Top 10 Wrestling WAGs Who Are Jerks In Real Life And 10 Who Are Sweethearts

It must be a job in itself being married to wrestling stars. Imagine; When you’re dating a famous WWE star, for example, all their scandals and problems eventually return to you; including drug scandals, affairs, and money problems. These entries will show you that every jerk is accompanied by a sweetheart willing to put up with their shenanigans, no matter the gender. It should be noted also that for every WAG that's a jerk to their spouse in the business, there's probably a wrestler who never treated his/her spouse the right way. Marriage is definitely a two way street and it's historically proven to be difficult to travel on the road 300 days a year and still be a devoted partner. It takes a really special connection for a married couple with one involved in wrestling to stay together.

It will also show that some are unwilling to put up with their significant others, fully willing to end decade-long relationships. From scandalous affairs to finding love in the strangest places, these 20 entries will reveal some interesting facts about your favorite superstars. Here are the top 10 Wrestling WAGS who are probably unpleasant in real life and 10 who you’d probably want by your side.

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20 Jerk: Linda Hogan

via mirror.co.uk

After a divorce that left her now ex-husband Hulk Hogan with only a quarter of his estate, Linda took full advantage of her newfound freedom, exploring her sexuality through young, barely legal guys. Linda, who at the time of the divorce was 48 years old, began dating 19-year-old Charlie Hill. A few years later, the young gun sued her for making him work too hard around the house.

According to Hill, Linda had him dig a creek, fertilize 25 acres of avocado trees and wax a yacht. “She treated me like a day laborer,” Hill told TMZ, explaining how Linda’s bad behavior ended their relationship. There’s also the story about Linda spreading rumors about her ex-husband being homosexual. At least she apologized for it later on.

19 Sweetheart: Stephanie McMahon

via abcnews.com

Although she is notorious for playing a hell of a heel, word has it that Triple H’s wife is actually quite pleasant in person. Also, her devotion to her heel character deserves merit; she has truly shown the capability of successfully running her father’s company after his departure. Despite playing a bully heel, she has been active with charities, directly involving herself with the WWE’s anti-bullying campaign. Regarding the contradiction, she noted:

“I address it immediately that my character portrays a bully. But that’s my character. And we’re utilizing stories to tell messages. In reality, these are things that are happening and we need to give you the tools that you need to stand up in real life against these issues. This is not entertainment, this is real life. We’re dealing with a real situation that needs to be addressed and it’s going to take all of us to change it and put an end to bullying.”

18 Jerk: Sable

via pwpix.net

Brock Lesnar’s wife is famous for being one of the most popular WWE Divas of the Attitude era, playing a heel as notorious as Stephanie McMahon’s. That said, within the company, there were many stories of her being an egomaniac, including when she beefed with Torrie Wilson because she felt the latter was trying to steal her shine.

Wilson was nice about the situation, noting that she understood how sable felt. "She was the queen when she was in WWE, and then she was brought in to help promote my Playboy appearance,” said Wilson. Still, it’s a bit off-putting that Sable reacted in such a manner towards one of her colleagues. Proves that drama in the WWE is never limited to storylines and acts.

17 Sweetheart: Torrie Wilson

via imgur.com

The former wife of former wrestler Billy Kidman, Wilson was famous in the WWE for her babyface. She was too sweet in reality to play a bad character, and unlike Stephanie, she was unable to put it aside for the sake of business. Not a problem; Wilson was a star in her own right, nonetheless. After departing the WWE, Wilson went on to start her own lifestyle and fitness endeavors.

Wilson has a history of anorexia and bulimia, and one life-threatening instance sent her to the hospital. Nowadays, she is a spokesperson about the disease, speaking about overcoming it through fitness and promoting self-help information through her business. The former WWE Diva also donated a top she wore during her time in the company in an effort to raise money for breast cancer research.

