and loves to interact with them whenever he can, as he's a wrestling fan himself. Gargano got married to Candice LeRae last year and they seem to be a very happy couple and knowing how much of a darling Gargano is in real life, anyone would be glad to be his partner.

14 Jerk: Josh Matthews

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Josh Matthews looked like a talented commentator when he was in the WWE a few years ago and had to take a difficult route to the top. He started out as a backstage interviewer and later became a part-time commentator, before moving to TNA in look of better opportunities. It's in TNA where he met Knockout Madison Rayne and got married to her a few years back, but Matthews still seems to be bitter about his failed stint in WWE. He portrays a heel commentator in TNA but literally lives his gimmick, as he often takes time to thrash the WWE product and insults them whenever he can. He also recently insulted the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony and spoke about how "nobody wants to be there", and he's also behaved rudely towards fans and seems to be an absolute jerk who can't separate kayfabe from reality nowadays.

13 Sweetheart: The Undertaker

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The Undertaker may have seemingly hung up his boots after his loss to Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 34, but it's definitely not the last we've seen of the Phenom who is scheduled to return in January on the 25th edition of Monday Night Raw. When he's not portraying The Deadman, The Undertaker is actually a really cool and highly respected individual in real life who has been enjoying a healthy marriage with Michelle McCool in the past few years. Taker is loved by fans and wrestlers alike because of how kind and interactive he is, as he never denies fans opportunities to talk to him or take pictures. The Undertaker has also been a loving husband to McCool and taken apart-timer role after marrying her and while he may seem this terrifying character in the WWE, he's actually a real sweetheart in real life.

13. Jerk: Cody Rhodes

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Cody Rhodes has risen to the very top after leaving the WWE last year, as the American Nightmare has been ravishing his opportunity to become the biggest thing on the Independent circuit. He's getting paid a lot of money and is absolutely smashing it as a heel right now and a part of Bullet Club as well. Rhodes is a heel who loves to mock the fans in the ring, but he takes it too far at times in real life as well. The Husband of Eden Stiles has been quite the jerk to fans on multiple occasions to garner heat. Rhodes has flipped off fans and insulted them on twitter and in events, while he's also critical about things WWE are doing. He's perfectly "living" his gimmick, but that doesn't give Cody any right to acting like a complete jerk towards people in reality.

12 Sweetheart: Dean Ambrose

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Dean Ambrose has been the perfect "lunatic" for the WWE in the past few years as fans have grown to like his crazy personality as he's gone onto achieve a lot of success ever since breaking up with the Shield. The Raw Tag Team Champion may be an unconventional wrestler with a mad gimmick, but he's nothing of that sorts in real life where he's a really chilled out guy. The husband of Renee Young has been a really cool dude to the fans in the past few years and he never denies them an opportunity for a picture and also loves to interact with them. He's also very good friends with several WWE wrestlers because of his sweet personality. Dean loves his private time with Renee and is actually quite the opposite of his in-ring gimmick in real life and a real sweetheart at that too.

11 Jerk: Stone Cold Steve Austin

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Stone Cold Steve Austin was the hero of many during the Attitude Era when he started to portray his iconic character and went onto feud against the boss Mr. McMahon which would later help WWE win the Monday Night Wars. The Texas Rattlesnake may have been an extremely entertaining figure in the WWE during the time, but he wasn't so "good" in real life and had some tensions in his personal life. He was married to Debra Marshall from 2000-2003 and their marriage came to a very bitter end when Debra had to call the police after Austin had apparently physically assaulted her. He also did the same to another girlfriend Tess Broussard, forcing another relationship to break up. Austin may be this beloved man amongst the wrestling fans, but hitting a woman proves that he's a downright jerk in real life who can turn violent at times.

10 Sweetheart: CM Punk

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CM Punk may have left the WWE a few years back and doesn't look to be returning to professional wrestling anytime soon, but he's still quite popular with the fans because of his impact. Punk was at his peak during the time he played a heel who often insulted the fans and even though this may have indicated that he's a jerk in real life, he actually isn't. Punk married WWE Diva AJ Lee a few years ago and is actually a good guy in real life, as he helped fellow wrestler Joey Mercury many years back by helping him from becoming homeless by buying his house and letting him stay in it. He's also very kind to fans who deserve it and in one occasion paid for a fan's dinner at a restaurant for being respectful towards Punk, as these prove how much of a sweetheart Punk actually is.

9 Jerk: Shawn Michaels

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Shawn Michaels has to be one of the most entertaining wrestlers of all time who lit up the wrestling scene in the 90s with his "Heart-Break Kid" gimmick and amazing work in the ring. While many loved him because of his irresistible brilliance in the WWE, Michaels wasn't really the "role-model" type of a guy in real life. He was hated by many wrestlers in the WWE in the 90s because of his backstage politics and awful behavior. Michaels was also a jerk to the fans on many occasions, as he once rejected the 10-year-old who approached him for an autograph. He was a complete jerk to absolutely everyone during his peak in WWE and misused his influence to degrade some wrestlers. Even though his behavior improved after getting married to Rebecca Curci and became a born-again Christian, he will remain a jerk in the eyes of many.

