Top 12 Members Of The nWo: Where Are They Now?

The New World Order are coming for you, your family, and all your basic civil rights. Run. Hide. Arm yourselves with massive amounts of weaponry. Trust nobody. Fear everything. Blinding paranoia. No more sights of beauty. Everything is under attack. It's only a matter of time. They are coming and arrive soon. Wait, who are we talking about here? Wrong version of the New World Order.

Such a version belongs to the Keyboard Conspiracy Theorist. This is about the wrestling world and the ones who - in the words of their Immortal Leader - identified as the "New World Order of professional wrestling, brother." The nWo were officially formed in 1996 at the Bash at the Beach Pay-Per-View in Daytona Beach. That night in the Florida, wrestling as we knew it was altered forever.

Suddenly, the idea of the "good guy" wrestler was tossed aside; replaced with the Cool Heel and the Anti-Hero. No longer were wrestling fans interested in training, prayers, and vitamins. No more cartoon-like characters. The new wave had washed that all away and now, the nWo were the "it" faction on shore. Black and White was everywhere. In high school, kids were wearing the t-shirt while rejecting tradition.

The nWo faction was all the rage for a while until becoming their own worst enemy. The group continued to grow in numbers and was eventually split into sub-factions. The exclusivity that came along with being a member of the nWo had faded. Reincarnations of the stable would fail and the nWo was soon a thing of the past. In WWE, the group would appear with much-less of an impact; leaving little impression on the company.

So, where exactly have some of these gang-like goons gone? The following is a look at 12 select nWo members and how they have been living.

Note: For the purposes of this list, each entrant will have been a member of the original incarnation of the group.

24 Vincent (Then)


Vincent will forever be known best as Virgil, personal assistant to "The Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase. However, this relationship was a product of WWE and once Virgil left town, a new identity was necessary.

23 Vincent (Now)


Michael Jones (real name) has fallen on some hard times. Jones has been spotted at subway stations, selling autographs as a means of finance. Aside from this DIY sales operation, Jones continues to attend wrestling conventions.

22 nWo Sting (Then)


One of the most intriguing storylines in the history of professional wrestling would see Sting retreat into the shadows and undertake a vow of silence. However, the jump-start of this transformation can be attributed to the nWo.

21 nWo Sting (Now)


Jeff Farmer (real name) is not going to the WWE Hall of Fame. In fact, Farmer will never qualify in any "greatest of all time" discussions. However, Farmer played his role within the nWo well and served his purpose.

20 Scott Norton (Then)


Scott Norton was never really much of a player in WCW until his alignment with the nWo finally provided Norton with some credibility. Sure, Norton was never meant to be a major player in the faction, but wearing the Black and White automatically drew attention.

While with the group, Scott Norton would partner with Buff Bagwell to form a tag team known as “Vicious and Delicious.” Norton would split duties in the nWo; serving as a member in WCW as well as in its version overseas in New Japan Pro Wrestling.

19 Scott Norton (Now)


Once his time in North America dried up, Scot Norton would focus on his wrestling career in Japan where Norton had always found more success. Out in Japan, Norton would become a two-time IWJP Heavyweight Champion while gaining no gold on this side of the globe.

These days, Scott Norton continues to work the independent circuit on a part-time basis. It has also been reported that Norton hopes to complete a book – presumably about his life in professional wrestling – but no official release date has been announced.

18 Masahiro Chono (Then)


The nWo were not limited to North America and WCW. The stable extended worldwide and a version of the group would exist within New Japan Pro Wrestling; which is technically where the entire nWo concept was born when Eric Bischoff looked to the organization for inspiration.

It was in New Japan Pro Wrestling where a rival organization known as the Universal Wrestling Federation would attempt to overtake the company. The mirrored angle worked well in WCW and soon a version of nWo Japan was established, led by Masahiro Chono.

17 Masahiro Chono (Now)


Masahiro Chono is a Japanese wrestling legend who continues to work the ring while north of fifty in age. Chono makes the rounds from organization to organization while identifying as a Freelance Wrestler who remains in demand.

Masahiro Chono is often a forgotten factor when fans recall the nWo. However, it was Chono who helped provided the international element to the group while serving as a dangerous member and well-established wrestler who should not be taken lightly.

