Top 12 Spine-Tingling Wrestling Reunions

For wrestling fans, we get attached to the Superstars we idolized as kids. Even as we grow up, we stick to loving them. And in the young wrestling fan's eyes, nobody will be able to top them.

As a kid who grew up watching it in the mid-2000s and beyond, I don't think anyone will entertain me the way John Cena, Triple H, Batista, Edge, Chris Jericho, and The Undertaker did. However, '80s fans will tell you there's nothing like Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, and Ric Flair.

'90s fans will tell you there was nobody like Sting, The Rock, or Stone Cold Steve Austin. And we all know the little kids of today will think Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose are the best Superstars ever, even though the much older fans will never think that.

So when wrestlers reunite with an old friend, or if a former group gets back together, it's every wrestling fan's dream. We all want to see them get back together, because nothing beats the old guys and, unlike professional sports, wrestlers can return at any point and most can fight in matches well into their 50s or even 60s.

Us fans have had quite the number of reunions that sent chills down our spines. They're more epic than most Hollywood movies or television shows we've watched. Even if it's in storyline, the reunion can be more epic than almost any sporting event we've seen.

Let's take a look at the 12 biggest storylines that gave us major chills and filled our emotions with joy.

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12 The Rockers, 2005

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Shawn Michaels and Marty Jannetty formed the electric Rockers tag-team, becoming one of the most exciting duos in sports entertainment.

They debuted in NWA in 1985 and their original run lasted until 1992. They won a total of five wrestling championships together, but broke up because of apparent backstage issues. Though people will point fingers at each other, there's no doubt this was a hard break-up for fans to endure.

Then came the the March 14th, 2005 edition of Raw, Jannetty returned and teamed up with Michaels, thus reuniting The Rockers. They faced La Resistance, with both men executing their finishers on Rob Conway for the win.

Seeing these two guys reunite again, after an ugly breakup over a decade ago, sure brought back the emotional feelings for wrestling fans.

11 Brothers of Destruction, 2015

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The Undertaker and Kane both stand at ridiculously large heights, and play the creepy, back-from-the-dead characters. As such, they were one of the most dynamic tag teams during the late 90s and early 2000s.

After The Wyatt Family attacked The Undertaker at Hell in a Cell, they made Kane their next target. On the Nov. 9 edition of Raw, the two came out and fought off The Wyatts, reuniting the tag team.

They then faced off against Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper, winning the match and having an epic exit. This was a well-scripted finish, considering both men are on their last legs of wrestling and probably won't team up again.

10 Legion of Doom, 2003

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Road Warrior Hawk and Road Warrior Animal, known as The Legion of Doom in WWE, were one of the most awesome duos ever in professional wrestling, as they were also major hits in the AWA, NWA, and WCW.

The tag team fought in many different promotions, coming in-and-out of WWE, but their final reunion in 2003, which came against Rob Van Dam and Kane on the May 12th, 2003 edition of Raw was the best one yet.

That's because it would be their last match together in WWE and it was an epic reunion. The two never wrestled again, as Road Warrior Hawk passed away a few months later, but knowing we got to see them give it one more shot still sends chills to this day.

9 The Hardy Boyz, 2006

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It's hard to instantly think of a brother tandem in pro wrestling that reached the heights of Matt and Jeff Hardy, who teamed up to form The Hardy Boyz. Their electrifying and life-threatening stunts made them fan favourites.

After their original disbanding, it looked like a reunion would never happen, after Matt got into backstage drama with Edge and Lita. However, WWE brought him back shortly after being fired and a reunion of epic proportions took place.

Matt and Jeffy reunited on a Nov. 2007 edition of ECW Sci Fi, where they were victorious against The Full Blooded Italians. Given Jeff's substance abuse problems, and the unlikely chances of either returning to WWE, looking back on this reunion remains special for the common WWE fan.

8 Matt Hardy and Lita, 2003

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If there was ever a real-life WWE love story that could be as sad as Romeo and Juliet, Matt Hardy and Lita would be it.

We all know they were an on-screen and off-screen couple, but then one of Hardy's best friends in Edge began a real-life relationship with Lita, causing plenty of drama inside the company and a major rivalry on and off screen with all three.

However, while Hardy and Lita were together, fans loved every moment of it. We all wanted a relationship that appeared as glamorous as their's. After Matt moved to SmackDown, he went back to Raw in Nov. 2003, reuniting the couple once again.

A strange feud would come at the hands of Kane, where he'd "marry" Lita. As we all know, the rest didn't pan out very well between these two as a couple. But we'll go ahead and think of the happy memories, when they were reunited.

7 Paul Heyman Reunites ECW, 2001

After the Monday Night War came to an end, courtesy of Vince McMahon buying out WCW, there was still room for Paul Heyman's ECW talents to jump into the company and make a huge impact.

