Top 12 Burning Questions From Extreme Rules

The 2016 edition of WWE Extreme Rules is in the history books. It was a night of intrigue, surprise, and questions, as fans easily could be pulled a myriad of ways following some of the booking decisions, and happenings of the night. We saw the return of former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns once again get booed out of the building on Pay Per View, and one of the greatest Intercontinental Championship matches ever. Conversely, the Women's Championship match was a victim of circumstance; a good idea turned cold by adding in a completely unnecessary factor. The US Championship has found a new (old) home and The New Day continued to prove their greatness.

It was a lively crowd in Newark, as the Northeast proves to be a worthy PPV area, no matter what city the event is held in. The show was home to at least two match of the year candidates in Owens/Miz/Zayn/Cesaro, and Reigns/Styles. Overall, the level of extreme was tempered from in the past, but there were a few moments that Mick Foley himself would be proud of, as Chris Jericho took something directly out of his playbook in his Asylum Match against Dean Ambrose. AJ Styles ended his honeymoon period with WWE and turned himself to a permanent fixture at the top of the company.

Nevertheless, Extreme Rules closed the post WrestleMania period, and as we look toward the summer months, there are several burning questions to ask in the fallout of the event, and going forward. I've gathered up 12 of them, feel free to ask any more in the comment section.

12. Is It Time To Turn The Usos Heel?

Throughout the years, The Usos have proven to be a future Hall of Fame tag team. Unfortunately, no one seems to care anymore. Their affiliation with Roman Reigns, as referenced by JBL on commentary, has doomed them to boos and apathy. It's like the world forgot their work from 2013 to 2015 and just said, "You know what? It's time to boo these guys."

If there was ever a time for The Usos to embrace the boos, this would be it. Roman Reigns has proven to have a level of heat most heels would kill for and his cousins have picked some of it up by osmosis. They went out in prompt defeat in their match against Gallows and Anderson, and depending on who you ask, they screwed AJ Styles out of the championship. They're loved by kids, but the reaction they've gotten seems to have lit something inside them. I'd like to see them run with it.

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Top 12 Burning Questions From Extreme Rules