Top 12 Hottest Daughters of Former Wrestlers

Families are more prevalent in wrestling than any other form of sport or entertainment. The amount of second-generation and third-generation stars is growing with each passing year. The skill of pro wrestling is very unique and it takes a lot to succeed in it. Wrestlers need a certain level of athleticism and it being traveled through genes will help give an advantage of entering the game. The life of a wrestler is also a tough test in itself with the tough road schedule, dealing with the physical pain and excelling with outer factors making it difficult. Second or third generation stars see their parent go through it and have an insight into the life.

The sons of wrestlers are more common in wrestling than the daughters trying the career. That has more to do with the percentage of spots for male wrestlers as opposed to female wrestlers in general. The job of a female wrestler is even tougher in many ways, as they're fighting for television time, pay equality and getting fewer opportunities. Between this and the desire to create their own path, not every athletic or gorgeous daughter of a superstar will enter the industry. Many of them are currently excelling in the ring but plenty others are finding their own careers in other fields.

One thing that is certain is the karma gods have blessed many of the children of wrestlers with great looks. Maybe it’s a way of making things right for their parent being on the road 200-300 days per years, but many wrestlers have daughters that could be argued as the most beautiful women in the world. We’ll look through a variety of ladies currently all in different places in life that have a couple of things in common. These bombshells are all the daughters of pro wrestling stars we all grew up watching. Here are the top twelve hottest daughters of former wrestlers.

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12 Tessa Blanchard

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The stunning Tessa Blanchard is the daughter of legendary Four Horsemen standout Tully Blanchard. She is trying to follow in her father’s footsteps in becoming a pro wrestler. Tessa is currently working on the independent circuit making a name for herself as one of the most noteworthy female talent coming up. Unfortunately for all readers with love struck eyes right now, Tessa is in a relationship with fellow wrestler Ricochet as an independent wrestling power couple. Many expect the youngest Blanchard to make it to WWE sooner or later (she's already debuted in NXT) and possibly align with Charlotte as a kind of the Horsewomen duo. Tessa has the pedigree, potential and look to become a star in the industry.

11 Shaul Guerrero

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The late great Eddie Guerrero was the biggest star of the legendary Guerrero family and his daughter Shaul tried to enter the industry much like her mother Vickie. Shaul did not appear to have the “wrestling bug” like most of her relatives during her tenure in FCW and NXT as Raquel Diaz. The high caliber athlete becoming common in the NXT system made the competition to get noticed in the women’s division much more difficult. Shaul would eventually opt out of the pursuit due to PTSD harming her life with the stressful job. The gorgeous Guerrero is now looking to make her mark as a singer and model. She will always have a place in wrestling between her Guerrero heritage and her marriage to WWE wrestler Aiden English.

10 Natalya

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Natalya has been a constant in the WWE women’s division for years and is currently getting the biggest push of her career as a singles face opposing Charlotte. The beautiful member of the Hart family is actually the daughter of Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart in a shocking turn of events that no one would have guessed if they were watching her for the first time without knowing her last name. Natalya shares very little in common with The Anvil when it comes to her improved wrestling ability and great physical beauty. Nattie'ssocial media pages are among the most popular of the WWE stars due to the amazing selfies she posts on Instagram and Twitter.

9 Brooke Hogan

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Brooke Hogan has been in the public spotlight since her teenage years due to being on the reality series Hogan Knows Best with father Hulk Hogan and having insane good looks. The career of Brooke has been in the singing and acting worlds rather than pro wrestling until a short run in TNA as an authority figure. While there are various things to know Brooke for, we choose to think of her frequent bikini photos first. Brooke has the definition of what would be defined as a “bikini body” and it makes sense given how much she works out. The daughter of Hulkamania is currently working towards the country music genre but our first priority is checking out her scantily clad social media pictures.

8 Bianca Carelli

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One of the names that no one will realize at first glance is Bianca Carelli. The daughter of Santino Marella is relatively unknown in the wrestling world but looks absolutely amazing. Carelli won Miss Teen Ontario-World and may have the potential to surpass her father if she continues to rack up the accolades. There have been no stories of Bianca wanting to become a second-generation wrestler and follow her father’s path, but many wrestling fans are sure hoping she does. Carelli is one of the lesser known daughters of wrestling but deserves a spot on this list as the gorgeous kin of WWE’s most prominent comedic star of the past decade.

