Top 12 Reasons We All Secretly Wish John Cena Was Back

John Cena is the face that runs the place. Even though he's out with an injury, Cena is still without a doubt the number one guy in the WWE and everyone else is treading water until his return. While there are a countless number of you who will complain about Cena, there's a place deep down in every single one of us that can't wait to hear his trumpet play again.

Cena brings an undeniable presence and an inhuman amount of charisma that almost jumps out of the television and gets you just as fired up as those in attendance. John Cena has a way of sucking in viewers and making them believe that what they're watching isn't just some simple silly television show where guys in underwear pretend to beat each other up, he makes it seem real.

Perhaps the most divisive figure in wrestling history is on his way back whether you like it or not and I personally can't wait. While he's been gone, the product as a whole has gotten staler and staler with programs like Roman Reigns against Triple H failing to grab the viewers attention and shake them out of the induced coma WWE put them in. The man who represents Hustle, Loyalty, and Respect is exactly the shot in the arm wrestling needs at the moment as the ratings continue to sink lower and lower thanks to the predictability and lack of anything exciting happening Monday nights.

When Cena comes back he's going to be bringing with him an adrenaline rush that no one else can match. He's the cornerstone of the WWE and while many fans have grown agitated with him, simply having him back will give them someone to build around, someone that the fans actually care about. Whether you love him or hate him there are twelve reasons why we all secretly can't wait to see him again. Unless you can't see him of course. Sorry, we couldn't resist.

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12 Sharing Wisdom  

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We all know that Cena has been around a long time, too long some might say but there is one undeniable benefit to all the time John has spent around the wrestling scene. Debuting with the WWE roughly 14 years ago, Cena has seen and done everything you could possibly imagine happening to a professional wrestler. All the knowledge that he has gained throughout the years will prove to be truly invaluable to the younger stars on the roster who dream about having a career even 1/10th as successful as Cena's. There are a lot of things that can go wrong during a wrestler's career and John has overcome nearly all of them, so having him around as someone a young star can go to and ask for help will be one of the most important things Cena will have to offer.

11 Dream Matches 

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John Cena has participated in a mind boggling 1,200+ matches so far in his career and, as you'd imagine, he's faced just about everyone there has been to face in the industry. That doesn't mean that there aren't match ups that all of us fans are begging to see however. The most obvious of these is the match that was (allegedly) penciled in for WrestleMania 32 against The Undertaker but there are some full time guys either on the roster or will be joining soon that could constitute a dream match as well. Cena having a program against Reigns, Ambrose, Zayn, Balor, or (my personal favorite option) Samoa Joe would all be great feuds with equally compelling matches that could propel them to the next level just by sharing a ring with John.

10 To Put Over Talent 

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The best part about having Cena feud with those listed on the previous entry is that John is at a point in his career where he'll be best used to put other people over. Before his injury, and for the last ten plus years to be honest, there have been endless complaints about Cena burying every single person he goes up against but the truth is he has put over those that management thought could take his throne. Cena did put over CM Punk and Daniel Bryan cleanly to propel them to being true main eventers. Now that Cena has taken a little step back from the spotlight, he'll be able to take losses more often without it hurting his standing as WWE's Superman, because that's not who he is anymore.

9 Big Moments 

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"Big Match" John is something we've heard a little too much out of JBL but there's no denying the truth behind it. Ever since he defeated The Big Show for the United States Title all the way back at WrestleMania XX, Cena has shone the brightest under the most intense spotlights. Part of the weariness we all feel towards Cena is his constant main eventing pay per views with or without the title being on the line, but the fact of the matter is that he should be. Would the Summer of Punk gotten off to such a hot start if it wasn't Cena that was beaten? Could Edge have been as agitating a heel as he was without having a face like Cena to feud with? Would the Yes Movement have gained so much momentum if Bryan didn't prove himself against "Big Match" John? Whenever there's a huge event or a marquee match with a lot on the line for the WWE, there's no one else you'd want in the ring.

8 Promos 

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As much as no one would want to admit it, there's a simple truth when Cena is around, he's the best promo in the business when he's being serious. Yes his goofy promos with photoshops and references to his opponents physical appearance can be a little grating but when he has a message to deliver, that's when John is a force of nature on the mic. He has an uncanny ability to sell any match or moment as the single most important thing going. He's able to convince everyone that this is the match that means the most, the one that will make or break his entire legacy while having everyone listening hanging on to every single word of it. Not only that, but whenever he's engaged with someone in a feud he makes his opponent step up their game to try and match the magic Cena can create. With him around, seeing someone standing in the ring with a mic in their hand isn't a cue to reach for the remote, it's a sign that there's something worth paying attention to.

