Top 12 Reasons Roman Reigns Should Turn Heel Before WrestleMania

Well didn’t that reek of desperation? With the deck stacked against them, the powers that be at WWE made a crucial mistake on Sunday, wasting the money in the bank briefcase due to panic and fear of t

Well didn’t that reek of desperation? With the deck stacked against them, the powers that be at WWE made a crucial mistake on Sunday, wasting the money in the bank briefcase due to panic and fear of the unknown.

Here’s where we stand. Sheamus, who lost earlier in the night to Ryback, Kalisto and one of The Usos (I honestly don’t know which one), is now the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. They opted to go the screwjob way with Roman Reigns, taking away the title he had in his hands for a mere five minutes.

Many people may not realize this, but Sunday was critical for the future of the WWE. With its crowned jewel in Seth Rollins suffering an unexpected torn ACL, MCL and Medial Meniscus, it was time for a new man to be crowned champion, a title Rollins held since cashing in his money in the bank briefcase at WrestleMania in a triple threat match against Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar.

The logical choice for the next champion was Reigns and he was built up aa the noble hero that refuses to take any hand-outs. He was offered to be Seth Rollins’ replacement in The Authority, but he effectively spit in Triple H’s face. Hunter responded by sending Reigns to the back of the line, and after defeating Big Show and Cesaro, he beat Del Rio and Dean Ambrose, making him the champion. Triple H came down to offer a celebratory handshake and one last chance to join forces, but Reigns defiantly speared him, leading to Sheamus sneaking up on Reigns with two Brogue Kicks, and we had a new champion.

They got it wrong. Plain and simple. Here’s how I would have played it out. Reigns beats Ambrose by any means necessary and that means cheating to become champion. Once confronted by Ambrose, Reigns spears him again and The Authority comes out. Reigns shakes Triple H’s hand and we have the new face of the WWE. Ambrose is now the huge babyface and more title matches are surely in his future. But WWE didn’t think the time was right just yet.

We may be forced to wait a bit longer on the road to WrestleMania to see Reigns truly sell his soul to the Authoritative Devil. Despite the screwjob, it's ultimately what’s best for business.

Here’s a look at why it’s time for Roman Reigns to ultimately become the new face of the Authority:

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12 Does Roman Reigns Have Lasting Power? 


Ultimately, I think the answer is no, unless he has help. Let’s think about his career thus far, shall we? He’s 30, which is no spring chicken in wrestling terms. He debuted on the scene with The Shield. Sure, he was the muscle, but Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins could run circles around him in the ring. Sure, he’s improved, but his microphone skills are sad to be kind, and to be a star in today’s age, you need to be convincing. Love him or hate him, John Cena is one of the best on the microphone, as is Triple H, C.M. Punk, Daniel Bryan, Randy you see a pattern developing? To be the man, you have to be the complete package, something Reigns is not yet. He’ll get by with a little help from his friends. And in this case, with a heel turn, those friends might just be The Authority.

11 NXT Could Provide New Blood 


There could be opponents for Reigns in NXT, in the WWE’s minor leagues of sorts. NXT is stocked with talent and with Samoa Joe, Finn Balor, Hideo Itami and more waiting in the wings, there could be opportunity for the NXT guy who steps up his game and makes it impossible not to be called up to the main roster. Balor and Joe will eventually get the call, but I like Joe as a heel. On the other hand, think about how big a face Balor will be and a feud against Heel Reigns would be rather intriguing. The NXT Champion would add intrigue, excitement and mystery to the story, while Reigns, not knowing much about Balor, would have to rely on his brute strength. Balor is going to be a mainstay once he arrives and he should continuously be in main events, and might even have a title run or two in him.

10 Sheamus Will Get Stale as Champion  


Now that Sheamus is champion, it will be interested to see how the crowd responds to him. If the Raw after Survivor Series was an indication, they may have been right to hold off on a heel turn for Reigns as the crowd cheered him, but major city crowds will continue to boo him. It might be a John Cena type situation, with the kids rooting for Reigns while the adults look to other options. As for Sheamus, they’ll have no problem booing him and you should look for the “you look stupid” chants to continue. With Wade Barrett and Rusev looking like his henchmen, we could be looking at a new twist to The Authority, though no one that has been seen many times and will get old quickly. 

9 Delay the Inevitable 


If the decision to turn Reigns is delayed, that comes with risks. First, the crowd isn’t going to tolerate him much longer as everyone’s favorite good guy. He’s already been passed by Dean Ambrose, who people whole-heartedly pulled for at Survivor Series. People even wanted Cesaro to beat him in their grueling match-up on Raw that was better than everyone expected. Delaying him may further grow anticipation for his heel turn. Let me explain — if fans want something bad enough, they’ll scream, holler, write, Tweet, get the picture. Waiting until the Royal Rumble or closer to WrestleMania, or even at WrestleMania itself, could lead to an even bigger payoff with a Reigns heel turn.

8 Can Reigns Conquer The Beast Incarnate? 


Brock Lesnar is signed to a multi-year deal, so you have to figure he’ll be in the equation somehow. The promos with Seth Rollins against Paul Heyman were awesome leading up to their last match title match at SummerSlam, but The Undertaker stepped in and ruined it for Lesnar and company. He’ll be hungry for another chance, but he’s a prize fighter that doesn’t perform for free. Imagine if Paul Heyman went against The Authority again, but this time they have Roman Reigns at their disposal. That would be a straight up fight, though The Authority would likely find a way through it with Lesnar taking another extended hiatus afterwards. One thing is for sure, though, whenever Lesnar returns, if Reigns is his target, the crowd would like him to book a one-way ticket to Suplex City.

