Top 12 Reasons Triple H as WWE Champion is the Right Move

As of the publishing of this article, we are just a few weeks into the 14th WWE World Heavyweight Title reign of Triple H, and so far, so good. Sure there are people who would argue that The Game shouldn’t have won the Royal Rumble match in January, heck we even did an article listing the other ways the Royal Rumble match could have ended. Fantasy booking aside, fans have to face the fact that Triple H being the WWE Champion is what is best for business.

Although the WWE would tell you that John Cena is the most polarizing figure in wrestling, a case can easily be made for Triple H actually holding that title. Fans either love or hate the current COO of WWE, as his resume holds just as many low points as it does highlights; for an example, compare the burying of Booker T at Wrestlemania 19 versus the cultivation of NXT.

Despite being polarizing, and some gaffes in his career, Triple H is battle tested, and a proven commodity in the WWE. If you subtract all of the backstage politics, and just focus on the wrestling product and storylines, it is incredibly smart to have Triple H carry the title into WrestleMania this year.

The current narrative is storytelling 101, and breaking it down into the most basic of elements shows us that a really bad guy is going to face a really good guy, and the really good guy will probably prevail. More importantly in the history of the WWE, only three heels have ever won the main event of WrestleMania, meaning there is only a small chance that The Game will retain the Title in front of 100,000 people at AT&T Stadium during WrestleMania 32 in Dallas this year.

If the cliff note version above wasn’t enough you, you’re in luck because below are the top 12 reasons why Triple H is the smartest choice as the WWE Champion. Since this article is about Triple H, there are sure to be lots of opinions, so leave them below and let us know what you think.

12 Injuries to the Main Roster

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The WWE has run into a bit of a injury problem as of late; heck many of our favorites weren't even in the Royal Rumble this year. Without the star power of Daniel Bryan, Seth Rollins, Cesaro, Sting and John Cena, the Rumble match really didn't have that many serious contenders for the Heavyweight Title.

As much as we like guys like Stardust, Neville, and even Kevin Owens, none of them would have been a better choice to hold the title than Triple H while the top guys are out hurt. 

11 He's Still Good

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The Game still has game, in fact you could argue that he has gotten better with age. Triple H looked great during the Royal Rumble, selling apron moves that someone half his age may have been intimidated to try. It should come as no surprise that Trips was good in that match, as all but one of his matches have been rated as four stars or above in the past three years by the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

It’s actually a shame that the current WWE World Heavyweight Champion’s character doesn’t want to work with “unworthy” acts, as he could probably put on a great match with some of the younger stars on the roster.

10 He's Mainstream

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Most former wrestling fans, or non-wrestling fans remember the biggest names of the Attitude Era; Triple H is one of those names. Besides being a wrestling star, keep in mind that Triple H has been featured on television shows, magazines, and movies such as Madtv, Muscle and FitnessThe Bernie Mac Show, and Blade Trinity.

Being able to extend past the IWC, and casual fans is a big deal for the WWE, as they are always trying to extend their brand. Besides Chris Jericho, there is no wrestler on the roster who has enjoyed as much mainstream popularity as The Game, which is one of the reasons it makes sense for him to carry the strap.

9 He Gets People Talking

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If Triple H isn’t the most memed wrestler on the internet, he has to be in the top three of that category. For some reason people are always talking about the 14 time Champion, especially most recently after his Royal Rumble victory.

In fact there are literally hundred of sites that posted the top reactions to Triple H winning the Title, with many of them being split on their opinion. Rest assured that WWE is going to stick by a Champion who they know will trend across social media, versus one who only gets cheered in certain "smart" cities.

8 The Eventual Payoff

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The truth is that this storyline has always been a long form narrative, where the beat up underdog (Roman Reigns) is able to overcome the unstoppable force (The Authority). The only difference now as compared to a few months ago, is that The Authority is now represented by an actual authority figure, rather than a representative (Seth Rollins).

The point is, when Reigns does eventually win the title from Triple H - most likely at WrestleMania 32- the WWE is banking on fans respecting the journey that Reigns had to take to get there.