7 The Open Challenge 

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The one thing we can agree on in terms of Cena's in ring work is that he was at his best during his run of open challenges for the United States Title. His matches against the likes of Cesaro, Sami Zayn, Dean Ambrose, and Neville were more often than not the match of the night and really pushed Cena to adapt his game to hang onto his precious title. It's a gimmick we'd all like to see return and the best part about it is that he doesn't even need the title for it to happen. Any up and coming star in the back would kill for a chance to work with someone that has the status of John Cena, meaning that having the open challenge return just to give superstars a crack at him would work just as well as it did when there was a title up for grabs.

6 Added Main Event Depth 

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While at this stage, Cena would be best used as a mid carder that helps the next generation, there's no doubt that he's going to find himself in the main event scene again. There will be those that complain about him being given such a marquee position again but the WWE needs more main event players desperately. Whether it's the fault of WWE not giving the younger guys a chance or those wrestlers not making enough of an impact is a subject for a different article, but the fact remains that once Roman Reigns vs. HHH runs its course, there's no clear challenger for either man. Behind those two and possibly Ambrose there's no one ready to step up and fight for the title, which is a huge problem that Cena can help fix. He doesn't have to step in and win the championship mind you, but just having him there as a back up plan to help someone like Reigns on his way to the top is a big bonus.

5 Crowd Reactions 

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Watching RAW these days, it's painfully obvious that the crowd just isn't into it as much as they used to be. While there are certain cities that are guaranteed to have the audience go wild for every encounter, like Chicago or New York for example, the majority of cities that WWE visits act like a ghost town. While piping in sounds on SmackDown is one terrible cover for the problem, the best way to fix it will be to have Cena come back. The great thing about John is that everyone has a strong opinion about him, with no one in the middle thinking "meh." Every time his horns blare signalling his entrance to the arena, the crowd goes mental with the younger fans and women losing their minds and all the smarks blowing out their vocal chords with boos and singing "John Cena suuuucks!" Even getting as split of a reaction as he does is a huge energy boost to the wrestlers, the audience, and the show as a whole, as the worst thing to happen to the momentum of a program is having a wrestler come out to complete apathy.

4 Drawing Power 

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Those split reactions also play a part in how much of a drawing power he is. Half of the people will pay to see him triumph over evil and overcome the odds, while the other half will pay to watch him take a trip to Suplex City. The important part about either of those demographics is that they are willing to pay one way or the other. Having Cena come back means more eyes will be on televisions Monday nights and for Pay Per Views which leads to greater revenue for the WWE as a whole. Revenue that can go towards signing the likes of AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura. It's no secret that the ratings for RAW have been on a steady decline recently, do you think it's a coincidence that it came with Cena being out for an extended period of time? While WWE has plenty of talent that'll get all of the types of people that'll read this list to keep watching, there's no one on the roster that gets more sets of eyes on them than John Cena.

3 Passion 

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Say what you will about Cena, but even his most adamant hater has to admit that the man absolutely loves what he does. He's shown it throughout all his debilitating injuries, working harder than anyone could reasonably ask of him to make it back into the ring before expected. He's shown it throughout his efforts with the Make A Wish foundation, as even a man as busy as he is finds the time to have granted over 500 wishes of children to date. He shows it every single time he steps foot in the ring which is really the key to making his promos as convincing as they are. Wrestling is the man's life and having someone willing to wear his heart on his sleeve about how much every single match means to him makes the program infinitely more entertaining to watch.

2 Eventual Heel Turn 

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This is the one everyone's been waiting for, the one thing Cena can do that he hasn't done before. While WWE has been rightfully hesitant to turn John thanks to his merchandise sales and all the ambassador work he does for the company, it's only a matter of time until he turns his back on the WWE Universe. Perhaps it's him putting over Reigns that finally leads to him snapping or maybe it's something else entirely but when he finally does switch sides he'll be by far the most interesting man on television. It's something that can bring back all the fans who were tired of his superhero shtick, something that will put Cena back in the limelight and make headlines throughout the country. Cena turning heel is something that's been dream booked for the last 12 years but now is the time to make it a reality.

1 Passing The Torch 

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Finally, after giving back all he can to the roster and turning into the bad guy, it'll be time for one last act of charity from John Cena. While a superstar can beat the likes of Brock Lesnar, Triple H, or even The Undertaker, none of those victories will have the same impact as coming out on top against John Cena in a match at WrestleMania. Cena is still the top dog of the WWE and likely will be until the day he's no longer a full time wrestler, but while he's on the way out, it'll be John's duty to cement the status of whomever the next top face of the WWE will be. Picture it, Cena as the vicious heel champion doing whatever it takes to keep his place on top only to come up against a face Seth Rollins who wants to prove that it's his time now. A clean one two three at WrestleMania later and there's officially a new face that runs the place. This is the moment that keeps me waiting and anticipating John Cena's return, he has a lot to offer the young generation of stars but nothing's more important than his stamp of approval.

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