7 Alana Leslie

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Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake being able to bring us Alana Leslie is the most staggering turn of events since Beefcake played The Booty Man on WCW television. Beefcake is most known for being the on-screen and off-screen sidekick of Hulk Hogan but he may now become more recognized as Alana’s father if she wants to enter the public spotlight. Alana was training with Jersey Championship Wrestling in hopes of becoming a future wrestling star under the name “Baby Beefcake.” Terrible wordplay aside, she has the look for the gig but the lack of progression given would indicate Alana is no longer pursuing a career in wrestling.

6 Charlotte

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The daughter of Ric Flair is becoming one of the biggest stars in the WWE as the current Women’s Champion following a remarkable triple threat match victory at WrestleMania 32. Charlotte entered the wrestling business in 2012 and instantly picked it up. Between her natural athleticism used in other sports and the pedigree of being the child of a main event star, Charlotte became a natural fit for pro wrestling. The best looking member of the Flair family is playing a large role in shaping the future of the women’s division. Charlotte will be on our televisions for a long time and no one is complaining.

5 Ariel Toombs

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The late “Rowdy” Roddy Piper will always be celebrated as an all-time wrestling great for his work during the glory years but his proudest accomplishment was his children. Piper glowingly talked about his love for his kids during any interview and was overwhelmed with pride for the people they were becoming. Ariel Toombs is the daughter of Hot Rod and radiates any image you can find her in. The bombshell is trying her luck in the acting and singing world with hopes of spreading her love for animals along the way. Every wrestling fan wishes Ariel nothing but great success and definitely wouldn’t mind seeing her beautiful face all over the television and movie screens.

4 Kayla Armstrong

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Kayla Armstrong is one of the lesser known names on the list due to not being a “celebrity” or wrestling personality but she certainly is among the best looking. As the daughter of retired wrestler and WWE referee Scott Armstrong, Kayla has to be the most gorgeous member of her storied family. Kayla was blessed with good looks and works out enough to enter fitness competitions. There have been a few rumors out circulating that she would want to follow in the footsteps of her father, uncle (Road Dogg) and grandfather (Bullet Bob) but no developments have come out of it. Kayla recently tweeted that she was officially married now, which makes us jealous and assume she’s finding a more stable career path.

3 Noelle Foley

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Everyone loves Mrs. Foley’s baby boy’s baby girl. Mick Foley’s daughter Noelle has become a popular member of the wrestling community due to her outstanding physical beauty. Noelle regularly attends wrestling shows all over the country and fans request photos or autographs with her. Mick’s daughter is already gaining success and officially training to become a future WWE women’s wrestler. The success of Noelle in the WWE remains to be seen but her t-shirts sales and demand from fans shows she already has a following due to the fact that she's a bombshell. Noelle is dabbling in the modelling field ,so you’ll still luck out even if she doesn’t make it in WWE.

2 Brittany Page

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Diamond Dallas Page is a perennial favorite of any 90s wrestling fan that enjoyed WCW and the rise of DDP Yoga has made the wrestling legend a bigger and more beloved star than ever. While DDP's yoga workouts are most known for the work done with Scott Hall and Jake Roberts, DDP’s daughter Brittany Page is our unsung hero after watching her workout videos. The breathtaking Brittany is the shining example of why yoga pants have become as popular as they have and she should be getting a sponsorship deal out of it.

Fun fact: Brittany Page is actually married to former MLB star Kris Benson to blur the lines of your wrestling and sports fandom even more.

1 Beans Hart

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Beans Hart is the cousin of Natalya and one of the best looking members of the legendary Hart Family. Unlike the majority of her relatives, Beans has not entered the wrestling world but she has expressed interest in the past to follow the legacy of her father Bret Hart. Most of us would love to see her give it the old college try after finding her gorgeous pictures. Bret is an all-time great and one of his children trying to become a star in the squared circle would be a fascinating story. Perhaps “The Hitman” knew his daughter would grow up to be quite the looker and decided to nickname her Beans as a way to weird the boys away.

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