16 Jerk: Sasha Banks

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Although she’s married to a wrestler who’s rather unknown (ever heard of Kid Mikaze?), Banks still fits on this list because she is downright sour. There are many reports by fans of her showing disdain whenever confronted with them. There is even a photo of her with a displeased look on her face as a fan snapped a photo with her. The forceful photographer may be to blame, but Banks’ clashing with her fans are still common.

On Twitter, she blasted a fan for being an airport creeper after he tagged her in a photo thanking her. Perhaps this is why she kept her marriage to Mikaze a secret for a long time. She explained that WWE fans are crazy and doesn’t want them harassing him online.

15 Sweetheart: Bess Wight

via zimbio.com

You might get the wrong impression of The Big Show’s wife when you learn that she married him days after he completed his divorce with his first wife, but the gal is not half bad. That’s because she’s done a very good job of keeping a low profile, and thus, bringing less media attention to her husband.

Not much information is available about Wight, and if she and The Big Show would have succeeded in having their own cooking show in 2011, we might have plenty to refer to about her personality. However, the fact she fancied a cooking show says a lot about her personality; after all, have you ever seen a cook show host who wasn’t a sweetheart? (Think Rachael Ray and Sara Moulton)

14 Jerk: Michelle McCool

via youtube.com

Fans have many reasons to dislike McCool, and one good reason might have to do with the fact that she lacks originality with moves. That’s just another way to say that she’s a move-thief. Fans often complain that none of her finishing moves were original, blaming her for not putting effort into creating one. 

Adding to this, McCool is rumored to be versed with office politics, and many people believe she dated The Undertaker to get up the ladder and win the Divas title. Although she is not the most popular diva, she still got quite the push from the WWE over other superstars like Natalya, and the fact that she was with The Taker’ did not help how she was perceived.

Read another one of our entries on scandalous WWE affairs involving some of the superstars in this list.

13 Sweetheart: Mickie James

via instagram.com

Mickie James’ career is one marred by controversy, with her being involved in a bitter relationship with WWE star John Cena and having problems with Trish Stratus backstage. Her image did not take a big hit, however, because her positives outweighed her negatives. For example, the fact that she is an avid animal lover sits very well with fans and her public relations officers. James owns three Morgan horses and expressed her dream to someday own a farm.

Aside from wrestling, James also wrote music and even Stratus appeared in one of her music videos despite their differences. Goes to show just how much she was liked, especially considering at the time, she was no longer involved with the WWE. It seems the WWE liked her because in 2016, James made her return to the ring.

12 Jerk: Melina

via wrestlingnews.com

Melina is notorious for being a static magnet in the WWE locker room, and even she proclaimed herself “the most controversial woman in wrestling.” In 2011, Melina had issues with one of the WWE’s most famous stars Trish Stratus, claiming the diva had stolen her shine. As a result, she convinced her boyfriend at the time James Morrison to give Stratus the cold shoulder. Stratus confirmed this in an interview with Open Radio, noting, “Cold shoulder? Yeah I felt it. I was shunned.”

Even actor Brooke Adams showed disdain, calling her rude and a few other bad words. It doesn’t seem like Melina cares about the heat she receives, and she wrote in her blog, “I always choose to ignore rumors and lies. The sad thing is people like to stir up trouble and sensationalize drama. I have and continued to be the most controversial woman in wrestling. It amazes and cracks me up. The stories I hear of why I have heat and what I supposedly did. It’s funny but then again I really don’t like good people being lied to.”

11 Sweetheart: Jessica Irvine

via imasugunews.com

Although under the radar, Irvine is known for being Chris Jericho’s wife. Married since 2000, Irving has put up with a lot of Jericho’s controversies, including the rumor of him sleeping with Kelly Kelly (who is rumored to have also slept with Edge, Vince McMahon, CM Punk and many others). When photos of Jericho kissing Kelly surfaced, many news outlets reported that Irvine was annoyed with her husband about the situation but gave him the benefit of doubt.

Irvine shows much support for her husband nonetheless and spends most of her time raising their kids at home while he tours the country. She seems to be well-liked by notable WWE locker room names, and even Edge appeared at her and Jericho’s wedding. The two are still happily married.

