Top 12 Shocking Facts About Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage's Relationship

Some wrestlers stay close friends their entire lives, others just work together and that's that, while others simply go through a long stretch of real-life hatred.

It's well-known how close Triple H and Shawn Michaels, the core two members of D-Generation X were throughout their careers in WWE. Rey Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero had a very close relationship. We know that some wrestlers like these two were like family.

But for some wrestlers, there was always more drama behind the scenes than there was on-screen. It's tough to imagine, but sometimes WWE rivals are genuine, not just put into storylines.

Such was life with Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage, the first two major Superstars for Vince McMahon's newly-founded WWE company. They formed The Mega Powers alliance, which was one of the most successful, historic, and popular tag teams of all-time. Even though the two used each other to reach tremendous peaks in their respective careers, there was no love lost between Savage and Hogan for long parts of their lives.

Instead of staying close friends and working together, Savage and Hogan had problems getting along behind the scenes, and the stories you'll read are shocking and tragic, to say the least.

As far as fans from The Attitude and PG Eras are concerned, The Rock and Steve Austin weren't heated rivals in real life, and Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose seem to have a very close relationship. Something just seems wrong with the top two stars in one generation not getting along.

With that, here are 12 shocking facts about the history of Hogan and Savage.

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12 Hogan Attacked Savage to Form the New World Order

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The 1996 Bash at the Beach Pay-Per-View is best remembered for Hulk Hogan turning heel for the first time in his illustrious career, forming the villainous nWo with Scott Hall and Kevin Nash. Everyone remembers his subsequent interview with Gene Okerlund and the insults Hogan made towards the fans.

But what's easily forgotten by many? It was Randy Savage that Hogan attacked to officially turn heel. Nash and Hall faced off against Sting, Savage, and Lex Luger, with the former two waiting for the third man to join them.

Hogan came out, chased them out of the ring and did his signature shirt-tear off, only to drop not one, not two...but three leg drops on Savage, which completed the most epic heel turn of all-time.

11 Savage Turned Heel by Helping Hogan

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It doesn't matter how much these two didn't like each other outside the ring because they simply needed each other to play villains. Though Randy Savage was a heel for large portions of his WWE career, he was always a fan favourite in WCW.

But then at SuperBrawl VII in 1997, Hollywood Hogan faced Roddy Piper for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship. Savage interfered in the match on Hogan's behalf and helped him retain the title.

This move by Savage displayed his allegiance to the nWo, as the beloved Macho Man made a huge heel turn in WCW. Who would have thought that the two biggest stars of WWE during the '80s and early '90s would use each other in WCW to become some of the biggest heels ever?

10 Their Last Match Took Place in 1999

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Randy Savage and Hulk Hogan had many matches together and against one another for nearly two decades, but fans will often forget the last time these two legends faced off against one another.

While both were still working for WCW in 1999, they faced off for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship on Monday Nitro, with Hogan winning. Though Hogan would wrestle for another decade and Savage had a stint in TNA, this was actually the last time the two ever faced off in a match.

Good thing we didn't know that at the time or it'd be a very harsh reality for WWE fans of all ages and eras.

9 The Mega Powers Reunited in WCW

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As Eric Bischoff showed us when he ran WCW, it was all about stealing ideas and wrestlers from WWE. Though Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage didn't actually call themselves "The Mega Powers" when they reunited in 1994, when both became employed by WCW, they were once again an alliance.

The two reunited at Starrcade 1994 and called themselves "The Monster Maniacs." They had feuds with the likes of Ric Flair, Lex Luger, The Giant, and The Faces of Fear. For obvious reasons, The Monster Maniacs wasn't as cool as The Mega Powers. It was a cheap WCW ripoff.

8 ...And Again in 2000

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Randy Savage and Hulk Hogan reunited AGAIN in WCW in 2000. And yes, they did not go by "The Mega Powers" during their WCW reunion.

In fact, the ending to this alliance was rather interesting. Savage and Hogan were members of The Millionaire's Club, which featured other legends such as Ric Flair, Kevin Nash, Diamond Dallas Page, Sting, Sid Vicious, Lex Luger, Miss Elizabeth and Scott Steiner.

Savage and Hogan were once again fan favorites by this point, but Hogan had a falling out with the company and left in 2000, and Savage would not appear any more in WCW after the company was bought out by WWE.

