Top 12 Fascinating Things That We Love About Stone Cold Steve Austin

Stone Cold Steve Austin was the original WWE rebel. The first superstar who raged against the machine within the company and finally found stardom when he fully expressed the character that was within him.

The great thing about Steve Austin is the fact that a lot of his character was based on himself, which means that he rarely had to act when he was wrestling. He had many headline feuds during his WWE career that are still watched and fondly remembered by the WWE Universe to this day.

Steven Austin and The Rock changed the face of WWE during The Attitude Era and their feud lifted both men to the heights of stardom within the company and around the world.

Both men were talented wrestlers, but their true excellence shone most when they were on the mic, as the back and forth promos they had were some of the best that WWE have ever created and many believe they will never be topped.

Austin retired from wrestling due to injury issues, but has still managed to remain a significant part of WWE by hosting a podcast that WWE promotes and airs on their Network every month, as well as making various returns whenever WWE call upon him.

Steve Austin’s last WWE appearance was at WrestleMania 32 when he, along with Shawn Michaels and Mick Foley, destroyed The League of Nations before he then shocked the crowd by hitting the Stone Cold Stunner on Xavier Woods.

14 He Has A Great Sense of Humor


Stone Cold has been retired from WWE for more than a decade, but one comment on his podcast with Paul Heyman managed to send WWE fans into meltdown on Social Media.

13 He’s Been Drinking Beer Since He Was 14


Austin has become well known as the beer drinking, stunner hitting WWE rebel and it comes as no surprise that Austin was drinking beer a long time before it became his character’s main attraction.

12 He’s Always Swearing


When Steve Austin was at the height of his popularity during the infamous Attitude Era, it was cool to swear at the audience, make obscene gestures and even swear at your opponents. Steve Austin made all of this cool, as he was the ultimate badass and was so good at being bad.

11 He Once Made Vince Wet Himself


Steve Austin vs Vince McMahon has become a legendary feud, as the WWE booked it exceptionally well. Even though Vince had all the power, Austin was often thought to be the one who was on top.

10 He Still Returns to WWE When Needed


WWE have many legends that they call upon whenever needed and they make returns to the ring to help new talent find their feet. Rob Van Dam and Chris Jericho are recent examples of Superstars who have come back to compete and help younger talent.

9 He Came Up With An Amazing Catchphrase


8 He Is Also An Actor


It’s not a big shock when wrestlers make the switch over to Hollywood, as The Rock had plenty of success with it and many other stars have followed suit, including Steve Austin.

7 The Money Difference


Steve Austin went from earning just $40 from his wrestling debut in 1989 to being one of the biggest wrestling superstars in the world.

6 He Was Relatable


One of the main reasons that the “Stone Cold” Character managed to force such a quick reaction out of the WWE Universe was that he was incredibly relatable. Many fans were able to vicariously live through the character because they probably wanted to give a Stunner to their own boss.


4 He Failed in WCW and Kept Fighting


Before heading to WWE, Austin had a lot of wrestling experience under his belt, which included a brief stint with WWE’s rivals WCW.

3 Career Defining Feud With Vince


Every wrestler has a feud that they feel defined their career and while The Rock and Steve Austin had many great matches, it seems his feud with Vince is the one that he is most loved for.

2 He has An Incredible Podcast


When WWE debuted the WWE Network in February of 2014, they knew there was something major missing. They have since added many spin off shows to the network, but one of the biggest hits is the monthly Stone Cold Podcast.


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Top 12 Fascinating Things That We Love About Stone Cold Steve Austin