10 Jerk: Maria

via youtube.com

Although she is more famous than her fiance Mike Bennett, who is also a wrestler, he almost made it to the WWE. Many believe this never happened because of their relationship. After the WWE released Maria in 2011, she revealed that they had caught her off guard with the decision, not even giving her “time to call her mom.” In that same interview, she noted that she loved the WWE and that “that I wanted more rights and they weren’t willing to give them to me.”

“It wasn’t a money thing or anything like that. I think we left on good terms. It was a great experience while I was there, I love all the Divas,” she said. Later on, Maria contradicted herself, claiming that she was the one that walked out on WWE. “I chose to not re-sign with WWE not because I didn’t love it but because I was bored. I was under appreciated. I could still be there if I wanted. I could have continued to play dumb. But I want more. Not more fame/money but more creativity and control. I love my fans but I don’t need to be seen by millions to feel important.”

The contradiction left fans with a bad taste because it showed Maria retracting on her statement and attempting to mold the situation to her advantage by victimizing herself. Furthermore, recently it was revealed that Maria would re-sign with the WWE; the move further contradicting her feelings about the company.

9 Sweetheart: Wanda Goldberg

via heavy.com

If there is one WWE wife that is awesome, it’s undoubtedly Bill Goldberg’s wife Wanda. When the two met, Wanda was enacting her role as a stunt double in the movie “Santa’s Slay.” She did very well for herself, appearing in movies “Skipped Parts,” “Texas Rangers,” and “Speaking of Sex.”

Despite having her own career, Wanda has shown quite the dedication towards her husband, showing much support on social media towards his endeavors, including coaching little league baseball teams and returning to the WWE. In fact, most of her Twitter and Instagram posts center around Goldberg, and she seldom misses the opportunity to thank him for being her hero and congratulating him on his successes. Although this is a typical thing to see in a marriage, it’s impressive to see it from her considering she has her own tenuous career in stunt doubling.

8 Jerk: Jackie Beems

via heavy.com

Unlike The Big Show’s wife, Ric Flair’s former wife spent much time in newspaper headlines, showing up in the form of mugshots. That’s right; Beems has had several encounters with the law, previously being arrested in 2010 for domestic abuse after punching Flair in the face. The bloodied up “Nature Boy” ended up in the hospital. Although no weapons were used in the altercation, police reported that Beems had used her teeth, fists and legs to attack Flair.

In 2012, Beems attacked Flair in their Charlotte condo. Luckily for her, Flair refused medical care and did not press charges. However, the relationship was over and the two filed for divorce that year. It’s safe to say that the “Nature Boy” is out of harm's way now.

7 Sweetheart: Jan Ross

via wrestlezone.com

Jan Ross is famous for being the wife of the legendary WWE announcer Jim Ross. Ross was a former flight attendant, and not much else was known about her. Unfortunately, she hit headlines in 2017 after a fatal accident. She was beloved by many, including WWE superstars who said she had a loving heart.

After her death, many WWE stars tweeted revealing words about her. Nattie wrote in a post, “I feel heartbroken for @JRsBBQ and his family. Jan was one of the warmest, kindest people I've ever met. My prayers for the Ross family.” Chris Jericho also chimed in with a post revealing a bit about her personality, writing, “#JanRoss was my definition of a "cool chick". Always fun to chat with about music & Ill never forget her smile. My prayers to her & @JRsBBQ

6 Jerk: Paige

via masslive.com

One doesn’t have to work hard to prove Paige is disliked by many WWE fans and locker room regulars, especially her former boyfriends. Men she has dated, like former WWE champion Alberto Del Rio, can attest to how manipulating and cold she can be. When she dated Del Rio, she was already in a relationship with someone else. This guy, named Bradley, was seen in a WWE Total Divas clip trying to make her feel good despite a bad match. She cold-shoulders him in this clip, and many fans pitied Bradley for being in such a relationship. While she led Bradley on, she continued to mess around with Del Rio backstage, fully aware of him being in a relationship with Charlotte.

