Top 12 Ideas for the Rumored Balor Club/Bullet Club in WWE

Although it isn’t officially confirmed yet by the WWE, the common belief is that The Bullet Club will be making an appearance on WWE programming in the near future. For those of you who don’t know, Bullet Club is a stable of wrestlers who started in New Japan Pro Wrestling in 2013. The group was led by Prince Devitt, now Finn Balor in WWE, and gained fame in Japan for wrestling more of an “American” style in the traditional Japaneses promotion.

With AJ Styles' WWE debut at the 2016 Royal Rumble, wrestling fans are assuming that the rest of the group will make their presence known soon. We know that Styles, Doc Gallows (formerly Festus/Luke Gallows in WWE), and Karl Anderson all put in their notices to NJPW at the beginning of this year, with the intention of working for WWE.

We also know that Finn Balor is currently lighting NXT on fire, and will be making his main roster debut in the near future; that gives us four members. The last thing to keep in mind, is that current Bullet Club members The Young Bucks (Matt and Nick Jackson), have been offered NXT tryouts in the past; let’s assume they jump too. Although the WWE has signed Japanese Superstar Shinsuke Nakamura, we are going to leave him out of the conversation, as he has never had affiliation with the club.

If you were able to follow that rundown of members, it puts the WWE version of Bullet Club at six members; Finn Balor, AJ Styles, Doc Gallows, Karl Anderson, and The Young Bucks. Each member of the group is an experienced veteran, who would be working during a time when WWE is in need of talent. This brings up an interesting question regarding the group; how will WWE book the incoming faction?

Today we are going to look at the top 12 ways the WWE could book Bullet Club, and keep in mind until they are named “Balor Club” we will be calling them “Bullet Club” or BC for short. Additionally remember that although the group is known for being anti-establishment, we are fantasy booking in this article and trying to guess scenarios that the WWE may actually use.

As always let us know your ideas in the comments below.

12 Take Roman Reigns on as Leader (Yuck)


11 Absorb New Members


The Bullet Club is solid right now, but as always WWE has to sprinkle some of their own creations into incoming acts (see Shawn Michaels joining the nWo for proof). With that being said, BC should look into bringing in at least one female act - Sasha Banks comes to mind - and one other male talent who has nothing going on right now.

The female member would allow BC to be presents in any segment of the show, providing support for their teammate at ringside. As for the male member, maybe a Dolph Ziggler, or Kevin Owens if his angle with Sami Zayn gets finished early.

10 Take over NXT First


WWE has made it clear that all indie wrestlers will need to work through NXT before making it to the main roster; keep in mind that AJ Styles is still early in his WWE run, and could be pushed down into NXT at any time. With that being said, Bullet Club could all enter NXT as new faces without any mention of the former group on screen. Then slowly but surely the group would start to form by destroying everyone on the roster, first alone but soon together in groups.

9 Brock vs. Bullet Club


In case you don’t know, Bullet Club has some of the tightest teamwork in all of professional wrestling. Given the fact that the group is so good in a team dynamic, and Doc Gallows is physically larger than Brock Lesnar, it stands to reason that the group could believably destroy The Beast.

8 Take All of the Titles


Assuming Bullet Club is able to absorb at least one female member like listed above, the WWE should have them assert their dominance by winning every single Title in the company. The Young Bucks would win both the NXT and WWE Tag Team Championships, the female wrestlers would do the same for the NXT and Divas Title, and Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows would take the United States Title and Intercontinental Title respectively.

7 Leader War (Styles vs. Balor)

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The most obvious storyline that will play out, will be the eventual clash between AJ Styles and Finn Balor. Both men have led the group on separate occasions, but have never actually been in the Club at the same time.

6 Cena Goes Heel/Joins


Remember earlier when we talked about adding one male member to the BC? Well instead of those other guys we mentioned, let's place a newly heel John Cena in the group. Keep in mind that Super Cena is out with an injury, and isn’t set to return for some time.

5 Side With The Authority


Owners sign free agents to make their teams better, so it would make sense that Triple H and The Authority would sign Bullet Club to work for them. This scenario would be best described as an updated Corporation stable, except in this situation The Authority only uses the BC to do its bidding; this would free up Seth Rollins, Kane, Randy Orton, and everyone else who is currently on their payroll.

4 Super Stable


So we mentioned six members of The Bullet Club in the introduction, but those are just the members who will most likely be in the WWE version of the group; we haven’t even mentioned Bad Luck Fale, Chase Owens, Kenny Omega, Tama Tongo, Yujiro Takahashi, Cody Hall, and all of the part timers who have been affiliated with the Club.

Just by adding in the current full time members, the stable is already at 12, meaning that the WWE could literally have one new member join every time the group becomes outnumbered.

3 Bullet Club vs. WWE Roster


Let's assume that the full fury of Bullet Club come into the WWE at once, with all 12 members mentioned above debuting together. The WWE should have BC come out to the ring, and literally challenge the entire roster, in fact they should hold the show hostage until they are forcibly removed from the ring.

This segment would look like a double Lumberjack Match, with WWE wrestlers on the outside of the ring and BC members holding court on the inside. Of course BC would have the advantage with the high ground in the ring, and could systematically pick off members of the WWE roster with Superkick after Superkick from the Young Bucks as Superstars jump on the apron.

2 Scott Hall as the Mouthpiece


Considering the fact that the WWE audience will not be familiar with Bullet Club, let’s suggest up the idea of using a legend as a mouthpiece. Seeing as how the BC is basically a mixture of the nWo, and the Kliq, it would make sense to use one of the original members of both groups as a manager.

1 Authority (Vince) vs. Authority (Triple H)


Since Vince McMahon has been actively featured on television as of late, it’s safe to assume that he is fully available for storylines. Though it has been done before, a power struggle storyline between Triple H and McMahon could prove to be money if done correctly.

It could start with Triple H disregarding Vince’s opinions and rulings on screen, stating that he is too old and out of touch. This could go on for weeks until the WWE Chairman eventually snaps and does something drastic to prove he knows what fans want, signing Bullet Club.

In this scenario, BC could stay small in nature, and battle against the core Authority members for control of the company. McMahon would show a huge vote of confidence in all members of the group by having them on his side of the conflict, hopefully leading to a successful run for most members.

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Top 12 Ideas for the Rumored Balor Club/Bullet Club in WWE