Top 12 Divas Who Refuse To Date Wrestlers

Real life romance in pro wrestling is a juicy aspect of the business that the fan base enjoys reading about. The “dirt sheets” and websites that report news in wrestling have more stories than any oth

Real life romance in pro wrestling is a juicy aspect of the business that the fan base enjoys reading about. The “dirt sheets” and websites that report news in wrestling have more stories than any other sport. That’s due to the fascinating things that take place in wrestling culture as opposed to the NBA, MLB or NFL. The world of wrestlers dating each other features bitter breakups, speculation of new love interests and dramatic love triangles. Because of our thirst for these stories and due to how many of the stories unfold, it forces the promotion to make it an on-screen storyline.

The story of Matt Hardy, Edge and Lita basically summarizes how big a story can get and how ugly things can become. Lita cheated on Matt Hardy with Edge and created one of the more fascinating stories in WWE history. The company fired Hardy for threatening Edge, fans chanted for Hardy during any segments involving Edge or Lita and the WWE was forced to bring back Hardy to face Edge on television in the most awkward match of all time. This is the perfect example as to why many believe wrestlers should not date within the business. Jim Ross has made it known that his top advice for young wrestlers entering the business is to avoid relationships in the workplace.

Not all relationships are doomed and many work out for the better. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon currently run WWE together. CM Punk and AJ Lee are happily married rebels that left WWE to spend their life together. The statistics aren’t great but that’s the same with dating in general and the search for love is worth it. Well, it’s not worth it for all female wrestlers when it comes to the potential of dating wrestlers as a very select few have made sure to avoid it. These are the top twelve WWE divas that refused to date male wrestlers during their wrestling careers.

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12 Eva Marie


WWE had high hopes for Eva Marie from day one and she has always been positioned as a future star. Eva is arguably the best looking women in the company and most in her spot would have succumbed to dating a top talent for status, political power and just the nature of being around the same people that often. However, she has decided to remain with her boyfriend and refused to enter the wrestling dating pool like most other female wrestlers. Eva married her longtime significant interest Jonathan Coyle and he is frequently featured on WWE’s reality show Total Divas on the E! Network.

11 Kaitlyn


The NXT had a couple of new female stars entering the wrestling world together. AJ Lee, Naomi and Maxine (currently Catrina on Lucha Underground) have all become big stars in various ways but Kaitlyn was the one to win the competition. Kaitlyn achieved great success in a short time as Divas Champion and with a memorable feud against Lee before retiring early. She currently works in the fitness world with her boyfriend and never dabbled in the dating world with other male wrestlers. Kaitlyn avoided the dirt sheet drama by not getting romantically involved at work and she seems much happier for it today.

10 Summer Rae


Summer Rae is the perfect case of not judging a book by its cover. Many would stereotype her as being the hot blonde that tries to steal everyone’s boyfriend. WWE even tried to portray her like that with the exaggerated stories told on the Total Divas reality show. The true personality of Summer has been one of the kinder people in the wrestling business and she apparently tries to stay away from dating co-workers. Summer is never in the rumor mill or involved with any romantic drama like many of her co-workers. There has never been a true story about Summer dating another wrestler and that has to be by design.

9 Katie Lea Burchill


The WWE has employed hundreds of gorgeous and talented women but Katie Lea Burchill may be the most underrated of both categories. Katie was rarely given a chance to shine but she left an impact in the few situations that put her on the screen. The German born talent has been in the wrestling business for over fifteen years and has never been involved with another wrestler. Most of the situations of women in the wrestling business would give them the option to date wrestlers since the math dictates at least a couple of the men will always hit on them. However, Katie has completely avoided it.

8 Gail Kim


Gail Kim has always been in the wrestling business for the athletic aspect rather than the exploitation of her body and it was actually to her detriment in WWE. Jim Ross’ podcast revealed that Vince McMahon found Kim unattractive but most men on the planet would vehemently disagree with the chairman of the board. Kim is one of the most beautiful women in pro wrestling but has gone on record that she tried to avoid even entertaining the idea of a relationship in the wrestling business. The current TNA Knockout is married to celebrity chef Robert Irvine and the power couple have been together for years.