8 Sweetheart: The Miz

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The Miz has made himself an "A-Lister" in the WWE with his amazing work for the company in the past few years where he has truly come of age in the company. The Miz has remained as this snarly, insulting heel who loves to boast about his accomplishments and annoy the fans. While he may be this annoying character on-screen who everyone loves to hate, he's nothing like that in real life where he's a loving husband to former WWE Diva Maryse. The two have been a happily married couple for the past few years and The Miz has been an amazing husband to her. He's also surprisingly very good and kind to fans when he's not portraying his gimmick and greets young fans especially well. The Miz also has some good friends in WWE and opposite to the common perception, he's actually a lovable guy outside WWE.

7 Jerk: Edge

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The "Rated R" Superstar Edge was one of the coolest WWE superstars during his time and his amazing heel-persona helped him catapult to becoming a top superstar to WWE. Edge may have been this rather "lovable" heel, but he was actually not the best of people in the WWE locker room during his time. He is now be married to WWE Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix and living happily, he wasn't really so lovable when he betrayed his good friend Matt Hardy by cheating with Lita who was Matt's girlfriend at the time. On top of that, he was himself a married man at the time and used that real life "feud" with Matt to make himself a top star in WWE. He also later divorced his wife for Lita, with this whole ordeal proving how much of a two-faced jerk Edge is.

6 Sweetheart: Daniel Bryan

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Daniel Bryan may not be a wrestler anymore, but he's still one of the most over guys in WWE right now. His amazing work in the past few years helped him become a top star in WWE, as the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion is not only a lovable guy on-screen but in real life as well. Bryan showed how much of an amazing guy he was by the way he treated Connor Michalek and how loving he was to the child. Bryan is amazingly warm to fans and treats them with utmost respect which is why he is loved by so many. He is married to Brie Bella and also has a baby girl with her, as his amazing marriage is often showcased on Total Divas which proves how much of a great husband and absolute sweetheart Bryan is.

5 Jerk: Randy Orton

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Randy Orton is now a veteran in the WWE as he's spent well over a decade in the WWE and is still entertaining us with his "RKO Outta Nowhere" and unpredictable character. Orton has been a superb performer in the WWE over the years and gained the respect of many due to that, but that can't be said about him as a person. Orton doesn't really have the most lovable relations with the fans as there have been multiple occasions of him being rude to the fans. He once insulted a fan for trying to take pictures with him in the gym. There's also rumors of him misbehaving with female talent in WWE many years ago and he doesn't have the best reputation because of that. Orton may now be a family man whose married to Kim Marie, but he's remained a real jerk over the years in real life.

4 Sweetheart: John Cena

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John Cena may have turned into a "part-timer" in the WWE, but he still has the ability of attracting crowds because of how big a mainstream star he is. Cena has made a career out of portraying a superhero on-screen with his baby-face character and he has nurtured himself to become a character in real life. Cena is a real-life superhero who is amazing with the fans, especially with the younger ones. He has made over 500 make-a-wishes for children and is beloved by fans because of that. Cena got engaged to Nikki Bella at WrestleMania 33 and even though their relationship gets criticism, they seem to be a very happy couple. Cena has been a great partner to Nikki and will officially tie the knot to her soon enough and one can't help but love Cena as a person because of how much of a sweetheart he is.

3 Jerk: Austin Aries

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Austin Aries' WWE career wasn't as illustrious as he'd want it to be, but he had a decent time on WWE NXT before being called up to the main roster. He got inserted into the Cruiserweight Division here and lost a lengthy feud with Neville, after which he called quits on WWE. While Aries may have made the right decision for his career, he has quite the reputation for being a jerk to the fans in real life. The fiance of NXT Diva Zelina Vega will probably tie the knot with her soon enough, but he was quite terrible towards fans with his heel persona and had the tendency of making snide comments at fans and insulting them.


2 Sweetheart: Triple H

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Triple H has been an extremely faithful guy to the WWE over the past few decades, as the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion is now more intent on making it as a booker in the WWE. He's been married to Stephanie McMahon for over a decade now and while people thought he married the Boss' daughter for his own profit, he has proved them wrong. He has done an amazing job with WWE NXT and remained a great person in real life at that too. Triple H has always been very serving to fans and loves to interact with them and is extremely kind towards wrestlers too. The most recent example of that is how he filled in for Kevin Owens in WWE's Tour of Chile and let Owens get paid the amount despite missing the shows, as Triple H has proved himself to be the ideal company man for WWE and a sweetheart too.

1 Jerk: Alberto Del Rio

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Alberto Del Rio is a very talented wrestler as he proved in WWE in his stints in the company, but his reputation is only becoming worse with each passing year. Del Rio left the WWE last year after not getting what he wanted and has been extremely bitter towards the company ever since. He has gone onto lash out on the company whenever he can and made terrible accusations at the company to try and degrade it. Del Rio went on a drunk periscope rant last year where he blasted WWE stating how they don't pay their wrestlers properly and then also abused and insulted Triple H and the McMahon's. He is now engaged to WWE Diva Paige after divorcing his wife of three years Angela Velkei, but his disgusting rants at WWE and awful behavior after his WWE release prove how much of a jerk he is.

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