Top 12 Hottest WWE Divas: Where Were They Before?

There are so many beautiful women in sports – Serena Williams, Ronda Rousey, Meghan Hardin, and Sarah Backman to name a few. Actually, Backman could be considered an honorary mention in this list. She might not be a WWE Diva, but the Arm Wrestling Swedish Bombshell is married to Bo Dallas (see what happens when you BoLieve in yourself!). But this list is about THE most beautiful women in sports, the hottest women on the planet – WWE Divas.

They're strong, sexy, and powerful and lately they have been putting on the best matches of the night,. Red-blooded, male diehard fans, while obviously enjoying the sex appeal factor, also love phenomenal matches. Putting those two ideals together makes for something truly special. Over the past year, all of The Four Horsewomen have put on match of the year candidates. The wrestling industry prides itself on having some of the best bodies in the world and these Divas work their tuckuses off to have the amazing bodies that tantalize us every Monday night.

With the spotlight now firmly placed on the Divas' Revolution or the Women's Evolution, or whatever title the WWE wants to brand their women's division with, more focus than ever before has been put on function and on form. Every Diva on this list is currently part of an elite group of ladies, all hot and capable of getting it done. But before achieving success in the WWE, they had to start somewhere, right? So here are the 12 hottest current WWE Divas and where they got their start from.

24 Mandy Rose - Now

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The runner–up to last year’s Tough Enough, the newest WWE Diva, Mandy Rose is a natural born heel, especially with the way she tossed her opponent Sarah Lee under the bus, labeling her a ring rat. That might have backfired on her netting the 250K winner’s purse, but she still landed a contract and now is under the tutelage of Sarah Del Ray and the rest of the Performance Center. The blond bombshell is petite and powerful, which everything you could want from a WWE Diva - just check out her Instagram pictures for the proof. With her stint on Total Divas over, Rose can focus wholly on training and find her footing in NXT.

23 Mandy Rose - Before

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Rose was born Amanda Saccomanno, a native of Westchester, New York. Before becoming one of the hottest Divas currently on the roster, she was wowing crowds of a different kind, as a fitness model. She has appeared in various magazine spreads, such as Fitness Gurls and FitFemme. If she never made it, she always had her family’s Arthur Avenue Deli in Carmel, NY to fall back on. Thankfully, for the WWE Universe, the hottie once nicknamed Hamburgers should be making mincemeat out of her opponents pretty soon.

22 Maryse - Now

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Maybe it’s because she’s French that Maryse somehow fell for The Miz. Even worse is the fact the WWE Universe has The Miz to thank for bringing his bride back to TV. Maryse has always captured the eyes of the WWE Universe, whether it was being an arm piece to Ted DiBiase Jr. or capturing the Divas Championship. Mostly though, it’s her exotic French–Canadian looks and accent that have tantalized the fans for a decade now. All jokes about The Miz aside, he overachieved by marrying one of the hottest women in the world.

21 Maryse - Then

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Since Maryse was the only girl in her New Brunswick, Canada class, allowing all eyes to be on her, she started the school’s fashion show. That would either drive someone to be an introvert or use those eyes to their advantage. Maryse chose the latter and became a model, much to no one’s surprise. Oullet claimed the prize of Miss Hawaiian Tropic Canada 2003, as well as giving the fans a taste of what The Miz sees every night as a cover girl for Playboy’s 2007 Girls of Canada Calendar.

20 Lana - Now

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Not since Sunny, Sable, or Trish has a gal waltzed in and not only acted like she owned the place, but actually owned the place. During the year of Rusev's complete dominance, she was beauty behind The Bulgarian Beast. The WWE Universe has fallen in love with the valet, as "We Want Lana" chants ring throughout arenas worldwide. With legs to rival Stacy Keibler's, Lana has every tool possible to be the top tantalizing female in the company for years to come.

19 Lana - Before

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Despite having a fake Russian accent, Lana (born CJ Perry) adds some validity to the gimmick having been raised in Latvia in the Soviet Republic during her formative years. But she's a born and bred American, and like many pretty blond girls, Perry had hopes of being a model and an actress. Before she became Bridgette Nielsen to Rusev's Ivan Drago, Lana landed some fairly decent roles. Even today, she still has her acting career to fall back on and took some time off to film scenes for Pitch Perfect 2. If she ever decided to focus on Tinseltown, Hollywood might have found a new Marilyn.

