Top 12 Reasons Roman Reigns SHOULD Lose at WrestleMania

This April, WWE will present its thirty-second consecutive WrestleMania event. The wrestling community will converge in Texas for a Sports Entertainment Showdown; where die-hard fans of the craft will complain at the Entertainment value of WrestleMania. After all, this event is for the Casual and not the Obsessed.

WrestleMania began as a vision in Madison Square Garden; where Wrestling meet Entertainment on the main stage and where a cultural phenomenon was born. Years down the road and WrestleMania has moved from hockey arenas to football stadiums. This year the event is set to break attendance records as it is presented live from AT&T Stadium.

While the card has not lived up to the standards of the Internet Wrestling Community (nothing ever does), the Marks and mere Annual Onlookers will watch with the same set of eyes as they hope to witness a memorable victory, an insane spot, or an unforeseen twist to the scheduled action.

In the main event this year, Roman Reigns will attempt to capture the WWE World Heavyweight Championship; a much expected victory which will come with no shock value. While a surprise finish would be more than welcomed, it is highly unlikely as Reigns for better or worse is the next guy in WWE.

Of course, Roman Reigns is no stranger to the WrestleMania main event as Reigns did battle with a Beast last year in California for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, only to have the title stolen at night's end by an opportunistic Architect in an incredible finish to the event.

While the outcome of the WrestleMania main event is all but written in stone, we maintain our bitterness and pessimistic outlook on the situation. We must sit firmly at our laptops with the IWC and cheer against Roman Reigns, for the good of wrestling they'll say; for the good of wrestling.

These are the top 12 reasons Roman Reigns SHOULD lose at WrestleMania:

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12 Still Green

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To the credit of Roman Reigns, his in-ring skills have improved in recent months but have not reached that top-tier level. Reigns is still green in the ring and the new breed of WWE fans deserve a well-polished Champion.

Obviously, one can argue that when WWE gave the ball to John Cena, the new face of WWE was Grinch Green as well. However, Cena always had that star quality; which is sorely lacking in Roman Reigns.

11 Something Missing

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Keeping with the point of star quality, there is simply something missing from Roman Reigns' personality. Perhaps it has something to do with his scripted promos? Whatever the reason may be, Reigns needs to come across as less manufactured.

This one-dimensional character being portrayed by Roman Reigns is not disrupting the senses of fans with utter excitement. When Reigns appears on screen, he's just kind of there. The Champion needs a presence.

10 Not That Interesting

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In the Digital Era, fans have more access to the personal lives of their idols than ever before. In turn, this creates a twisted privacy-lacking connection between audience and performer. Twisted but such is our reality.

It's not that Roman Reigns is shrouded in mystery, it's just that Reigns is not very interesting. How much more exciting are the title runs of those who may have a horrible skeleton away in the deep corner of a dark closet?

9 Not a Money Draw

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While the idea of the "money draw" in professional wrestling is fading, this concept was once the sole basis of placing a Championship on a performer: can he draw money? Hulk Hogan may have fumbled around the ring, but he drew top dollar.

Roman Reigns would not draw as WWE World Heavyweight Champion, no matter what WWE may lead fans to believe. Sure, let's even conclude that Reigns is a better wrestler than Hulk Hogan, but he will never produce that all-important loot.

8 Lack of Charisma

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There may never be a wrestler more charismatic than Ric Flair as NWA World Heavyweight Champion. Flair set the standard on what it meant to represent your company as its top performer.

Roman Reigns and charisma are not exactly the best of friends. And while there have been bland champions in the past (Randy Orton), fans no longer want a Vanilla Champion; they desire that Frantic Fusion.

7 Fan Support/Hatred

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What should matter most when selecting a champion is crowd reaction. The people need to love of hate their Champion, it's a simple formula which has worked throughout the history of professional wrestling.

Once again, John Cena is the exception as Cena can illicit the most intense crowd responses of any performer. While Roman Reigns has a dose of this love-hate fan relationship, it's not enough to provide a good buzz.

6 Going in as a Babyface

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If we can digress from our point for a moment, there is a way to make Roman Reigns becoming WWE World Heavyweight Champion work out well and that would be to turn Reigns heel as Champion.

WWE needs to accept the fact that Roman Reigns is not getting over as a babyface and go about a heel turn. Placing a mouthpiece alongside Reigns (Paul Heyman) as manager could really enhance a Championship reign. However, don't count on this.

5 Force-Fed Champion

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Why did CM Punk and Daniel Bryan get over as WWE Champion? Punk and Bryan changed the Championship Image for the better. These two former WWE Superstars made the unconventional matter in WWE.

Roman Reigns has been force-fed down the gullets of fans like a Foie Gras Duck. How much more can a fan's liver handle before it is bloated beyond repair? Serve 'em up on a nice little plate while Reigns runs with the gold.

4 Vince McMahon Champion

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There is no secret about the selection process in WWE: it's the way of Vince McMahon or no way at all. While McMahon once knew exactly how to make a Champion, those days are long gone and locked in the memories of those old enough to remember.

This is a new age, a New Day for WWE (pun not intended). Vince McMahon doesn't have it anymore; it's a pure fact. The War is Over and Monday Night officially belongs to the McMahon Family. However, that may not be a good thing.

3 The "Austin Effect" is Not There

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In 1999, Mr. McMahon forced "Stone Cold" Steve Austin to enter the Royal Rumble match from the #1 position. While McMahon himself would enter at the #2 spot and actually win the match, fans stood strong behind Austin all night.

When Roman Reigns was forced into the #1 position this past year, fans immediately knew Reigns would lose the match and were pleased with the situation. There is no "Austin Effect" available with Reigns, no pure love.

2 Dean Ambrose

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Personal Note: I once wrote how Dean Ambrose will likely never become WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

While this could remain a true situation, there is more reason now to believe in Dean Ambrose as WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Why? Ambrose has that much-desired (from a performer's standpoint) organic relationship with the audience.

The top babyface in WWE right now is Dean Ambrose and it's clear how the people would much rather watch Ambrose challenge for the Championship over Roman Reigns. However, the question remains: will WWE allow such a thing to occur?

1 The Wrong Main Event

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Following the beat down Roman Reigns laid on Triple H at Survivor Series, it become clear that these two would face-off at WrestleMania and that's fine. The match could have went down as planned without the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

The Money Match at AT&T Stadium would have been Brock Lesnar vs. The Rock for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Two part-timers, yes, but two men who draw major interest outside of WWE.

Brock Lesnar should have won the Royal Rumble and the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in the process. This could have lead to The Rock finally getting his rematch from SummerSlam 2002.

What exactly happened that summer? Brock Lesnar would defeat The Rock to become the youngest WWE Champion in history. From there, The Rock would take off for Hollywood and a movie role.

Therefore, the rematch between Brock Lesnar and The Rock never happened. Think about the drawing power of this match all these years later in front of the largest WrestleMania crowd ever assembled.

Meanwhile, Triple H and Roman Reigns could have done their thing anyway with whoever coming out on top, as it wouldn't really matter at that point. Bottom line: WWE missed out on a major opportunity.

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