Top 12 Real-Life Enemies of Vince McMahon

Sometimes, people hate you when you're successful. They envy you. They want to have your money, brains, worth ethic, fame, and power. That's the case with WWE Chairman Vincent Kennedy McMahon. Thou

Sometimes, people hate you when you're successful. They envy you. They want to have your money, brains, worth ethic, fame, and power. That's the case with WWE Chairman Vincent Kennedy McMahon.

Though McMahon has changed the wrestling industry, it seems as though he's like any other famous person. Success doesn't come without people hating you. Of course, professional wrestling is purely scripted and entertainment.

But that doesn't mean some of his "feuds" aren't real or anything. In fact, the WWE Chairman has had a lot of real-life enemies. From controversy behind the scenes, to horrible accusations and him being a hard businessman to deal with, McMahon hasn't been able to please everyone (But then again, who is capable of doing that?). Of course, he's still the main man in charge. He hasn't gone to jail (other than the ridiculous storyline with Roman Reigns a couple of months ago), he's well-respected, and his company is still dominating any other wrestling promotion that calls itself "competition."

This list may be interesting to young WWE fans, who probably thought that the angry and arrogant on-screen boss was really a good guy. Just don't tell that to these 12 people, who are some of Mr. McMahon's most brutal real-life enemies.

Ring the bell, and away we go.

12 CM Punk 


Nobody ever thought such a feud would develop between these two. After a bit of a slow start in the company, McMahon instantly made CM Punk one of the company's top stars, giving him a WWE Championship reign that would last for 434 days.

However, there's blame to be shared on both sides for this feud. On a January 2014 edition of Monday Night Raw, he went up to McMahon and told him he was leaving. He didn't appear on television that night and WWE was forced to go on without him. As a result, Punk would take a "sabbatical" before officially parting fired by WWE.

After that, he appeared furious that the company as he received his termination notice on the day he was getting married to AJ Lee. Go figure. He stated he would not ever return to wrestling, and reports surfaced that he was bitter and left because he didn't headline WrestleMania and/or wasn't getting the same amount of pay as top stars.

11 Superstar Billy Graham


A former WWE World Heavyweight Champion and training partner of the beloved (depending on who you ask) Arnold Schwarzenegger, Billy Graham accomplished a lot in his career. But it came crashing down after a huge feud with the McMahon family.

When McMahon almost went to jail in the '90s (more on that later), Graham tried suing the WWE for allegedly forcing him to take steroids. Too bad Mr. Graham had already taken them prior to joining the company, so his lawsuit failed.

And then he did one of the dumbest and most disgusting things imaginable: He accused WWE officials of sexually abusing kids. Graham later admitted to making the story up to try to steal money away from the company and do damage to them. He did recently sign a legends contract wit h the company, but it's no surprise that when he asked to take Dusty Rhodes' job at NXT, he was shot down.

10 Nailz


It's not hard to understand why Mr. McMahon never made this guy one of his top stars. Kevin Wacholz, also known by his ring name Nailz, was not a friendly person to the man who gave him the opportunity of a life time.

In a 1992 incident, Nailz went into McMahon's office, yelling at him like crazy and even getting him out of his chair to choke him. Nailz was infuriated with McMahon, accusing the boss of unpaid wages. There were a number of lawsuits involved.

To really attack your own boss like that and testify against him in trial? It's obvious why it's easy to explain the real-life rivalry between these two.

9 Vince Russo


One of the top writers for the WWE, Vince Russo didn't have the nicest departure from the company. Allegedly, he left because he couldn't handle the workload with SmackDown! being introduced.

It wasn't a nice fairwell, but McMahon would end up benefitting from this. Russo would try to take down his old boss by helping WCW put the Monday Night War away for good. Luckily for him, Russo had awful bookings ideas (making himself AND actor David Arquette World Champions) and got into clashes with Hulk Hogan, which was obvious on-screen.

Russo tried to put away WWE, but didn't even come close. He was re-hired, but was quickly demoted after pitching a terrible ideas. He then left of his own accord.

8 Randy Savage


The "Macho Man" was the most beloved WWE Superstar not named Hulk Hogan during the '80s and early '90s. His swagger, in-ring ability, and character made him one of the most beloved wrestlers of all-time.

But he and Mr. McMahon had a bad falling out in 1994. The boss wanted to transition to a younger roster, with Hogan and Savage both in their early 40s, but still good enough to maintain the high level. Still, Macho Man left the company that year and McMahon went on-screen to announce his departure.

McMahon wanted us to believe that it was a nice ending, but he really mistreated one of his top stars who helped make the company as big as ever. Savage never returned to the company, though he was inducted to the Hall of Fame after his passing.

