Top 12 Easy Solutions For the Injury Plagued WrestleMania 32

In this line of business, injuries do indeed happen. While most people dismiss wrestling as fake, that theory is both right and wrong.  Yes, matches are pre-determined and the athletes know the outcom

In this line of business, injuries do indeed happen. While most people dismiss wrestling as fake, that theory is both right and wrong.  Yes, matches are pre-determined and the athletes know the outcome before the match even begins and some of the hits are even staged. But the falls and risky dives wrestlers take are indeed real and can be dangerous.

Unfortunately, the injury bug has been quite lethal these past few months as some of WWE's biggest names are on the shelf.  The likes of John Cena, Cesaro, Nikki Bella, and Seth Rollins all suffered gruesome and career altering injuries around the same time.  It's also unfortunately that in two short months, WWE's biggest event is here in WrestleMania 32 and with WWE executives anticipating the biggest turnout in WrestleMania history, they are going to have to pull out all the stops for the fans to leave happy.

Here are 12 solutions that we believe will help the company on this night and will help future programming while making everyone happy in the process

12 Stop Selling This As the Biggest WrestleMania Ever 


While the fact is true that the actual attendance record may be the biggest in WrestleMania history, the actual event will not be the biggest.  There are just too many injuries to overcome this year.

The fact of the matter is that the more WWE hypes up this as the biggest WrestleMania ever, due the fact of the potential attendee record being broken, the more fans will be let down by what ACTUALLY counts, and that is the matches.

11 No More Musical Acts 


This isn't an award show and this certainly isn't the Grammys.  It's a wrestling show and that's what fans want to see more of.  There are only so many times we can see some B rate artist like Flo Rida perform.

WWE can easily add in a couple of meaningful matches without all of the fluff, like the musical acts. We understand that WWE is becoming more of a mainstream show every year, but is it too much to ask for the biggest night in wrestling to focus on wrestling?

10 Have the Injured Stars Involved Somehow 


While we won't be seeing Seth Rollins steal the show this year in the ring, wouldn't it be great to see him be involved in some sort of promo? Whether inside the ring or backstage, make the injured stars part of the show and stop acting like the injured stars just don't exist.

We keep coming back to Seth Rollins, as he was the guy who single handily stole WrestleMania 31 last year with his surprise Money in the Bank cash in. Bringing in Rollins to hype his return and potentially hype a future feud only makes fans more excited for "The Man" to return.

9 Get More Out of NXT 


While WWE hates to admit it, NXT is the best thing going right now in the company. There is no glitz and glamour involved like on Raw or SmackDown, only pure wrestling. Also, the best pure wrestlers are in NXT!

Yes, we understand that NXT is getting their own show two nights before Mania and we're sure that it will tear the house down. However, having some of the biggest stars in NXT (i.e. Sami Zayn, Bayley, Enzo and Cass) make their main roster debut at WrestleMania (even if it's not in an actual match) provides WWE with more flexibility on that night.

Also, who wouldn't want to see Enzo and Cass in a promo with The New Day? That's pure money right there.

8 Get The Rock More Involved


The Rock is the greatest entertainer in WWE history.  Everything he says turns to gold.  The biggest instance of this was when The Rock an appearance on Raw three weeks ago and absolutely stole the show, even if it was a little offensive.

While The Rock has stated that he will have a "big surprise" at WrestleMania 32, many are assuming that this will just be him either doing a long promo or accompanying Roman Reigns in whatever match he is put in.

Putting The Rock in an actual match would certainly give more credibility to WWE's booking of Mania, but this seems unlikely at this point.

7 Make the Pre-Show Mean Something


Over the past few years, the pre-show has just consisted of useless video packages of events we already know are going on, interviews backstage, and pointless matches that don't further storylines.

An idea could be having a number one contenders match for the WWE Tag Team Championships. Put in the likes of The Usos, The Dudleyz, or even an NXT team (Enzo and Cass) and have them duke it out for a chance to face The New Day later that the night. Hopefully this could also put the New Day in a meaningful storyline down the road because as much as the New Day are entertaining, their material is getting stale.