18 Renee Young - Now

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Behind Michael Cole, Renee Young has quickly become the second most recognizable voice in the WWE. As the host of just about every single PPV Pre-Show, along with her own show, Unfiltered, on the WWE Network, it’s clear that the WWE brass think very highly of her and why not? She has an infectious and charismatic personality to match her girl next door looks and adorable affinity for pro wrestling. She has already commentated one of the NXT Takeover events and here’s to hoping that one day she’ll be given the opportunity to commentate on Raw.

17 Renee Young - Before

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The Canadian cutie has been a lifelong fan of WWE. Renee Paquette's (her real name) dad was a promoter who used to use his leverage to get her backstage to shows. But despite her fandom, Young went a different route to the WWE. A woman of many talents, she appeared in photo shoots for Toro magazine and guest spots in several music videos. Most importantly though, Young’s pre-WWE days were similar to what she does now. She hosted Rippin' It-N-Lippin' It , an extreme sports and music show, along with a show on the The Score, Aftermath, which focused on recapping what was going on in the wrestling world.

16 Carmella - Now

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While most second–generation superstars have famous lineage, Carmella’s father is journeyman, Paul Van Dale. Despite not winning a lot of matches, Van Dale’s genes clearly won when he gifted us "The Princess of Staten Island.” As her friend Enzo says, she’s hot as hell and you can’t teach that. With Enzo and Cass on the main roster, it shouldn’t be too long before the hottest chick in the room finds herself on Raw, but for now she is continuing to tear it up in NXT by winning crowds over with a winning smile.

15 Carmella - Before

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Similar to some of the other Divas of The New Era, Carmella also has a fitness background. But hers is more than just fitness model, she’s a certified trainer and instructor. The Massachusetts eye-popping, hip-undulating entrance is a product of her years as a cheerleader for the New England Patriots and a Laker Girl for the Los Angeles Lakers. All of her beauty goes with some brains too – ‘Mella has a bachelor’s in Marketing from Dartmouth.

14 Becky Lynch - Now

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The Steampunk Diva has been turning heads in and out of the WWE for a few years now, thanks to her amazing matches with Sasha Banks, a fiery orange mane, and one of the best bodies in the business right now. Her look and skill level is evocative of another alternative looking Diva: Hall of Famer, Lita. Obviously, that is not a bad thing at all. She has played third string to her other Horsewomen in the WWE, but the Irish Lasskicker’s sex appeal and desire to be the best should rocket her to the Women’s title sooner rather than later.

13 Becky Lynch - Before

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Trained by fellow Irishman Finn Balor, Becky Lynch (Rebecca Quin) made a name for herself in her native Ireland, as well as Shimmer. But she was more than just a wrestler before she hit the big time, as Lynch was a Jill of all Trades. She dabbled in some acting, had some various odd jobs, as well as being a stewardess. She signed on to NXT in 2013 and has quickly turned into one of the most recognizable Divas today.

12 Emma - Now

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The WWE Universe is lucky that Emma wasn't let go a few years ago for her shoplifting snafu. After all, besides Nattie, she's the WWE's most underrated Diva. Forsaking her looks for her ability, her ring attire is more function than fashion. But if you don't think Emma is hot, you haven't seen her rock a bikini. The Aussie bombshell is one of the best female workers on the roster with a killer body to match. Luckily she dropped the bad dancer gimmick, adopting a vicious "I'm better than you" heel attitude, and teaming up with Dana Brooke as the hottest duo in the company.

11 Emma - Before

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Raised in Land of Oz, Emma (born Tenille Averil Dashwood) was introduced to the sport at a young age by her brother. She idolized Stone Cold and Trish Stratus and also met Goldust during one of the WWE's Global Warning tours. That was enough for Tenille Dashwood to adopt the name Valentine and begin her career in the Australian indies. From there, the future Emma would travel a long way from home to Calgary and Lance Storm's academy to hone her skills and gain some notoriety in places like Shimmer and ECCW, where she captured the SuperGirls Championship twice.

10 Sasha Banks - Now

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It is not just assumed, but it is a fact that Sasha Banks is the uncrowned Women's Champion. She's the best overall female worker in the company and, in some ways, the best worker overall. A pillar of the Divas Revolution, Banks has built a brand with her Boss gimmick and fiery attitude. Similar to her hero, Eddie Guerrero, Sasha has proven size means nothing when you have the skills. Her unconventional beauty also proves there's plenty of room in the WWE for non–blonde bombshells.

