Top 12 Reasons WWE Will Eventually Welcome Back Hulk Hogan

Hulk Hogan is the biggest name associated with professional wrestling racist? Sadly, according to the dialogue used in his now infamous sex tape, Hogan can also be labeled a certified bigot. The way H

Hulk Hogan is the biggest name associated with professional wrestling racist? Sadly, according to the dialogue used in his now infamous sex tape, Hogan can also be labeled a certified bigot. The way Hogan spoke was heinous and harmful. Hogan doesn't matter anymore in modern pop culture. The kids who once loved The Hulkster in the '80s and '90s have all grown up and can distinguish for themselves right from wrong. Hogan doesn't influence the youth anymore so his backward-old-man slander will not directly affect any young wrestling fans. This wasn't John Cena, this was that dated red and yellow dude.

This article is by no means an endorsement or defense of Hulk Hogan. Like millions of other Millennials, I was once an avid Hulkamaniac; then I hit puberty and suddenly Hulk Hogan didn't seem so special. While his alliance with Kevin Nash and Scott Hall provided a fresh outlook on what had grown stale. Hogan still felt like a thing of the past. There was a new wrestler to stand behind: Stone Cold Steve Austin. All the childhood memories of Hulk Hogan didn't mean much anymore. Beer seemed better than milk and flipping people off felt a whole lot better than raising a hand to your ear.

At day's end, we all know Hulk Hogan will be back with WWE at some point and that's what this article is all about: a dose of reality. It may not happen in the immediate future but Hogan will work his way back into the good graces of WWE. Despite his lack of relevance, Hogan will never be erased from the WWE database. The legend of Hogan – tarnished and all – will continue to live on in this thing they call the WWE Universe.

These are the top 12 reasons WWE will eventually welcome back Hulk Hogan:

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12 Hogan Has Apologized

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The obvious first reason Hulk Hogan will eventually be welcomed back to WWE is that he “apologized” for his inappropriate behavior. Was Hogan sincere in his apology? Perhaps. Hogan did cry on camera though and that has to count for something, right?

The easy way out of any controversy is to tear up and apologize for your actions/words. Meanwhile, the word “sorry” is slowly losing all meaning. Despite the severity of a situation, people would garner more respect by owning what they have done.

11 Unrealistic to Forget About Hogan


WWE can pull Hulk Hogan off its website all they want but can they really expect fans to completely forget about the biggest name in the history of professional wrestling? Sometimes they really do insult the intelligence of their audience.

The youngest of fans will still know and understand who Hulk Hogan is and what he has meant to the WWE. We know he existed and at the same time we know about his indiscretions; don't think our memories can be erased because WWE wants it that way.

10 Only One Man Will be Erased from WWE History


In WWE, everybody comes back around. For years, guys like Bret Hart and The Ultimate Warrior were thought to never be seen within the company again but there they were: the stars of yesterday reemerging today with the past left behind.

There is truly only one name that WWE wants its fans to forget and that name is Chris Benoit. Aside from him, everybody finds their way back in some capacity and the same can be said for Hulk Hogan. It may be a lesser role but he will be back.

9 Money to be Made


Vince McMahon always looks at the big picture and that picture usually involves exploiting an issue and sucking on its blood until there is nothing left and the issue has run completely dry. With the Hogan situation, McMahon will find a twist.

Somewhere within this mess there is money to be made. Perhaps we don't see it as fans but the cold, calculating, business man, Vince McMahon always finds the dollar signs no matter how hidden and tucked away.

8 Legend Status


The legend status of Hulk Hogan will ultimately override his bigotry. Hogan helped make WWE in the '80s and there are sure to be those backstage who will continue to remind the critics of Hogan that WWE may not be where it is today if hadn't been for “Hulkamania.”

The red and yellow has not run wild for the last time in WWE. Someday, Hulk Hogan's music will hit and he will still receive a massive ovation as he limps his way down to the ring to fumble on his words while cutting an irrelevant promo.

7 No Stranger to Scandal

If you think this is the first time Hulk Hogan has been involved in a scandal then you need to check your Hulk Hogan Controversy Rolodex. Hogan has been in the spotlight for thirty years; as a mega star nonetheless. Needless to say, scandal has never been a stranger.

From steroids to racism, Hulk Hogan has been in the media's eye for decades, usually in a negative light. Hogan's family has had very private issues go public, which people love. The twisted ways of our environment have us rooting for families to fail.

6 Hogan Always Finds a Way Back


You know damn well Hulk Hogan will return to WWE. You knew it when WCW went under and you knew it when Hogan tried to “revolutionize” TNA. WWE is home for Hogan and the door is not locked, Hogan has just been sent away, temporarily.

Over the years, Hulk Hogan has popped in and out of WWE on a regular basis. There is bound to be some sort of negotiation between Hogan and the company that sees him walking back through that unlocked door.

5 Bad Publicity Right Now but Not Forever

Hulk Hogan is not going to be back tomorrow or next week or next month; it is still too soon. The WWE has a new squeaky clean image to uphold and bringing back Hogan too soon would make for some bad publicity.

The PG product cannot and will not tolerate such terrible behavior … at least for the time being. When the moment is right, Hulk Hogan will be placed back in the WWE history books as though never ever happened as Hogan will claim to have learned his lesson.

4 Time Heals Wounds ... and Bigotry


Next year at this time, nobody is going to care about what Hulk Hogan said on that tape. That's just the way things are and the way it works with celebrities. We are too quick to forgive and forget when our false idols are in the wrong.

Those who we admire can literally get away with murder. Hulk Hogan didn't go that far but what he did remains unacceptable. However, time will heal all and Hogan's harsh words will be overlooked and placed firmly in the past.

3 Redeemed Hero


When Hulk Hogan returns to WWE, he will be welcomed back with open arms as the redeemed hero. WWE won't allow for Hogan to get into specifics on Monday Night Raw but they will pounce at the opportunity to place him on the Network in a “tell-all” interview of sorts.

This will help reclaim Hogan's image (if that is possible) as a redeemed hero. “C'mon everybody, Hulk Hogan has made some mistakes; haven't we all? Let's cheer for the man we grew up watching.” Even though, that man is far from being a hero.

2 Support from his Peers


In the wake of the racism controversy, Hulk Hogan has found much support from fans who just refuse to believe that Hogan can be capable of any wrongdoing. Aside from the disillusioned, Hogan has also received support from his peers.

Among those on Hulk Hogan's side? The Rock … who stated publicly that he “doesn't not think Hogan is a racist.” Do we believe The Rock?

1 Vince McMahon Doesn't Care


The final entry on our list is a statement of brutal honesty: Vince McMahon doesn't care if his employees are racist. If he did, a guy like Michael Hayes would have been fired years ago. So, what difference does it make if Hulk Hogan has some bigoted views?

Vince McMahon is not exactly Mr. Racially Sensitive. The WWE has been plagued with racism for years and it's not going to end any time soon. These are sad situations but doses of reality.

Give it some time and you will see Hulk Hogan in WWE once again.

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Top 12 Reasons WWE Will Eventually Welcome Back Hulk Hogan