Top 12 Embarrassing Real Life Randy Orton Stories

In the injury-riddled roster of WWE, one of the more forgotten names is shockingly enough Randy Orton. A 12-time WWE World Champion and third generation performer, Orton has been on the shelf since la

In the injury-riddled roster of WWE, one of the more forgotten names is shockingly enough Randy Orton. A 12-time WWE World Champion and third generation performer, Orton has been on the shelf since late October with a shoulder injury and amazingly not many people are clamouring for his return, certainly not as much as people want a Cesaro or hell even a John Cena return.

But why is that? Well I would say that there is two reasons. One: he is one of the most over-exposed stars on the roster as he has been with the company on their main roster since 2002 and as a result, has wrestled hundreds of times on television. It's only so many times where you can see Orton give somebody an RKO OUTTA NOWHERE before it gets a little old. But don't tell that to the people who make the Randy Orton vines, because those are great.

The other reason would have to be because he had a reputation as a real-life bad guy for so long. Words like juvenile, immature and unprofessional are just some words one could associate to the Viper throughout his career. In fairness to Orton, a lot of these incidents happened in the early point of his career when he was still developing as a man. But that shouldn't excuse some of these simply awful things that Orton has done to his co-workers, fans and friends.

With that said, here I present the top 12 most embarrassing things about Randy Orton.

12 Temper Tantrum Over Fan Reactions


The night after WrestleMania, even moreso than WrestleMania, is the single largest conglomerate of hardcore WWE fans you can possibly get. As a result, the fans will pretty much say and cheer whoever they want and damn whatever WWE wants them to do. Combine that with dull as dishwater babyfaces like Sheamus and Randy Orton, you can smell disaster coming.

In their Raw match post WrestleMania 29, the crowd didn't give a crap about their match and it showed with chants of "Mike Chioda", "RVD" and "Boring". After the match, Orton reportedly threw a fit backstage due to the chants, as well as not getting the heel turn he wanted. Only putting this at 12 because he kinda has a point about the heel turn, he works much better as a heel.

11 He Was An Jerk In OVW

via OVW

Randy Orton's attitude is so bad that it's even been acknowledged in an official WWE DVD release. On the Evolution of a Predator DVD set, the documentary goes into detail of how Orton was perceived during his time at Ohio Valley Wrestling, a developmental program of WWE in the early 2000s.

John Cena, a squeaky clean company man, said on the DVD that his first impression of Orton was that he was "a d**k". When John Cena says you're a d**k, you're most likely a d**k.

10 Losing A Movie Role Because Of His Military Service


Alright alright I know nobody would have really cared who was in the starring role for The Marine 3, but as CM Punk brought up on the podcast with Colt Cabana, those WWE movie roles are good excuses for WWE performers to make money and not take bumps on the road.

Orton was denied this break from bumping in 2012 however when it was  revealed that he was pulled from his role in The Marine 3 because of the United States Marine Corps' angry reaction to the casting. Why were they angry? Orton went AWOL (absent without leave) for three months when he was a marine and also spent 38 days in a military prison for disobeying a superior officer.

Honestly I don't have much of a problem with what Orton did in his time with the marines, but trying to play one after being dishonourably discharged? That doesn't sit well with me.

9 Berating Kofi Kingston Live On Raw

Kayfabe is a dying art in today's wrestling, but one of the more talked about moments of breaking kayfabe in modern wrestling is an incident on a 2010 episode of Raw in a match between Kofi Kingston and Randy Orton.

It seems that Kingston was supposed to keep his back turned to Orton in order to play up the surprise nature of the RKO but instead Kingston was facing the Viper. Orton then shoves Kingston to the mat and goes behind him to set up the RKO. He then berates him, so loud even the cameras pick up his screams of "STUPID!" Kingston had a little push going and according to rumour the incident cost Kofi his push.  Randy gets mad, other guy gets penalized. We'll come back to that later.

8 His Comments About Kelly Kelly

It's a common practice in wrestling for a wrestler to dish dirt on people they've worked with. Rarely however does a talent in WWE say anything bad about another person in the company while still working there.

This didn't stop Orton from going on a radio show in 2011 and implying that Kelly Kelly slept around with at least 10 guys. This out of the blue and unnecessary slut shaming was highly inappropriate for a guy representing a publicly traded company but somehow got no repercussion for it. He did however apologize on Twitter for the comments and appeared sincere, so it's not quite as bad as other incidents with Divas we'll see later on the list.