7 Ted Turner


McMahon owned WWE. Everybody was watching it and nobody could compete with it. That was until the founder of CNN, billionaire Ted Turner, purchased WCW and hired someone who shall be named later to run his business.

As such, WWE and WCW went to war for years throughout the '90s. Turner's company did everything possible to destroy WWE. It was two billionaires going toe-to-toe for wrestling power and rating supremacy.

When someone's your biggest threat to reaching the top, it's almost impossible to genuinely like one another. Turner had his men (again, to be named later) play it dirty and try to put Mr. McMahon out of business. Vince would hold his ground and later win the war.

But Turner would likely not have been such an enemy if it weren't for the next man on our list.

6 Eric Bischoff


Ted Turner hired Eric Bischoff as President of WCW, putting him in charge of running the show by hiring the Superstars, signing the cheques, and going anywhere necessary to become the top wrestling company of them all.

Bischoff signed Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage to make the company stronger. He hired Lex Luger, stealing him McMahon which helped solidify WCW as a real threat.

Then, Bischoff would try to win dirty. He and his announcers would provide WWE spoilers on their programming in hopes that fans would stick to his program. For a while, the WWE was on verge of being put out of business as WCW dominated the ratings. However, the ridiculous Fingerpoke of Doom (where WCW provided a huge spoiler that ended up costing them 600,000 viewers) and stale storylines ended Bischoff's run.

He nearly put McMahon out of business, but oddly enough had a successful run with WWE before leaving in 2005. Still, these guys were bitter rivals for a long-time, until the war ended for good.

5 Bret Hart


The Excellence of Execution was a huge name for WWE in the '90s. Bret Hart attracted countless fans across the world, especially in Canada as he became the first true Superstar to come from North of the border.

He was part of the historic and successful Hart Family, but he was about to depart for WCW in 1997. Still, he and McMahon had an agreement in place to help him go out on top. Hart would beat his real-life (and on-screen) rival in Shawn Michaels in Montreal before dropping his title the next week. With Hart scheduled to win, Michaels put Hart in the Sharpshooter. McMahon made the ref ring the bell, screwing over Hart even though he never tapped out.

Hart had a meltdown, spitting on him right after the match, destroying equipment, and punching him out backstage. The two are now on good terms but at the time, no wrestler had ever been so screwed over by McMahon.

4 Editors of Sports Illustrated


Despite being one of the most recognizable and popular sports magazines out there, Sports Illustrated made a lot of enemies out of WWE fans and Mr. McMahon when they wrote a controversial piece to try to make the company look bad.

In an August 2007 article, editors from the magazine listed 14 WWE Superstars who had taken steroids. They named Edge, Randy Orton, and Batista and other Superstars on the list.

Obviously, when you try to make the boss look bad and destroy his company's image, you don't want to be a friend of his. I'm guessing nobody from SI has been invited to a party on his yacht before.

3 Phil Mushnick

Phil Mushnick, a writer for the New York Post, made a huge name for himself as he accused the WWE, especially its owner, of many things you certainly would hope aren't true.

Aside from being a heavy critic of the product, especially the wrestlers themselves, he accused McMahon of distributing steroids that harmed many wrestlers (who were either retired or still active).

McMahon, who seems to do a good job of keeping his real-life feuds to himself, actually addressed the Muschnick situation on WWE programming as the tension between the two has always been there.

2 Rita Chatterton

Rita Chatterton was the first female WWE referee during the '80s. But her allegations of what the boss did to her are more infamous than her career in the ring.

In a very serious allegation, she accused him of forcing her to commit sexual acts, but when she refused, he "subjected her to rape." This apparently happened while they were in a limousine together.

No matter what happened, there was obviously a very strong dislike between the two. We don't know the entire truth behind this, but it's impossible to think they would ever have a strong relationship after this.

Chatterton would also appear on an episode of "Geraldo" which presented wrestling in a negative light. This episode also featured negative commentary from Bruno Sammartino.

1 The Federal Government

When someone's trying to put you behind bars for a long, long time and destroy your legacy, image, and company like no one else ever would, it's impossible to think there's a bigger enemy.

After being indicted for distributing performance enhancing drugs to his Superstars in 1993, McMahon had to have his wife, Linda, take control of the company. The future of WWE was strongly held in the air.

The aforementioned Nailz came out to testify against him. But Hulk Hogan came out of nowhere to save his boss, claiming that he was never told or forced to take steroids. As a result, McMahon was acquitted despite facing severe danger of going to jail for a long time.

Seriously, McMahon just wins every battle. But this was his toughest one yet.

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