The 12 Recently Released WWE Superstars: Where Will They Be In 2020?

It’s a shame to see the list of former WWE Superstars be released, but like any kind of job change has to happen. Unfortunately, names like Wade Barrett, Damien Sandow, Cameron and others were relieved of their duties. Even Cody Rhodes along with his wife Eden were released from the WWE after requesting it. It’s hard to see familiar faces go, but then come new ones such as Enzo Amore, Big Cass, Baron Corbin, Dana Brooke, and others. Nothing is wrong with all these newcomers, however the question now is what’s next for all these released superstars' futures.

The next likely scenario for other wrestlers is to join a different wrestling company or maybe make a surprise return to the WWE after a few years. Other wrestlers like Santino Marella, Hornswoggle, Zeb Colter might just stay retired. Who knows, maybe they’ll pursue different careers or just keep in touch with WWE just not as a wrestler. All the recently released superstars had their moments in the WWE so it’s not like they won’t be remembered. Some may decide to continue to wrestle in future or might spend time with their families since WWE is a task that requires their stars to go on the road a lot.

TNA wrestling may be interested in bringing in a couple names like Wade Barrett, Alex Riley, and Damien Sandow. TNA could use them since some of their big names such as Samoa Joe, Velvet Sky, Bobby Rhoode, Eric Young, Bully Ray parted ways with TNA. So Barrett and others could keep their wrestling careers alive in TNA. They could stand out there if brought in. If not, any of them could pursue a job in acting like other wrestlers are doing like The Rock, Edge, and John Cena. There’s also being a ring announcer or just laying low and enjoying their time off.

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12 Zeb Colter

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All signs point to Zeb Colter enjoying retirement since his run with Mexiamerica didn’t last too long with Alberto Del Rio. Also, even when he was used as Jack Swagger’s spokesman promoting “We The People” motto, Colter was good enough for a couple years other than that he wasn’t used for much.

He’s like Paul Heyman, the only difference is he doesn’t have a beast named Brock Lesnar as his client. Colter can be used for the radio or tv since he likes to talk a lot, but it seems unlikely he'll find himself with full-time work in the wrestling business. Expect to see him pop up at some conventions and autograph signings as he enjoys his retirement.

11 Brandi “Eden” Rhodes

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Brandi “Eden” Rhodes was a ring announcer while in the WWE for smackdown and the main event. She’s also the wife of Cody Rhodes who too asked for his release. She announced that she has different career plans on social media. It sounds like she’s committed stand by her husband so a return from her is unlikely. Either way, she’s headed into a different direction and was thankful to be part of WWE and is moving forward.

Her and Cody Rhodes obviously have different plans in life which is good for them it’s just not in the WWE. Eden showed a lot of potential as an announcer. Within a few years, she'll have some steady modelling work and will get some work here and there as an announcer.

10 El Torito

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El Torito was similar to Hornswoggle acting as the mascot of Los Matadores like Hornswoggle did with 3MB. The two even fought against each other at one point. El Torito would just run around with his horns and have fun with the other wrestlers, he was there not only to excite the Spanish speaking crowd, but also the WWE Universe.. It was good while it lasted, but like all good things they come to an end. In the future it’s hopeful he could continue wrestling maybe not with the WWE, but a different wrestling company because it looks like his gimmick was used to its fullest.

9 Hornswoggle

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The funny yet cool thing about Hornswoggle was even for his size, he was able to make it entertaining and that’s what WWE is about entertainment. If WWE decides in the future to bring him back for a Royal Rumble appearance or anything he may be open to that, but for now it seems he may enjoy retirement. After all, he worked with DX, AJ Lee, John Cena, and even as the general manager of Raw so he definitely has something to proud of.

Hornswoggle will be present at some conventions in the future. Due to his experience with WWE Films, you could expect to see him try acting and will pop up in a few movies.

8 Cameron

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It’s kind of a shame for Cameron’s release because she started out being used as a cheerleader for the Funkadactyls when Brodus Clay and Naomi were around. Her departure wasn’t necessarily a big hit for the women's division because that is currently being dominated by the new crop of women. So Cameron’s release wasn’t an up nor down for the WWE.