7 He Lost The World Championship Due To Immaturity


In 2004 Randy Orton broke the WWE record as the youngest world champion in WWE history by defeating Chris Benoit at SummerSlam 2004 at the ripe young age of 24. While this was a major accomplishment and a sign of the company's faith in Orton, it seems that this faith was not put in the right hands.

On the Evolution of a Predator DVD set, it is said that a big reason why Orton's World Heavyweight Title reign was so short was because of his immaturity and Orton admits himself that he wasn't ready for it. Points for honesty, but still, losing a title reign because you can't get your act together is weak sauce.

6 Dumping Tanning Oils In A Diva's Bag


A common trope of bullies in high school is to do crappy things to girls you like in order to get them to notice you. Now obviously once you grow up you tend to do away with juvenile stuff like that, not so much with Randy Orton.

Now while we don't know if he did have a crush on her, Rochelle Loewen was the victim of a childish stunt by Orton back in 2005. In an interview done shortly after leaving the company, Loewen told a story of how Orton smeared baby and tanning oils all over her belongings in her bag. Not quite crapping in a bag as the internet rumor went, but still childish for a man in his 20s.

5 His Squash Match With A Hotel Room


Everyone loves the stories of rockstars destroying hotel rooms on post-concert party adrenaline binge but while those are fine stories to look back on, nowadays you just look like an ass for destroying a hotel room. Somebody cue Orton in.

Back in 2007, Orton reportedly caused $50,000 worth of damages to a hotel room while the WWE was over in the United Kingdom on tour. He was forced to pay for the damages and was sent home from the tour, but oddly was never suspended or fined for the incident. How convenient.

4 Struggles With The Wellness Policy


Hey, you want to know why Randy Orton has somehow managed to stay with the company for so long? Because he has talent yes, but also because he somehow dodged a wellness policy violation in 2007.

Back in 2007, it was discovered that a host of WWE Superstars were receiving steroids and other drugs from Signature Pharmacy in Orlando, Florida. One of the names? Randy Orton! Did he get suspended like most of the other names did though? Nope! That's how even though WWE knew he was taking PEDs, they didn't suspend him. Couple that with his Wellness strikes in 2006 and 2012, and we have a man who should have been released by the company years ago. Don't know if this is more embarrassing for WWE or Orton, but dammit it's going on the list.

3 Throwing A Fan's Phone


I say this as a sports and comic book fan: fans can be kind of a pain in the ass. As a public figure in the biggest wrestling company on the planet Orton is sure to be asked for dozens of photos per day. This is still no excuse for this incident.

At a bar in Tennessee, a fan asked Orton for a quick picture post Raw and responding in the worst way possible, Orton took the guy's phone to the upstairs area and dropped it from there. While somebody caught the phone, the SIM card was missing and after an incident with the cops came about, Orton gave the guy a $100 with the words "to dips**t" on it. Keep it classy Randy. 

2 Throwing Fireworks At Maria's Car

Fireworks and a car. Say it again, fireworks and a car. I'm sure you can tell where this is going. In an interview with Kayfabe Commentaries, former Diva Maria remembered an incident where Orton shot off fireworks at Maria and Umaga who were in a car while Orton himself was in a seperate car. Essentially, Orton tried to play a real life version of the Playstation classic Twisted Metal like a dumb college jock. I couldn't say it any better than host Sean Oliver: "Is he f***ing retarded?" Yes Sean, yes he is.

1 Getting Mr.Kennedy Fired


By all accounts, Mr.Kennedy was already on thin ice with the WWE back in 2009. It seems Kennedy never quite got his momentum back after failing a drug test which put a stop on plans to be named Vince McMahon's illegimate son. What really put an end to his WWE career though was Randy Orton.

Despite being friends backstage, Orton ripped into Kennedy in front of the entire locker room after Kennedy delivered a risky back drop to Orton in a match earlier in the night on Raw.

While it looked bad, Orton suffered no injury and was just a little sore. Kennedy however took a huge blow as the incident is believed to be the final reason why Kennedy got the pink slip from the company, as Orton complained to management about the Green Bay native's lack of safety in the ring.

Getting someone fired because of a bad spot? Definitely the most embarrassing story of Randy Orton's career.

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Top 12 Embarrassing Real Life Randy Orton Stories