7 They Almost Had a Real-Life Fist Fight

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It's no secret that Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage were on-again, off-again friends. Such is life when you have to out-do the other to be the mega star of your company. But few thought it could get this bad.

The two had a confrontation at Universal Studios in 2004. On Chris Jericho's "Talk is Jericho" podcast, Hogan said that he was informed by Scott Hall that Savage was nearby. Hogan went up to him and offered a handshake, but what often is seen on WWE television came to reality.

Savage refused a handshake and insulted Hogan. This led to The Hulkster challenging Savage to a fight, but the Macho Man wasn't up for it. We wonder who would win a real-life match.

6 Savage Really Thought Miss Elizabeth Was Having an Affair With Hogan

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No on-screen and off-screen romance in pro wrestling captured our hearts like Macho Man and Miss Elizabeth, who was his real-life wife from 1984-92. When they had a brief reunion on-screen, fans in the crowd literally cried. That's how special these two were to the WWE audience.

So the idea of Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth not being faithful to each other is a tragedy we hope never happened. Nobody knows the truth for sure, except possibly Hulk Hogan. The two men had a rough relationship and it's largely because Savage was always over-protective of his wife, and he often feared that Hogan was having an affair with her.

5 Savage Took Shots at Hogan In his Rap Album

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For those of you younger WWE fans who don't know that much about Randy Savage, he released a rap album entitled Be a Man.

In one of the songs, Savage took major shots at Hulk Hogan. Here are some of the biggest jabs he took at The Hulkster:

"Huh Hulk Hogan, Hollywood HulksterWhatever they call you, I'm comin after you, you coward

Hot diggity damn Hulk I'm glad you set it off (set if off)Used to be hard Hulk now ya done turned softDoin' telephone commercials I seen yaDancin' in tights as a ballerina

Hollywood Hulkster you're at the end of your rope

And I'm a kick ya in the butt and wash your mouth out with soap."

Those were just some of the MANY words Savage used to attack Hogan, but this time, in the form of terrible raps.

4 Savage Blamed the Hogans for His Divorce with Miss Elizabeth

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After Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth divorced in 1992, it obviously didn't end smoothly and it was a devastating time for WWE fans.

This divorce was as ugly as they came. Savage accused Hulk Hogan and his ex-wife Linda of encouraging Miss Elizabeth to go through with a divorce. Obviously, we won't know the real reasons, but it's just another reminder of how ugly the real-life rivalry was between both guys.

3 Savage and Hogan Finished On Good Terms

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Though there was so much tension between Randy Savage and Hulk Hogan, the two were able to put their past to rest before Savage sadly passed away from a heart attack while driving in 2011.

Savage's brother, Lanny, said that Hogan and Randy were able to make peace before Macho Man's untimely passing. That is certainly a comforting thing for WWE fans to know, as these two were the reason the industry remains a global force 30-plus years later.

2 Bret Hart Suggests Otherwise

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Randy Savage was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2015 and it was absolutely long-overdue. Fittingly enough, it was Hulk Hogan who would induct his long-time rival into the Hall of Fame.

However, Bret Hart doesn't seem to think that Hogan and Savage ended on good terms.. He appeared on Live Audio Wrestling in 2015 to discuss his thoughts on many subjects, including the decision to have Hogan induct Savage. Here's what Hart said:

"Well, I know we were a lot closer than Hogan was. I’m not quite sure why Hulk Hogan of all people is inducting him because my last conversations I had with Randy, he didn’t have much good to say about Hogan."

That's another interesting fact to the real-life mystery: Did these two really make up? Read on to find out what Hogan's final stance was.

1 The Two Had a Cookout Planned

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Amidst what Bret Hart said, it appears as though Randy Savage's brother was right about the two making up and finding peace in their friendship.

Hulk Hogan, on the aforementioned Jericho podcast, talked about a time when he and Savage crossed paths, where The Macho Man appeared to be in great shape and wonderful spirits. Hogan's current wife, Jennifer, invited Savage to join them for a cookout, but he suggested they talk over the phone instead.

After that, Hogan said they were able to come up with plans for a cookout, but Savage passed before anything could happen.

So at the end of the day, it's all up for debate, but it appears as though The Mega Powers really did have a kind and genuine end to their relationship.

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