The company is hoping that the Raw after WrestleMania will essentially be the birth of the Roman Reings Era, or maybe more appropriately the beginning of the end of the John Cena era.

7 He's Not Roman Reigns

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Maybe it’s the cool thing to do right now, but many fans do not want to see Roman Reigns as the top guy in the WWE. It could be his lack of experience, or maybe the fact that he has been forced down their throats, but wrestling fans (casual fans included) can’t seem to get behind the former WWE Champion.

Bray Wyatt may have started a catchphrase that will eventually haunt the WWE creative team, as #AnyoneButRoman has trended multiple times since his days with The Shield. Despite what your opinion is about Triple H, one thing that no one can take away from him, is that he is not Roman Reigns.

6 He Can Afford to be a Transitional Champion

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For all intents and purposes, Triple H’s legacy has been cemented as an in-ring performer for the WWE. Where you rank him is a matter of personal opinion, but it doesn’t change the fact that anything else he accomplishes in wrestling is simply a footnote on his impressive resume. With that being said, Triple H doesn’t need the WWE World Heavyweight Title to remain credible, so him losing the belt shortly after winning won’t hurt him at all.

Look at it this way, if the WWE decided that they were going to let Dean Ambrose run with the title until the next pay per view, or even WrestleMania, with the intention of him being beaten by Roman Reigns, it would hurt his momentum. Triple H is effectively absorbing the damage that any other roster member would incur by eventually dropping the title back to Reigns.

5 It's Probably His Last Run

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Relax, Triple H isn’t going to pass Ric Flair’s record 16 time Heavyweight Title reigns; you could probably argue that The Game would have never even won the title again if not for the massive amount of injuries on the WWE roster.

In truth this 14th run with the title will most likely be the last time that we see the 46-year-old as an active wrestler, let alone as a champion. When you factor in his age, and his other responsibilities within the company, it’s safe to assume that this may be the last time that you see Triple H's hand raised after the bell rings.

4 He is a Believable Champion

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Triple H looks like a champion, maybe it’s because he has been photoshopped posing with every WWE Title at once, or maybe it's because The Game is a relic of the Attitude Era, but either way he just looks like a champion. Additionally Triple H has beaten almost every legend in the business (Austin, Hogan, Flair, Undertaker, Nash, and The Rock all come to mind), which lends to his credibility as the Heavyweight Champion.

Currently it wouldn’t make sense to put the title on someone who may be believable as a champion, as the roster doesn’t have enough credible safety nets in place in case it didn't work. 

3 It Feeds Into the Hatred of Internet Fans

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The internet wrestling community (IWC) loves to hate Triple H, and he’s gotta know it. Triple H even described how the WWE manipulates the IWC during the Stone Cold Podcast on the WWE Network. The Game talked about how when today’s fans think a wrestler isn’t getting pushed, it’s because management doesn’t want them to get pushed. If Triple H recognized that in 2015, you can rest assured that one of the reasons the belt is around his waist, is to make the IWC angry.

It makes sense, as the COO is already a heel to the casual viewer, and now has even more heat with the internet.

2 Whoever Beats Him Becomes a Bigger Babyface

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Okay, so you hate him right? Well common sense would tell you that if you hate a champion who is a bad guy, chances are you are going to like the good guy who beats him. Sure this may not always be the case, but more times than not the babyface who beats a heel is more over with fans than they were previously.

Currently there is no denying that Triple H is the biggest heel in the company, so in theory whoever beats him for the Title should be elevated to the biggest babyface in the company.

1 It Just Makes Sense

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Triple H winning the WWE World Heavyweight Title just makes sense, it makes sense storyline wise, and it makes sense business wise. The WWE is a machine, and one integral part of that machine is having a World Champion who can draw tickets, and illicit reactions.

Additionally having a heel champion hold the title until WrestleMania was the plan until Seth Rollins was hurt, so who else but Triple H is a big enough heel to carry on with that plan?  

Due to all of the things previously mentioned in the entry, as well as in this article as a whole, Triple H is the best, and only person who should be wearing the WWE World Heavyweight Championship...for now.

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