9 Sasha Banks - Before

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Like Emma, Sasha Banks is a lifelong fan. Born Mercedes Kaestner-Varnado, the California native relocated to Boston and traveled several places with her family while looking for schools that could help her brother, who has special needs. One of these places was Minnesota, the site of the Eddie Guerrero tribute show. Prior to arriving in NXT, Snoop Dogg's little cousin watched a lot of All-Japan Women's wrestling and cut her teeth working for Chaotic Wrestling in Woburn, Massachusetts, where she held their title until getting signed by the WWE.

8 Eva Marie - Now

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Not that she needs it, but Eva Marie might be the only hottie on our list made hotter by the commentary of Corey Graves. When the Red Queen saunters onto the NXT stage, you can almost hear Graves’ jaw drop to the floor (along with every other male fan), as he demands silence from his partner Todd Philips. Eva Marie is probably the most hated Diva among many fans, but that’s because of her lack of ring skills, which have improved over the past year. Her skills are slowly starting to match her looks and, sooner or later, everyone will bow down to the queen.

7 Eva Marie - Before

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Like several other Divas on this list, Eva Marie (born Natalie Marie Nelson) was a former fitness model that the company signed. But besides being incredibly fit, the former soccer team captain also has a brain underneath all of that red. The Walnut Creek, California native went to Diablo Valley College in Pleasant Hill and studied Business Management and Human Resources. She never got the chance to begin world domination through business, since the WWE snatched her up to conquer the world using her looks instead.

6 Paige - Now

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In some ways, the Anti-Diva began the Divas Revolution. She's a second-generation Diva who rocked NXT's world and defeated A.J. Lee the night after WrestleMania XXX. Her accent, playful attitude, and somewhat gothic looks have appeal to many fans who might not be into the cookie-cutter blonde and bodacious look. The youngest Divas Champion of all-time has no shame about showing off what her mom, Sweet Saraya, and working out has given her,

5 Paige - Before

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As a second generation Diva, Paige (Saraya Jade-Bevis) comes from British wrestling royalty. She would have always become a wrestler, it's just in her genes. Heck, mum didn't even know she was with a child and was taking bumps with the future Anti–Diva gestating inside. As she grew older, Paige grew more and more into the family business. But most impressively, at only 23, she's been in the business for ten years, thanks in part to working for the family's WAW promotion in Norwich.

4 Nikki Bella - Now

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With Brie retired and Nikki recuperating from injury, for the first time in almost ten years, neither Bella is atop the WWE. Once Nikki comes back from injury, she will be the lone Bella and have the chance to prove just how good she is without the assistance of her sister. The Bella's reigned supreme pretty much since the moment they walked in the door and soon it will Nikki's time to shine again, With the improvements made to both in her in ring moves, and her physical appearance, she might once again reclaim the Women's title and her spot as the company's hottest female.

3 Nikki Bella - Before

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Before becoming one half of the hottest pair of wrestling sisters on the planet, Nikki Bella (Stephanie Nicole Garcia–Colace) grew up in Scottsdale, Arizona. No shock here, like a lot of dynamite looking twins before her, Nikki and Brie were models before entering the WWE, most notably for Budweiser before ruling the WWE Universe. Believe it or not, Nikki was raised on a farm and had to tackle all the chores of being a farmer’s daughter, and playing soccer. Yes you read that correctly, Nikki is literally a farmer’s daughter.

2 Dana Brooke - Now

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The newest edition to the main roster signals that the end is near, as Dana Brooke has once again partnered with her BFF, Emma, to raise hell throughout the Women's division. How phenomenal looking is Dana and why is she the Total Diva? Let's start with what's up top - her platinum locks evoke a certain Dragon Lady from Game of Thrones. Then further down - a bodybuilder who is blessed in the chest, similar to Torrie Wilson or Trish Stratus. She’s a devoted exercise freak, which means every inch of the divine Diva is fit, fabulous, and flawless.

1 Dana Brooke - Before

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Where does someone as hot as Dana Brooke (Ashley Mae Sebera) get her start? How about in the small northern Ohio town of about 12,000: Seven Hills. Brooke got her start as a diver and a gymnast but after suffering the ever-popular gymnast injury (broken ankles), Dana turned her attention to sculpting her body into the fantastic form we see today. She began bodybuilding and joined both the IFBB and NPC, which she still competes in to this day, most recently placing 7th in the 2015 Arnold Classic Brazil, proving that even though she's toned down her physique, she's still one of the hottest women on the planet.

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