Top 12 Extremely Not-PG Dean Ambrose Moments

Maybe it’ll be in five years or maybe it’ll be six months from now, but the fact remains that WWE will need a replacement for John Cena as the face of the company.

At this point, contrary to what the powers that be at WWE were probably hoping for, that new face won’t be Roman Reigns. The newly-designated “Guy” could very well enjoy a long and wildly successful career as a McMahon family employee, but if the audience was going to embrace him the same way they once did Cena, that would’ve happened in 2014.

Luckily, the company isn’t short on other potential replacements. With the right booking, at a least a handful of current denizens of the WWE locker room could be destined for next level stardom. But without diminishing the potential of Cesaro, Bray Wyatt, Sami Zayn, or Kevin Owens, none of them are the obvious or most likely next “sports entertainer” to reach pinnacles similar to those of the Cenas, Hogans, and Rocks of history. That "sports entertainer" would be Dean Ambrose.

Ambrose may be rough around the edges, but that's a good thing. Popular culture works in cycles. Just as the so-called “grunge” movement heralded by Nirvana swooped in to wipe the sparkly glam metal fad out of the public consciousness, so too could The Lunatic Fringe supplant the squeaky clean erstwhile Doctor of Thuganomics. A similar phenomena transpired when Stone Cold Steve Austin and the nWo replaced the red and yellow incarnation of Hulk Hogan.

But what makes Ambrose a potential new Nirvana of wrestling isn’t his character - it’s his pretext of authenticity. Nobody’s ever going to believe John Cena when he swears up and down that he’s never taken steroids, no matter how many drug tests he passes or how many steroids he does, in fact, not take. Nobody trusts a goody-two-shoes. But Ambrose has done and said many things in his past that could absolutely convince his public that he is a legitimate crazy person.

Hence, we present 12 undoubtedly NSFW moments in Dean Ambrose’s past - many of which from his years wrestling under the name “Jon Moxley” - that make him appear either seriously damaged and dangerous, or like a guy who’s really good at making people think he is.

13 The content is rather strong in this article, so viewer discretion is advised.

12 The One Hitter


11 Dean Ambrose Can Wear A Fanny Pack (And Get Away With It)


10 Dean Ambrose Said Some Pretty Homophobic Stuff On Camera Once

9 Dean Ambrose Claims To Be A Former Drug Kingpin

8 Dean Ambrose Uses The “F Word”

7 Dean Ambrose Uses The Other “F Word”

As we well know, wrestling fans tend to take the goings-on of the squared circle just a tad too seriously. And by “just a tad” I mean “entirely too.” Promoters and wrestlers themselves certainly fall into the same dire mindset from time to time.

6 Dean Ambrose Maybe Got Wasted And Sang “Sweet Caroline” At An Indie Show

5 Dean Ambrose Uses The Other, Other “F Word” And Bleeds Everywhere

4 Dean Ambrose Pretends to Assault Women

3 Dean Ambrose Is A “Lovely Man” According To His Girlfriend

2 Dean Ambrose Fights With Fluorescent Light Bulbs In A Warehouse


1 Dean Ambrose Got His Face Cut Off With An Electric Saw (Even Though He Says He Didn’t)

In today’s world where internet rumors and dirt sheets frequently blur the lines between pro wrestling’s reality and fantasy, it’s hard to know what to take seriously, even when we hear it in a “shoot” interview. Earlier in this very list, we cited Ambrose going on the record to declare that he did not, in fact, have his face cut off during a CZW Tournament of Death. However, this footage tells a very different story.

Even though Brain Damage managed to cut Ambrose’s face off - or so it appears - Ambrose went on to claim victory in the encounter. How did he survive a forced face removal in 2009, but get KOed by a pedigree in 2016? Why does Dean Ambrose appear to still have a face, even though we can see it get cut off? The world may never know the truth. Be aware, the footage is quite graphic. 

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Top 12 Extremely Not-PG Dean Ambrose Moments