Top 12 Stories That Prove John Cena Is No Saint

Almost everyone over the age of 13 loathes John Cena for retaining his position atop the WWE, and for never attempting to reinvent himself. Their hatred is often due to their favorite superstars such as Cesaro, Dolph Ziggler, Bray Wyatt, Dean Ambrose and even Wade Barrett being held down in favor of saving the Super Cena's status.

However, outside the squared circle, John Cena is viewed as a great role model and is greatly revered for being the first celebrity to grant 300 wishes for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. However, his dark side always gets under-reported, and he escapes the blame for many things that Shawn Michaels or Triple H would have been buried alive for. The following article, looks to shed light on incidents that prove that he is not the saint that the majority of the WWE Universe makes out him to be.

To be clear, none of these stories are being told as fact. Most of the incidents have been revealed by former WWE employees, or major news outlets such as The Sun and TMZ. Although the authenticity of the following stories have been confirmed by many insiders, we insist on taking all the following stories with a pinch of salt. However, many believe that a lot of stories will be revealed when he calls it quits, similar to the way that people piled on Hulk Hogan after he retired.

Again, this takes nothing away from Cena, as the man has done great things in his life. We are just here to shed light on things that the WWE would have like to stay buried. Here are 12 not-so-holy stories about the WWE's biggest star of the last ten years, which WWE would wish that their loyal fans were never aware of. As always please feel free to comment in the section below, and let us know your opinion.

12 Killing WWE And Wrestling


A bit harsh? Maybe, but John Cena has been attributed to the demise of WWE and rightfully so. He has often admitted that the decision to remain a PG-rated show has largely been due to him, and the WWE Universe may never forgive him for that. Backstage segments hardly make sense anymore, and wrestlers — or sports entertainers — are hardly allowed to pull off real wrestling moves.

11 Unreasonably Hating On Rookies


It has been murmured in the wrestling circuit that Alex Riley's momentum came to a halt only because John Cena personally loathed him. Even Tyler Reks and Evan Bourne have divulged their respective burial on many occasions. The Champ would go through Riley's bags — against the wrestler's code — to look for supplements or anything that could get him fired. Almost everyone sympathized with him backstage, but never mustered the courage to confront the bully because of the fear of losing their jobs.

10 An Awful Colleague


Michael Tarver looked to be the real deal when he debuted alongside his Nexus pals on the main roster. However, his push came to a premature end after a nasty incident with Cena. An injury he sustained in the independent scene meant that he could not receive stiff chair shots in his neck region, however, Cena proceeded to deliver the same shot to the point that he decided to no-sell the chair shots.

9 The Real Authority Figure


Wrestlers perceive other wrestlers, especially rookies, using their moves as a sign of disrespect. Tyler Reks, standing at six and a half feet tall, possessed every trait to fill the shoes of someone like Batista, but his finisher, Burning Hammer, somehow triggered his depushing to NXT. While at a house show, he and Primo botched the Burning Hammer so that it almost looked like the Attitude Adjustment. Accordingly, John Cena ordered him to find a new finisher with a smirk.

8 Encouraging Nepotism


Though Maria Kanellis never had the wrestling moves in her arsenal to be treated seriously as a wrestler, the WWE Universe were head over heels in love with her for many reasons. Maria's beef with the Bella Twins needs no introduction, as she disparages them on Twitter as frequently as Hulk Hogan sends tweets comprising only his initials. She has often reiterated that John Cena being at the top of the wrestlers' hierarchy has given the Bella Twins considerable power in the women's division.

7 An Unfaithful Husband


John Cena adorably referenced his then-wife Elizabeth Huberdeau live on Raw in 2012, and even expressed how much she loved her. However, the couple filed for divorced only two months after his heartfelt promo. Legend has it that she decided to split up in light of his extramarital affair with adult film star named Kendra Lust. Not long after the rumor broke out, she started uploading her raunchy pictures with the WWE World Championship strap to her Twitter account.

6 A Bad Example


Veterans of any industry should always set good examples for the youngsters to follow. However, Cena has twice violated WWE's rules, while wrestlers down the card often face solemn consequences for the same. WWE banned blading in the wake of the historic match between Shawn Michaels and Chris Jericho at Great American Bash 2008, but the 15-time World Championship holder bladed himself to intensify his skirmish with Brock Lesnar at Extreme Rules 2012. Cena also proceeded to cut a cryptic promo after the bell, which reportedly angered the chairman.

5 Ruining Marriages


According to the grapevine, Cena cherished sleeping with married women, as he believed such a horrible practice helped him underline his main-eventer status. Kenny Dykstra revealed that Victoria — a married woman — was his 'road girlfriend' until her draft to SmackDown in 2007.

Victoria, however, denied part of his allegations, stating that she had only dated him when he was the Doctor of Thuganomics. Kenny's claims still hold true as Victoria had tied the knot with Lee Veron in 1999. Many other wrestlers have since confirmed the authenticity of Kenny's accusations.

4 Burying The Next Big Things


Inadvertently or not, John Cena buried the Nexus single-handedly. With the Nexus gaining huge momentum in the wake of their terrific debut, many within the company — including Edge and Chris Jericho — suggested that the 'rookies' defeat Team Cena at SummerSlam 2010. However, the Cenation leader vetoed everyone's proposal and went on to guide Team Cena to glory with the typical Super Cena comeback.

3 Badmouthing A Legend


The best attribute of any employee, is never badmouthing their employer or colleague, but Cena breached the hard and fast rule while being interviewed by British tabloid The Sun long before his and The Rock's WrestleMania XXVIII feud came into existence — in 2009. "It just cheapens that phrase, 'Oh, I love this business.' So then next time I come up and say I love this business, well, the guy before me who said that left. That doesn't look good for me or our business," said the champ while quizzed about the potential return of The Rock.

2 Hypocrisy At Its Best


1 Playing Gooseberry


Every top dog in the McMahon's empire seemingly relishes fornicating with female talents who are already taken; Shawn Michaels' short-lived relationship with Sunny is well documented. Although John Cena has never been embroiled in such horrible flings, he has had his share of similar real life storylines. He seemingly copulated with Mickie James while she and Kenny Dykstra were still a couple, and then engineered the release of her boyfriend when he became aware of her infidelity.

When she pestered him to enter a serious relationship with her however, he proceeded to exercise his backstage power to put her in the Piggy James storyline. She was not released long after, and still has not found her way back into WWE, despite being a better wrestler than half the women's roster. You do the math.

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Top 12 Stories That Prove John Cena Is No Saint