Sure, she has great energy and improved quite a bit, but WWE seems like they’re moving on to different names like Dana Brooke. So it would seem more likely that Cameron took her talents to TNA, plus her career might be in the right direction there.

7 Alex Riley

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Alex Riley blossomed slowly throughout his WWE career, starting out on NXT and even becoming an announcer for them. However, his main segment was meant to be The Miz’s protege and basically carry his bags around and learn how awesome The Miz was. The two eventually clashed against each other and Miz eventually had the last laugh.

Riley perhaps could resume being a commentator for WWE in the near future or maybe TNA decides to bring him in as either a wrestler or commentator. If you had to guess where he'd be by 2020 though, your best bet is TNA.

6 Santino Marella

via wrestlingnews.com

It doesn’t sound like the WWE Universe will see that last of Santino Marella because he’s good for promotions and giving a good laugh. Besides who wouldn’t like seeing the cobra inside the WWE ring once more?

So where could we see him by 2020? The most likely scenario would be a cameo in the Royal Rumble match. The other case would for him to be used solely in backstage segments. Whether or not he comes back to the WWE or stays retired, he definitely made his mark in the WWE.

5 Adam Rose

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Adam Rose was a unique character in the WWE from the party animal to the social outcasts. He however ran into problems outside of the ring causing him to be missing in action. He was arrested for domestic violence and WWE took action by suspending him and then later on releasing him.

Obviously, if the domestic violence charges are true, he could be in serious trouble, but for now he was released from jail after posting bond. Before he can focus on getting back to the ring or wrestling if still wants to, he’ll have to figure out his personal problems first. At 36 years old though, Rose will be 40 years old. Expect to find him with a regular job come that time.

4 Damien Sandow

via wrestlingnews.com

From the intellectual human being to The Miz’s impersonator, Damien Sandow went from a hated individual into a funny, entertaining one. Sandow is another person WWE could use in the Royal Rumble in a cameo appearance some day. It seemed a bit awry as to why Sandow was mentioned as one of the names, but later in the future he may return or take his talents elsewhere. No matter what, he entertained the WWE Universe mocking and mimicking The Miz, dressing up as Hulk Hogan, Bret Hart, and even the man himself Vince McMahon.

By 2020, Sandow will be 37 years old. If TNA were to snag him up, Sandow would undoubtedly be able to work his way high up the card. By 2020, Sandow will have proven WWE wrong.

3 Christian

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Christian isn’t necessarily gone from the WWE, but the WWE announced he’s relieved from his performers contract. So Christian won’t appear in the ring any time soon. At least he and Edge still have their show on the WWE, however long that show lasts. If it continues to turn out to be good in the long run, then there’s something for him.

Still, he’s suffered many injuries, wrestled in TNA before, it seems like in a couple more years even if WWE wants to bring him in the ring again, it’ll most likely be a one time thing. Besides, Edge and Christian are a great duo together keeping fans entertained on their show.

Christian's always been a good hand for Vince and company to have around. By 2020, expect to see him find work as a road agent with the WWE.

2 Cody Rhodes

via wwe.com

As announced recently, Cody Rhodes who was playing the part of Stardust asked for his release. Things couldn’t be any worse for him as his father, the great Dusty Rhodes passed away last year. It may have hit him hard at the time, but now that almost a year from The American Dream’s death, it seems as though he may not return as either Stardust or Cody Rhodes, but has other future plans.

He heavily criticized WWE following his release. At 30 years old, there's plenty of time for Cody Rhodes to find success elsewhere. By 2020, expect to see Cody Rhodes with a world title around his waist, either with ROH or TNA. Perhaps he and Sandow will even reunite as a team on the independent scene.

1 Wade Barrett

via wwe.com

Wade Barrett’s release didn't come as a shock, as he had made it clear he had no plans of re-signing with WWE come the summer, when his contract was set to expire. Barrett was released from the company after an angle was run that saw him kicked out of The League of Nations.

TNA could easily slide him into the title picture. At 35 years old though and with a history of injury problems, Barrett will be retired by 2020, as he'll be pushing 40. Expect Barrett to try his hand in acting and other projects. There's just no way he'll want to go through the grind he did in WWE at his age by then.

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