Top 12 Reasons Vince McMahon Should Never Appear on WWE TV Again

WWE Chairman Vince McMahon is the sole reason the wrestling industry has been at an all-time high for decades. He brought in Hulk Hogan as his main guy in the 80s', found other talents in The Ultimate Warrior and Randy Savage, and made WrestleMania one of the greatest shows in sports entertainment.

His genius was proven during the Monday Night Wars, when Ted Turner's WCW threatened to kick him out of the business. McMahon brought himself on as a character, shifted towards The Attitude Era and found talents in Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, Triple H and others to help him lead the world's largest wrestling promotion. He hasn't looked back over a decade and a half later.

However, all good things must come to an end at some point. Mr. McMahon's decisions and business work in the past have put WWE on the map when it comes to sports entertainment. But as he prepares to turn 71 years of age this summer, it's becoming more clear he should start heading for retirement.

The boss of the WWE has seemed to lose his touch a bit with the company. It's been a long time since his decisions have panned out, with many of the big ones these days getting more criticism than praise. That's a sign it needs to come to an end now. Like I said, all good things must come to an end.

Though he can still work behind the scenes, McMahon is better off not appearing on television that much anymore and should consider hanging them up for good. Here are 12 reasons why we shouldn't see him on WWE programming anymore.

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12 Dragging On

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Why did NFL quarterback Brett Favre damage his legacy by playing too long? He didn't know how to quit while he was ahead.

Vince McMahon is starting to do that to himself. Almost every feud he's booked himself in has been a major success. But it's not like that anymore. There was no need for him to come in and try to screw over Roman Reigns when Triple H and Stephanie McMahon were doing it already.

11 Doesn't Deserve Beatdowns

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Mr. McMahon has played the egotistical, arrogant boss that the fans love to hate and boo. Stone Cold Steve Austin was a hero any time he came out to embarrass the boss. It was entertaining for years.

Now, at this point, I don't see how people can cheer for Roman Reigns throwing a Superman punch at a 70-year-old man. It's just not cool. How can you even cheer for that? McMahon's still playing a heel character, but it's not fun for people like me to see him take (storyline) beatdowns anymore.

10 Nothing To See Here

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I grew up seeing McMahon in many awesome storylines, but my favorite was when he and Shane McMahon tried to take down D-Generation X. They hired the Spirit Squad to take them down and fans were given one of the funniest storylines ever.

But McMahon's not really doing anything new on-screen anymore. He comes out, talks about his billionaire status, insults the face (often Reigns), and fans. They boo him and then he walks out.

It's becoming a waste of everyone's time, including his own.

9 Booking Himself Wrong

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After nearly 20 years on-screen as the loud-mouthed, arrogant, boss man of WWE, it'd be nice to see a change-up to his character, but that hasn't happened in a long time.

One thing I liked about McMahon was how he always altered back-and-forth between heel and face. He'd infuriate the crowd, try to screw over the main faces, and then suddenly would fire heels like Kurt Angle, Paul Heyman, and Eric Bischoff, who were all playing evil general managers.

But for seemingly the last five years, he's been a bad guy and it hasn't changed a bit. I personally am a huge fan of McMahon and would like to see him become a face again, but that probably won't happen anytime soon.

8 Getting Too Involved

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Up until a few months ago, McMahon hadn't appeared on television in over a year. Suddenly, he arrived to help The Authority feud with Reigns and help Sheamus. Sounds like a good idea, right?

Well, not exactly. Stephanie is clearly being groomed to take over the business and play the major-heel owner. But with Vince being Vince, he just had to throw himself into the middle of The Authority-Reigns rivalry.

Was that necessary? Nope. It seems like an ego thing that he just has to keep coming in, when everything is just fine.

7 Has Put In His Time

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Similar to my last point, but it's really time for McMahon to simply let things go and not appear much on television anymore.

As we've touched base on, the best wrestlers/entertainers know when to leave. The man is 70-years-old and still trying to get involved? He's been doing it for ages. There's simply no reason to keep pushing yourself.

By the way, you worked hard forever Mr. McMahon. I heard you owned a yacht. I think you deserve to have a nice, lengthy vacation on it for all your hard work.

6 Losing His Touch

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We see it all the time. At this year's WrestleMania, we saw that The Undertaker has very limited in-ring ability left. Ditto for guys like Kane and Big Show. We saw it with Hogan, Ric Flair and countless other stars.

McMahon doesn't really fit as an on-screen character any more. He can't really wrestle for that matter. But he's also lost his touch as a performer and on-screen character.

5 His Character Doesn't Fit 

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Mr. McMahon's character was fueled by the elements of The Attitude Era. With DX, The Rock, and Stone Cold at the top of the card, McMahon was the right guy to be the central figure between the wrestlers.

But most of his memorable feuds and moments came during The Attitude Era. We won't really bring them up because we don't need fans under the age of 15 to know what they were.

My point is, those worked to perfection and had the crowd entertained. Now, he just shows up, says his usual lines and then leaves. With the PG Era and direction of the company, his character REALLY doesn't fit in anymore.

4 The Industry Has Changed

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In a PG Era with more family-friendly storylines and less sexual and inappropriate angles, the WWE has shifted dramatically. We don't have guys like Austin drinking beer and swearing at their boss.

We have The Authority demanding the fans bow down to them. We have Reigns attacking Triple H without saying anything. Then we have mid-card guys like The Wyatt Family who come out and fight whoever, whenever.

Basically, this is an era of wrestling that parents can let their kids watch without shame. Mr. McMahon propelled the Attitude Era, but he's no longer working in this one.

3 Triple H and Stephanie Are Crushing It

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Reigns is getting booed because nobody on earth knows why a guy who has absolutely no microphone skills and little appeal to the fans has been chosen as the next major face of the company.

But last time I checked, no one is complaining about how Triple H and Stephanie have been running the show. They're above excellent at playing the bad guys and the constant boos and heckles from fans at live shows back it up.

So why does McMahon need to come on television? When something's going right in the wrestling industry, you don't need to change it up. Vince's daughter and son-in-law are perfectly fine as is. So let them be.

2 Ruining Storylines

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The buildup to WrestleMania was a major disappointment. Why did Reigns, who lost his title, have to beat up Triple H, send him off-screen for a month, and then have McMahon come out to screw him over time and time again?

Then Triple H came back, won the title, and then Reigns captured it again. The Authority's desperation to help Sheamus capture the championship from Reigns was working great. Then McMahon had to come on screen and throw Reigns into silly matches.

Oh and Reigns was getting over as a fan favorite. It seems like the crowd began to boo him even more after he engaged in a rivalry with Mr. McMahon. So yeah, maybe Vince screwed Reigns and himself.

1 Not Another Donald Trump

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Donald Trump and Vince McMahon are great friends in real life. The two are very similar: Great businessmen, billionaires (of course), each "owned" Monday Night Raw, and they both wear great suits.

But what happened to Trump? As he approached the age of 70, he probably got bored of being a billionaire businessman tycoon and wanted more power. So he ran for President and, to millions, has become the most hated and evil person in America.

We really don't want McMahon to suddenly decide that he's a billionaire in his 70s who wants more power and needs to do something silly like run for President or anything crazy that doesn't suit him.

Seriously, one Trump is more than enough. Do we want McMahon to follow similar footsteps? No, so just get into retirement Vince.

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