Also, the Andre the Giant Battle Royal should mean something more than just a glorified battle royal with a bunch of mid carders. While right now that's all it is, maybe putting in a stipulation that the winner gets a title shot down the road could make it mean something more meaningful for the viewer.

6 Give More Credibility to AJ Styles 


While only debuting in WWE a month ago at the Royal Rumble, AJ Styles is already WWE's "must see" attraction.  But we've seen this before.

Remember when Neville was the "must see" attraction? Or how about Sin Cara? Both of these men were billed as "must see" wrestlers when they made their main roster debuts and now they can be regularly seen on Raw's "bathroom break segment" around the 10:00 mark.

Styles is the most accomplished wrestler to never be in WWE (before last month) and should receive a genuine WrestleMania moment. The guy deserves it.

An idea could be putting him in the Intercontinental hunt against Kevin Owens and having them battle at WrestleMania. That match could easily become the match of the night and they could continue to feud after WrestleMania.

5 Charlotte vs. Sasha Banks 


It's only a formality that these two will go at it at WrestleMania for Charlotte's Diva's championship. But this match could be more than that.

Charlotte and Sasha certainly have the potential to give us the best woman's feud since Trish Status and Lita and WWE should treat it as such. It already started in NXT and can only build at WrestleMania. These two will undoubtably tear the house down but this should not be the end of their feud, as it should go on for many years and we should look forward to seeing these two face off at future WrestleManias.

4 Have The Undertaker Lose 


Just listen to what we have to say before you go off in the comments section.

The Undertaker's WrestleMania streak doesn't exist anymore. He's back to a one match win streak at WrestleMania after his win last year against Bray Wyatt. Taker has nothing else to prove. We already know he's one of, if not, the greatest performer in WWE history and his retirement is just around the corner.

Think of it like this. Brock Lesnar defeated The Undertaker at WrestleMania XXX and had one of the best years in WWE history by winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship against John Cena at SummerSlam in convincing fashion.

The Undertaker has the potential to sky rocket another superstar. May we suggest....

3 Roman Reigns 


Having Roman Reigns face off against Triple H in the main event is so basic and boring, that if this were to happen, fans may just shut off their TV when the main event starts. Honestly, does anyone really expect Triple H to beat Reigns and continue as champion?

With this potential main event, we know Reigns will walk away as WWE World Heavyweight Champion and the boos will reign across  AT&T Stadium. Obviously, it would look terrible for WWE if WrestleMania ended with a wave of boos.

Here's what we're pitching: Have Reigns turn heel and face The Undertaker? Most fans don't like the guy anyway, so why not further boost his heel status and have him beat Taker? This would all but make Roman Reigns the top heel in WWE and it's needed right now.

2 Stone Cold Steve Austin 


As everyone knows, WrestleMania 32 is in Dallas this year. Also, the most profitable superstar in WWE history is from Texas.

Cue the glass breaking!

Having Stone Cold get involved in a more prominent role can only be good. We last saw Austin on WWE television back in October and since then he has been promoting his podcast and brewing beer. He said he'll be around, so why not get him out there to shoot a promo in his home state?

1 The Main Event


Since we think that Reigns vs The Undertaker would be a great idea, ultimately having Dean Ambrose win the main event at Fastlane and facing Triple H at WrestleMania is indeed best for business.

Ambrose is the most over, active superstar in WWE right now and WWE has been booking him great. Frankly, more of Ambrose and less of Roman Reigns is perfectly fine in our book.

Ambrose is slowly becoming less and less wacky and more of a bad ass every week and that is how WWE should be booking him. Also, him feuding with The Authority up until WrestleMania adds extra entertainment as Ambrose is the "anti establishment" character that fans have been waiting for since the departure of CM Punk.

Having Ambrose defeat Triple H to become the new champion opens up a bunch of doors of what to do with Ambrose after WrestleMania, including a feud with the new top heel in WWE, Roman Reigns.

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Top 12 Easy Solutions For the Injury Plagued WrestleMania 32