Top 12 Reasons Why John Cena Should Retire

John Cena has been the main guy in WWE for over 10 years now. Love him or hate him, he has attracted attention.

But, maybe, just, maybe, the Cena craze has run its course.

Cena has recently suffered another shoulder injury that puts his return for WrestleMania in serious doubt. He has won 15 titles over 10 years, and throughout that time period has been the face of the WWE. At this point in time, no name in WWE carries more weight than John Cena.

Once a freestyle rapping heel, Cena has become a baby face that is adored by young women and loved by young kids. He made the complete 180 turn into the hero. Cena and his fans rock t-shirts with cheesy phrases such as "Rise Above the Hate" and "Never Give Up." At first, it wasn't a big deal. Now, 10 years deep, it's getting tired.

The good guy being on top isn't the only repetitive annoyance that Cena exudes. He also enters to the same intro song, and performs the same moves, night in and night out. Not only does Cena win all the time, but he does it in the same manner. Even a little change would freshen up his act, but it's simply not happening.

But hey, some fans love to see Cena stay at the top and remain there. Others, like myself, would prefer to see the torch passed. That's not to say Cena shouldn't be involved in wrestling as a whole, but is definitely time for him to take a step back and become apart of the scenery for once.

Want to know why this should happen. Well here's 12 good reasons:

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12 The Merchandise is Tiring

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Rise Above the Hate, Hustle, Loyalty, Respect, Never Give Up, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

John Cena is a no doubt money maker for the WWE, and this is a big reason why. All these golden boy quoted t-shirts that young boys and girls wear while they idolizing Cena. At first, this was pretty neat, seeing a wrestler that kids could look up to, especially since there are so many young fans.

But, at some point, this has to give. It's annoying, overdone, and quite frankly, ridiculous.

11 He Could Make Some Epic Returns

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The WWE does a lot with retired wrestlers such as Shaun Michael, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, Steve Austin, Ric Flair, etc.

When wrestlers retire, a lot of the time it's merely a semi-retirement. For instance, The Rock is going to be at WrestleMania this year.

Cena will always be a big draw, even if he returns every few months or so. This would appeal to all fans and also add to the hype of a Cena match.

10 He's Becoming A Channel Changer

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John Cena's stranglehold on WWE titles has become such a normality that fans can pretty much count on it.

Raws ratings are the worst they've been in years, and while there are many reasons for that, this isn't helping. Cena is undeniably causing fans to flip away because he's always going to win.

Sometimes, even the face of the company is not enough to keep viewers interested.

9 He Was Better as a Heel 

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This may come as a surprise to some wrestling fans, but John Cena wasn't always the goody two shoes role model that we see on television today.

10 or so year's ago, when Cena was on the come-up, he used to enter the ring and freestyle rap about whomever he was fighting -- a gimmick which Cena would dust off briefly during his epic feud with The Rock.

When he first started, this gimmick wasn't supposed to stick, but it did. He played the villain for a year and a half and people loved it. Then, all of the sudden Cena made a seamless transition from a heel to a face. Many loved the squeaky clean change, but for many, it's getting tired and overblown. He was way more entertaining as the bad boy.

8 Go Out on Top

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Every athletes ultimate goal (besides winning championships), is to retire at, or near the top of their game.

John Cena has won title, after title, after title. He will be a no doubt Hall-of-Famer, but if he retires now, he will be going on in supreme style.

Cena is a 15-time World Champion and in many ways does not need to win another title. Therefore, retirement on top would be admirable.

7 The Heroic and Obvious Comebacks

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This happens a lot and it is more annoying than any other situation.

He’ll be getting his ass kicked the entire time, it looks like there’s no hope of him winning and then all of the sudden he does his series of 5 moves, and boom he wins the match.

If you're going to win, have it be a nice back and forth. Don’t do it where he wins the match out of nowhere with signature moves and have it not make any sense whatsoever. Variety goes a long way in a match.

6 He Only Appeals to Kids and Women

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If you are a boy or girl between the ages of 6 and 14, or a woman between the ages of 18-30, and you watch WWE, chances are you LOVE John Cena.

Whenever he enters the ring, there is a mix of, "Let's go Cena," and, "Cena sucks," chants. The positive side comes from the aforementioned demographic, while the other end is clearly deeper voices. That's because basically all older males are sick of the seeing Cena.

It's clear why WWE keeps Cena on and winning, because there is a lot of attention, both positive and negative. But it might be time for Cena to hang them up in order to allow all fans to enjoy wrestling again.

5 Same Intro


Ever since John Cena has made the transition from heel to face, he has had the same damn intro every single night he performs.

He comes into, "The Time is Now," wearing one of his trademark t-shirts. The All-American guy appealing to the kids. We get it. That has seriously run its course. Some time ago, fans(including women and children0 grew tired of the same old Hulk Hogan intro. The same fate ay await John Cena.

4 Same Moves

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When watching John Cena today, you are guaranteed to see the same exact moves in the same exact order every night. It's just not fresh anymore.

Even if he did something as small as make a heel turn, it would change the entertainment value because it's something different than what he has done in the past 10 years. Some may be blind to the repetitiveness of Cena, but to many, it's getting old.

Sometimes a Superstars simply needs a reinvention.

3 The Injuries

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John Cena just injured his shoulder.. AGAIN. Chalk that up to the countless shoulder injuries (among others) that he is endured over his career.

To make matters worse, Cena was coming off a hiatus where he rested in order to avoid this happening.

He has suffered some other big injuries as well including a torn pectoral muscle. With this most recent injury coming after a resting period, maybe it is something to look at for Cena. Maybe (hopefully) it's the red flag he needs.

2 He Never Loses

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John Cena had a terrific rivalry brewing with Kevin Owens. It was a great back-and-forth that lasted for about three months.

This should have ended with Owens winning the title, and pushed him to the next level. Instead, Cena retained the championship, remained where he is now, and it pushed Owens underneath the card.

This might seem like an odd reason for Cena to retire. In most cases, continuous winning should negate any retirement talks, but it's time for one of the lesser names with potential to take over for Cena. Either way, who doesn't want to go out on top?

1 He's Holding Back Other Wrestlers

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John Cena is a 15-time World Champion. All he does is win the big matches, even against up-and-comers who are looking to make a name for themselves.

There are tons of guys who need to move up the card. Kevin Owens, Dolph Ziggler, Dean Ambrose ... and that's just naming a few. Every title that Cena wins, keeps names such as these from becoming household.

The point is, Cena isn't fresh anymore, and it's time for his reign to end and another to begin. If that means one of the above names becoming a role model and face for everyone to adore, that's fine, but at least it'll be different.

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