As part of the Invasion angle, which saw WCW wrestlers try to take over the WWE, Heyman reunited ECW wrestlers, forming The Alliance with WCW. These included Rob Van Dam, Tommy Dreamer, The Dudley Boyz, Tazz, Justin Credible, Ryhno, Lance Storm, and Raven.

The Invasion angle is considered a huge bust, but Heyman brought together this group, forming an alliance that all fans wanted to see. Thank you Mr. Heyman for sending more chills down our spines.

6 New World Order, WrestleMania 31

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Nothing can be said about the nWo that hasn't been said. The villainous alliance in WCW changed the landscape of wrestling and was the reason McMahon's WWE almost folded.

When the group came back together in 2002, it wasn't that special. They lasted for a few weeks and then disbanded. But because of how awesome they were, fans always wanted to see an ultimate reunion.

In Sting and Triple H's match at WrestleMania 31, D-Generation X game out to support The Cerebral Assassin. Sting's old enemies, the nWo, came out on his behalf: Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash, and Scott Hall.

Hearing that epic Rockhouse theme, with Hogan playing the air guitar was a nostalgic moment for wrestling fans of the '90s, as fans witnessed what was probably the last nWo reunion, given how Hogan was fired a few months later for his racial comments.

5 Bret Hart Brings Back The Hart Foundation

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The Hart Family was, and still is, one of the most accomplished families in all of sports entertainment. Though Owen and Bret Hart obviously stood out the most, there was plenty of talent in the Hart family tree.

With Bret and Jim Neidhart being managed by Jimmy Hart to form the original alliance, WWE had themselves a prized tag-team to work with. Hart's roots in Canada made him a mega star up North.

But the best part of this group was when Hart reunited the bunch in 1997, calling them The New Hart Foundation. This happened after Stone Cold Steve Austin turned face and Bret shockingly turned heel. The British Bulldog, Owen Hart, and Brian Pillman formed the group as an Anti-American alliance.

Though obviously despised in the U.S., it was still awesome to see family come together and see the group reunite stronger than ever. Given how Bret left the company a few months later, and never fought with Owen again, fans remain thrilled they got the group together once more.

4 The Dudley Boyz, 2002

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The Dudley Boyz are one of the most intense and hardcore tag teams ever. They put ECW on the map with their awesome matches and habits of putting their opponents through tables.

However, Bubba Ray and D-Von broke up in 2002 during the WWE Brand Extension. After altercations with one another, the two officially got back together at Survivor Series that year, when D-Von came to the aid of Bubba.

We love remembering this reunion, considering how disappointing they've been since rejoining the WWE several months ago.

3 D-Generation X, 2006

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While the nWo kickstarted the Monday Night War, it was D-Generation X that ultimately helped WWE get the upper hand. Who doesn't remember when Triple H and co. drove a tank to invade a WCW show?

This group appealed to fans like no other. The derogatory terms, forms of immaturity, and sexual content definitely got the teenage audience going. They really made WWE stand out from any other wrestling competition, but the group disbanded in 2000.

After six long years, WWE fans saw the reunion of an all-time legendary tandem when Shawn Michaels and Triple H reunited on Raw, sending the crowd into a frenzy, when HBK arrived to help his friend overcome The Spirit Squad.

2 The Four Horsemen, 1998

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As by far the greatest and most historic wrestling alliance ever, we saw a bunch of major reunions with The Four Horsemen, but nothing was as awesome as the one in Sept. 1998. There's no questioning it.

Ric Flair, the main member of the group, was away from WCW for a long period of time due to disagreements with Eric Bischoff. However, when he returned on Monday Nitro, Mongo McMichael, Chris Benoit, Dean Amlekno, and Arn Anderson would reunite the group with Flair.

WCW was starting to lose a bit of steam, but this reunion gave the fans something to celebrate. The Horsemen would feud with Bischoff and the nWo, becoming heroes once again and igniting the audience.

1 Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth, WrestleMania VII

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A huge part of the Macho Man's legacy was being accompanied by the lovely Miss Elizabeth, who stole millions of hearts from fans across the wrestling world. The two were one of the most popular duos in the history of wrestling.

The two were married in real-life, and everyone loved it when he proposed to her on-screen. After a break up (in storyline), between the two, fans were left distraught, because it was unthinkable that this would happen.

However, after Randy Savage lost to The Ultimate Warrior at WrestleMania VII, Queen Sherri attacked Savage, but Miss Elizabeth came to his rescue, throwing Sherri out of the ring. The two had a moment where they got back together and he held the ropes for her to exit peacefully.

Fans in the crowd were literally crying and fans had chills sent down their collective spine. Everyone's favourite wrestling couple ever got together one more time. It was even more iconic in the fact that the two would divorce (in real life) a year later.

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