Nowadays, Paige and Del Rio are to be married, but it wouldn’t be a surprise if she gave him the same cold shoulder and infidelity at some point. After all, she’s already proven she’s fully capable of it.

5 Sweetheart: Sue Borden

via tumblr.com

Sue Borden is famous for being Sting’s first wife; An unconditional supporter who saw him through tough times and drug abuse. While Sting’s career struggled, Sue remained supportive of him, always proclaiming that she knew he would become successful. In the 90s, she stuck through thick and thin with him as he battled his addiction to painkillers, supporting their kids as he went to rehab.

When Sting became a reborn-again Christian, he confessed to Sue that he had cheated on her countless of times. Nonetheless, Borden stayed with him until 2010 when the two divorced. At the time, Borden explained her decision to stay with him, saying “he was just 180-degrees, completely different man from that moment of confessing to me the life that he had led…”

4 Jerk: Lita

via pinterest.com

Matt Hardy is one of the WWE’s most loved and renowned superstars, so you could imagine how fans would perceive someone treating him wrongfully. When it was learned that his girlfriend Lita was cheating on him with his close friend Edge while he recovered from an injury, many fans turned their back on her, fully realizing the gravity of what she had done. The backlash was so bad that the WWE turned Lita’s character into a heel because her babyface just wasn’t cutting it anymore.

After Hardy complained about Lita on his website, the WWE released him. However, more than 15,000 fans petitioned to have him resigned, and he returned for a short stint with the WWE. Hardy and Lita had been dating since 2000 and despite being together for so long, the two’s relationship came to a bitter end.

3 Sweetheart: AJ Lee

via wwe.com

Many wrestling fans may know AJ Lee as a former WWE diva and champion, and if you follow her closely enough, you’ll learn that she is also the wife of WWE outcast CM Punk. She’s a darling simply because of how committed she is to her husband. It’s even rumored she left the WWE in support of Punk, who the company refused to resign again.

Her devotion doesn’t end there. She also showed unconditional support when Punk decided to make a run in the UFC. It ended disastrously as Punk was finished in the first round of his first fight. The result: Immense ridicule. Nonetheless, she was one of the few to commend him for his effort, calling him her “hero.” After the fight, many folks reached out to Punk, advising that he stay away from the octagon. However, on him possibly fighting again, Lee said, “I am never going to be the person to stop someone from pursuing their dreams so I definitely support it.”

2 Jerk: Karen Jarrett

via wikimedia.org

Before Karen inherited Jeff Jarrett’s last name, she was actually Kurt Angle’s wife. A wrestler herself, she worked closely with Jarrett. On the Howard Stern Show, Angle revealed that his wife was with another wrestler while they were separated, and it turned out to be Jarrett.

Word has it that Karen was sick of Angle’s drugs problem, albeit indulging in it with him. To Karen’s credit, Angle was a nutjob, but to date his boss at the time; It was certainly a low for her. Eventually, TNA wrote a storyline based on the affair where Angle was portrayed as the heel. Angle later told BleacheRreport, "NOBODY will ever replace me as the father of my kids. You want me to look like the bad person? Don't forget who wanted the divorce! I didn't walk away from my family, Karen did. So keep your little 'act' going on TV. It's amusing to me, but don't think for a million years that my fans are buying this crap."

1 Sweetheart: Karina Steen

via heavy.com

Known as Kevin Owens’s wife, Steen’s relationship with Owens is special enough that they even have several matching tattoos together. Owens’ is Steen’s biggest fan, always posting on social media just how lucky he is to have her. He told WWE.com, “I met my wife, her name’s Karina. She changed everything I knew about life, because I couldn’t imagine meeting someone who would make me feel that way. A month after we met, we went to get a tattoo, and it was very small. I just got this little ‘K,’ and she got a K on her pelvis for ‘Kevin.’”

Steen used to have a social media profile but she deleted it, and many allege that it was due to online bullying. It’s a shame considering Owens has such a high regard for her and only tells his fans positive things about her.

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