7 Bring the Family Into It 


Would The Rock approve of his cousin’s defection to the Authority? Probably not (story wise), so make it about family, leading to Reigns taking out The Rock. The Great One has sacrificed himself before in the name of the up-and-coming stars, so taking The Rock out would elevate Reigns as a heel in the company. Eliminating him would prove that Reigns is a stone cold assassin and he will stop at nothing, even if it means hurting his family, to keep what’s his.

6 John Cena Will Get His Shot 


When John Cena is active, he’s the top babyface in the company and he needs a top heel to face. We may not like it, but it’s the world we live in. Enter Reigns. Quite simply, Cena has had an impressive run, and with his approaching Ric Flair’s record 16-time World Championship run, a match against Reigns would be quite controversial. Flair is wrestling royalty and Cena represents the end of the golden years for some. Imagine what the crowd response would be if Cena eventually made that heel turn that the world has wanted. He was a heel once, but that was when he was a member of The Chain Gang and The Master of Thugonomics. Cena will be in the conversation, but WWE writers have to get creative. Fans might be conflicted if this match ever came to fruition. They’ll love to boo Reigns, but Cena is the most controversial phenomenon the WWE has ever seen. This would be a fascinating situation to watch develop.

5 Seth Rollins Will Eventually Return 


Seth Rollins didn’t have reconstructive surgery just to sit home and collect dust. Sure, he’s going to need eight months or so for recuperation, but when he returns, he will be a super babyface. If you don’t agree, see what happened when Triple H tore his quad. When he returned, the ovation nearly blew the roof off of the arena. There were two explosions that night, with the second being when Triple H delivered a thunderous pedigree to the interrupting Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle. Rollins, with no desire to reclaim his Authority role, will be coming for the title. If Ambrose is champion, this could set up a Shield-reunion triple threat, a marketing dream for the WWE. If Ambrose has yet to climb the mountain, a Rollins-Reigns matchup with Reigns as the bad guy would create quite a bit of intrigue as well. Imagine this, we would go from a stable of guys who debuted as heels to two of them being the biggest faces in the company. That’s called evolution.

4 Start Planning for WrestleMania 


If this plan were to come to fruition, I believe wholeheartedly that Roman Reigns would be defending the championship at WrestleMania. Who would he face? Here’s how it should play out. The Authority does all it can to stop Dean Ambrose, but his persistence finally pays off when he wins the Royal Rumble. Since Seth Rollins likely won’t be ready for WrestleMania, Ambrose finally gets his hands on Reigns once again at the “Grand Daddy of Them All.” After a solid match, the pyros go off to end WrestleMania with Ambrose clutching the title. Most of the time, WrestleMania seems to be the time the “favorite” finally accomplishes his mission. While this story would feature Reigns as the villain, Ambrose is the renegade that everyone would be pulling for.

3 Don't Forget About Daniel Bryan 


With his health status uncertain, Daniel Bryan is not a sure bet for anything. But if he is going to make a WWE return, he will be in the WWE World Heavyweight Championship picture. The WWE Universe and the “YES” movement would accept nothing less. While the smaller Bryan would be a heavy underdog against Roman Reigns, he did beat Triple H, Randy Orton and Batista in the same night. Hopefully Daniel Bryan is done with the silly Dr. Shelby and Kane storylines, and he’ll be put right where he belongs, on the quest to the WWE Championship. Whether he’s the man to supplant Roman Reigns remains to be seen, but to piggyback on the last point, a smaller Bryan, who endeared himself to the WWE Universe rather quickly, competing for the title once again, this time against The Authority’s monster Reigns, would send the crowd into a maniacal frenzy.

2 Create the David vs. Goliath Showdown 


Roman Reigns being champion moves the guy with the perfect Vince McMahon physique into the limelight. With Reigns as champion, the little guys would be super over with the crowd. While Ambrose isn’t your typical small guy, many guys are small compared to Reigns. This could be the land of opportunity in WWE. Feuds with Ambrose, Dolph Ziggler, Neville and Cesaro would send the WWE Universe into a frenzy. Could you imagine the crowd reaction if Neville hits Reigns with the Red Arrow or Cesaro takes him for a ride with the Cesaro Swing? With the entire Authority at Reigns’ disposal, the crowd would be heavily in favor of anyone who he faces, especially the underdog.

1 Dean Ambrose Gets a MAJOR Push 


As mentioned before, Ambrose is ready to take his career to the next level. While he’s had title matches and a feud with Rollins, a true screwjob angle is just what Ambrose needs to be elevated to super crowd favorite. It’s hard for fans not to like the guy, as he walks to the beat of his own drum and would dive into a den of lions if it meant getting a shot at the championship. Ambrose is not afraid to get beat up and he knows it will happen time and again, but he also knows all it takes is one opportunity to make the jump to the next level. The only place to be elevated from there is immortality. With his old buddy Reigns as the top heel, it would have been the second time he was betrayed by a former Shield brother, leading to more intriguing matches and storylines in the future.

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Top 12 Reasons Roman Reigns Should Turn Heel Before WrestleMania