16 Syxx (Then)


Sean Waltman (real name) rose to prominence in the WWE as the 1-2-3 Kid during his first run with the company. When Waltman returned for a second stint he would side with Triple H in order to help D-Generation X moving along while identifying as X-Pac.

So, what happened in between the 1-2-3- Kid and X-Pac? Where was Sean Waltman? Down in WCW, of course, hanging out with his buddies Scott Hall and Kevin Nash in the nWo, where Waltman became known as Syxx.

15 Syxx (Now)


It is no secret that Sean Waltman has battled his share of personal demons. Waltman has struggled with substance abuse and on one occasion attempted to end his own life. However, Waltman's girlfriend would discover him just in time to save his life.

Currently, Sean Waltman is signed to a WWE Legend's Contract, making sporadic appearances with the company that usually involve his friends from The Kliq/DX. Waltman seems to be in a better place at this point.

14 Scott Steiner (Then)


When you think of drastic transformations in the world of professional wrestling, one must think of Scott Steiner, who flipped over from the All-American-looking wrestler into the brash "Big Poppa Pump."

13 Scott Steiner (Now)


Scott Steiner has lost the glow of the spotlight, despite how Steiner himself may feel. Steiner enjoys shooting-off at the mouth and has allegedly gone as far as threatening to kill Hulk Hogan and his wife.

12 Ted DiBiase (Then)


"The Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase will go down as one of the best heel characters in WWE history. DiBiase played the smug millionaire with precision and knew how to draw heat upon himself and allies.

11 Ted DiBiase (Now)


Ted DiBiase - now a member of the WWE Hall of Fame - has been seen on WWE programming here and there over the past few years while also appearing making special appearances for Impact Pro Wrestling, a New Zealand-based promotion.

10 The Giant (Then)


The Giant would make one of the most impressive professional wrestling debuts of all time when the man who was billed as the son of Andre the Giant would capture the WCW World Heavyweight Championship from Hulk Hogan in his first match.

9 The Giant (Now)


The Giant would leave WCW upon taking notice of its lack of direction, a frustration many wrestlers would experience during their tenure with the once prosperous promotion. And naturally, when one leaves WCW, they look towards WWE.

8 Eric Bischoff (Then)


Eric Bischoff served as the mastermind behind the nWo. The man responsible for placing Vince McMahon on the ropes and almost laying that final knockout punch to McMahon and the WWE. However, Bischoff became complacent.

7 Eric Bischoff (Now)


Following the demise of WCW, Eric Bischoff would do the unthinkable and sign with WWE where he would serve as the General Manger of Raw for a number of years. From there, Bischoff would part ways with WWE and attempt to make TNA a competitor.

6 Kevin Nash (Then)


Kevin Nash has never shied away from one certain fact throughout his active career: Nash wanted to make money; it didn't matter where, as long as the green was a-plenty. Nash was certainly not in the business for the love of professional wrestling.

5 Kevin Nash (Now)


Kevin Nash - while still in great shape for his age - can be spotted from time-to-time hanging around the WWE locker room and even on occasion out in the ring in front of the live crowd; such as surprise appearances in the Royal Rumble.

4 Scott Hall (Then)


The entire nWo invasion of WCW would begin with Scott Hall declaring: "you want a war, you're gonna get one." The lines were blurred and the fans were hooked; it was all uphill from there, at least for a little while.

3 Scott Hall (Now)


Even during the peak of his career, Scott Hall would face The Devil more than once in bouts Hall was unable to win. Hall would hit rock-bottom and need to reconstruct the broken foundation of his life.

2 Hollywood Hogan (Then)


Without the inclusion of Hulk Hogan - who would turn Hollywood upon joining the group - there is no telling whether or not the nWo would have reached the same heights of popularity while operating in WCW.

1 Hollywood Hogan (Now)

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Well, it's not as though Hulk Hogan has disappeared from the spotlight; as wrestling fans are well aware. Hogan has recently been cut-out completely from WWE due to racial slurs Hogan spewed on an adult-oriented tape.

However, Hulk Hogan has since won a lawsuit against Gawker (the website responsible for leaking said tape), which will reportedly see Hogan make over $140 million in damages.

Meanwhile, whether or not Hulk Hogan will receive an invitation back to WWE remains to be see.

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Top 12 Members Of The nWo: Where Are They Now?