Top 12 Potential Roles For Kurt Angle In WWE

Even at 47 years old, Kurt Angle remains a hot free agent in the wrestling business. It seems he's moved on from TNA, having gone on a farewell tour with the company and has already done some indie shows since leaving. With such a big name like Kurt Angle sitting out there, WWE will eventually have to pounce on him and bring him on in some role. Angle has so much to offer the company. He's arguably the best wrestler of his generation and has so much knowledge to provide. The WWE needs some strong voices to help their next generation of stars and nobody knows what it's like to rise to the top quite like Kurt Angle. He debuted in 1999 and within a year, he was a Grand Slam Champion.

Angle left WWE in 2006 after wanting to go part-time, whereas WWE wanted only full-time wrestlers. Times have changed and WWE has shown time and time again that they're now willing to have part-time wrestlers if they feel it can enhance the product. With a roster ravaged by injuries, it'd be a terrific time to bring Kurt Angle in, but Angle has said he's in no rush to sign anywhere, wanting to take a bit of a break from wrestling.

Still, it's fun to speculate as to whether Kurt Angle goes back where his career started and in what capacity. With his countless talents and knowledge there are a multitude of ways in which Angle could contribute, even if he's not a wrestler. Here, we will explore a dozen ways in which Angle could return to WWE.

The fit is too good for WWE to pass this up. When Angle is ready to get back into the business, WWE should come knocking with at least one of these offers.

12 Ambassador 


Kurt Angle is a former Olympic gold medalist and someone like that is a perfect validation for the wrestling business. Angle's accomplishments are a big slap in the face to anybody who questions whether wrestlers are bonafide athletes. Angle would be a great ambassador for the WWE and if Angle is indeed clean and sober, as he's claimed to be, for the past couple of years, he'd be a great fit to fulfill some sort of ambassador role for the company.

11 Legends Contract


Kurt Angle and WWE may very well never come to an agreement as to him having a regular role in WWE, but a Legends Contract may be all Angle needs. This type of deal would allow WWE to license some merchandise of Angle and include him in video games, documentaries, etc... It feels weird that whenever a DVD or video game comes out chronicling Angle's era that he's not involved in any way. If nothing else, at least allow us to celebrate Angle's WWE past.

10 WWE Studios


Angle has talked about wanting to venture into acting following his wrestling career and he's dabbled into it a little, having a small role in the film Warrior. It's hard to tell whether Angle would be a fit acting in a major role, but for heaven's sake, WWE has given so many roles in their studio films to wrestlers who have no acting chops whatsoever. If Angle wants to venture into acting, WWE Studios should give him a look next time they want to deliver a straight to DVD release.

9 One-off Match


Perhaps WWE has no interest in bringing Angle back as a regular wrestler, but they do think they can make money off of him for one match. It's only fitting that Angle comes back to WWE to retire, but who would his retirement match be against? Brock Lesnar? Former TNA rival AJ Styles? Or how about he put over an up and comer like Kevin Owens? With WrestleMania 33 in TNA's home of Orlando, it would seem like a fitting place for Angle to end his career.

8 Agent


I don't know about you, but I don't see how mid to lower card wrestlers who never really drew any money or electrified crowds night after night should be in charge of putting together matches. Bret Hart has criticized WWE for not hiring bigger names, but the problem is, the bigger name guys don't need the work. If Angle wants to stay in the business though, he'd be a fantastic mind to have piecing matches together. Angle has worked with so many different styles that I'm sure he could get any two guys on the roster and give them an awesome match to execute.

7 Chris Jerico Role


Chris Jericho comes and goes every so often, appearing on house shows for a few months at a time, only to take sabbaticals when Fozzy goes on tour. Angle clearly isn't fit to be on the road full time for the next few years, so why not go the Chris Jericho route? Come back for a few months, work a solid program with a young star and take a break again. While I wouldn't want Angle losing every single match in his returns, periodical returns can be very beneficial for a couple of years.

6 WWE Network Show


Something that has been overlooked regarding Angle, due to his ridiculously good in-ring skills, were his promos and even his comedy. Angle was able to pull off an ultra intense demeanor and then the next week he could have the crowd cracking up. That would work for a network show of some capacity, as WWE is always looking for content. Angle wouldn't have to be under too much stress. He could help host Tough Enough if it ever comes back, or come up with his own unique format.

5 Manager


As I said, Angle really does have good mic skills and has a great presence about him. With Ric Flair accompanying Charlotte for all her matches, what's to say Angle couldn't pick out a protege and accompany him to the ring? Angle not only could be a good mouthpiece, but he's also a credible physical threat to get involved in matches. The Olympic hero could give a good shot in the arm for a youngster's career, be it in NXT or on the main roster.

4 Commentator


Angle's first gig in professional wrestling actually was as an announcer, as he was calling an ECW show before a re-enactment of a crucifixion offended him so much that he stormed out of the show and warned ECW not to mention his name on that broadcast, under threat of a lawsuit. Angle would make a great announcer, as he could bring some intensity to the booth or be that nerdy doofus that he was early on in his WWE career. Either way, he'd bring a refreshing change of pace.

3 Authority Figure


When/if The Authority is removed from power on screen, you know WWE is inevitably going to find someone else to play that figure. Kurt Angle could be that guy, as he has some experience in the past, having been the GM of SmackDown while injured back in 2004. Angle could start as a face before eventually turning heel, but either way Angle has proven he can be equally effective as a heel or a face which would give the creative team some flexibility in booking him.

2 NXT Coach


With all due respect to Matt Bloom (Albert) there is nobody more qualified to coach up young, aspiring wrestlers than Kurt Angle. Nobody could ever question his toughness, nor his skill and he would command a ton of respect from the WWE hopefuls. Angle rose to the top of the industry in practically record time, so there aren't many better people out there to try to emulate. With Daniel Bryan now retired as well, WWE could have an All-Star team of coaches on their hands if they were to pair Bryan and Angle down at the WWE Performance Center.

1 Full-time Wrestler


No, this is not a long-term option on how to use Angle, nor is it the most realistic one, but let's face it; first and foremost, we want to see Kurt Angle as a wrestler on WWE programming regularly, before he hangs up his boots for good. There are multiple feuds Angle could engage in if he were to return as a full-time wrestler for say, a year. He could re-ignite some old TNA feuds with AJ Styles or Samoa Joe, he could have one last encounter with Brock Lesnar or he could give a boost to some young talents.

A lot of WWE fans today have probably never seen Angle wrestle before and they deserve to get that chance, because well, we all know how awesome he was.

In whatever capacity Kurt Angle returns to WWE, if he does, wrestling fans around the world will be grateful to see Angle finish his wrestling career back where he started. Oh, it's true. It's damn true.

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Top 12 Potential Roles For Kurt Angle In WWE