7 Eve Torres


Very few Divas of the modern era have achieved the success that Eve Torres did during her tenure in the WWE. Eve was highly valued by WWE and held the Divas Championship on multiple occasions before retiring at a young age to start the next chapter of her life. The bombshell stayed away from romance with the male wrestlers and wouldn’t even allow them to get flirtatious. Matt Hardy allegedly made advances towards Eve while drunk one night and she choked him out for getting too touchy. It makes sense since Eve trains in jiu-jitsu and ended up marrying Rener Gracie. Never mess with Eve Torres, especially if you’re a wrestler.

6 Ivory


Ivory had a reputation as one of the tougher women in the history of the wrestling business. Ivory wrestled hard and tried her best to deliver matches that were as good as the men. The veteran didn’t want to become a stereotype and hoped to be treated like a credible athlete. Part of the thought process for that was avoiding any relationships with the male wrestlers in hopes of not being pegged as a “ring rat.” Ivory was all about respect and the last person you’d ever find mingling with the male talent in a way that signified more than friendship. In many shoot interviews, Ivory has talked down about women that choose to date wrestlers and her beliefs are strongly against it.

5 Candice Michelle


Candice Michelle’s character was labelled as one of the more sexual women on the roster, but that didn’t carry over to the backstage gossip fodder. While Michelle may have grossly made out with the then-60-year-old Vince McMahon on television, she never dated within the business. Candice married her significant other in 2005, around the time she started to achieve fame in both WWE and with her GoDaddy commercials. The stunning Diva didn’t break her vow of marriage and stayed faithful to her husband despite living life on the road. Michelle is still with her husband today and the couple has started a family. She seems very happy at the rare conventions she appears at to sign autographs and take pictures with fans.

4 Madusa


Wrestling romances have become more common and acceptable these days with the mutual interests and similar lives making it an easy fit. The past indicated that it wasn’t as simple as the female performers would be looked down upon for dating the male talent. Madusa was a product of the time and much of her success also mixed with her refusal to date any of the wrestlers. The WWE Hall of Famer was in wrestling for one thing and that was to earn respect in the ring. Madusa didn’t care about dating others in the business and it wasn’t until she left the business that she met her eventual husband.

3 Molly Holly


Molly Holly is the one person on this list that most wrestling fans would absolutely guess among the first female wrestlers to never date in the business. Molly had one of the more pure hearts in wrestling and had zero interest in anything other than being the best performer possible inside of the ring. It actually wasn’t until she was 31-years-old that Holly met her first boyfriend. Molly dedicated all of her time to the wrestling business and she flat out refused to date any of the other wrestlers. While most of us would find her long wait for love to be difficult, Molly seems completely happy today and her road was worth it.

2 Lilian Garcia


WWE’s gorgeous ring announcer of the past two decades has been leaving the audience in awe for her entire career. Lilian Garcia has endured success for a long time without having to date any of the male talent on the roster. The lovely ring announcer has been married twice since her WWE career, but neither time was with wrestlers. Garcia married her current husband Chris Joseph back in 2009 and he works in the fashion industry. Considering how much time Garcia has spent in the wrestling business and the likely unlimited amount of guys that have made advances towards her, Lilian has to be amongst the top of this list.

1 Trish Stratus


The idea of Trish Stratus being the most popular WWE female performer of all time is debatable, but you can’t argue that she’s the biggest name to never date a wrestler. Trish was involved in multiple on-screen relationships for the television product but only dated one man throughout her entire WWE tenure and it wasn’t even a wrestler. Stratus dated her high school sweetheart for all those years and eventually married him. She likely had to turn down a large percentage of the roster and all of the temptation of the wrestling business. It all worked out, as Trish has become one of the better stories of someone having a happy and healthy life after exiting the pro wrestling world.

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