Top 12 Superstars Chris Jericho Has Put Over

Chris Jericho is one of the best WWE Superstars of the past decade, without a doubt. He was the first Undisputed WWE Champion, beating Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock in the same night (which he

Chris Jericho is one of the best WWE Superstars of the past decade, without a doubt. He was the first Undisputed WWE Champion, beating Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock in the same night (which he hardly ever mentions), headlined WrestleMania X8, and has won every major championship in the WWE, apart from the United States Championship. He is an amazing technical wrestler, can work easily as a heel or a face, and has terrific promo skills. He's featured in some fantastic matches, such as the WrestleMania XIX match with Shawn Michaels, the Chicago Street Fight at Extreme Rules 2012, and the Money in the Bank match at WrestleMania 21 (which he is credited with creating).

At the age of 45, he is still going strong, but nowadays he's a part-timer, while touring with his band Fozzy. Instead of using his name to get big money matches and more championship runs, he has decided to put his name to good use and put over younger, up and coming Superstars, usually giving them a big match win and helping their momentum. While not all of these have been successful, as some Superstars can't capitalize on this momentum, there have been a lot of Superstars that have used a win or even just a feud against Jericho to propel themselves into stardom.

No matter your opinion of Chris Jericho, there is no denying his accomplishments and his willingness to help younger talent grow. The fact that he has been selfless most of the time proves how much the business really means to Jericho. The following 12 Superstars have all been on the winning end of a Chris Jericho match and/or feud.

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12 John Cena


Had this come a tiny bit later in John Cena's career, this would be much higher on the list. The two met at Vengeance 2002 and the match itself was a fairly average match, with Cena making a couple of rookie mistakes and winning with a small package. This was before John Cena had really established himself as a rising talent in WWE, so the jury was still out on him. However, there is no denying that Cena received momentum from this win. He was sent back down to the mid-card shortly after this though, before rising back to the top.

11 Kofi Kingston 


At Night of Champions 2008, Chris Jericho was in the middle of a heated rivalry with Shawn Michaels, but took time away from this to face a surprise opponent for his Intercontinental Championship. While people were expecting Shawn Michaels to come out and challenge Jericho, Kofi Kingston actually came out. The two had a 10 minute match, which ended with Shawn Michaels coming out before Kingston delivered a Trouble in Paradise for the win. This was Kingston's first match as a member of the Raw roster following the Supplemental Draft and him picking up the win over the veteran was certainly a big moment in his career.

10 Jack Swagger


Jack Swagger seemingly had nothing going for him before WrestleMania XXVI, but all of that changed at the Money in the Bank match, where Swagger surprised everyone by winning the briefcase, guaranteeing him a title match whenever he wanted it. An even bigger surprise came when Swagger cashed it in just days after WrestleMania on Chris Jericho to win the World Heavyweight Championship. He also took the pin from Swagger in a Triple Threat match for the World Heavyweight Championship, which helped to establish Swagger for a little while at least.

9 Fandango


If only WWE had done more with this. At the rather disappointing WrestleMania 29, Fandango defeated the six-time World Champion, clean, in a surprisingly watchable match. This match came about after Chris Jericho had been intentionally mispronouncing Fandango's name and was one of the most shocking results in recent WWE memory. The ballroom dancer gimmick has a very short shelf life and the momentum that Fandango received from this win was short lived, but you can't help but feel that if 'Johnny Curtis' had beat Chris Jericho instead of 'Fandango', the result would have been much better for his career.

8 Shelton Benjamin


Shelton Benjamin is one of the true missed opportunities in WWE. After beating Triple H three times, Benjamin was on a roll and was over with the crowd. To keep this momentum going, Benjamin faced Chris Jericho for the Intercontinental Championship and won at Taboo Tuesday 2004. This match was of the highest quality and further showcased Benjamin's skill. It looked, at this point, that Benjamin was going to use this championship as a stepping stone to bigger and better things, but unfortunately WWE put him on a losing streak and gave him the 'Momma' gimmick. Immediately after beating Jericho, however, the future looked very bright for Shelton Benjamin.

7 Dolph Ziggler


Sometimes, you don't have to lose every match to your opponent in order to put them over. Chris Jericho embarked on a feud with Dolph Ziggler, after Ziggler had called him out, claiming that Jericho had 'lost his touch' and while Jericho did win their match at SummerSlam 2012, Ziggler won the rematch on the following episode of Raw, meaning that Jericho's WWE contract was terminated. The matches further confirmed that Ziggler was one of the best in ring workers in WWE, giving him more momentum before his cash in the following year and it also showed that Jericho had not lost it.

6 Daniel Bryan


While Daniel Bryan was well known to many of the hardcore wrestling fans, he was not as popular and well known with the casual WWE fans. In order to let Daniel Bryan show everyone his impressive skillset, the WWE put him in a match with the then-World Heavyweight Champion Chris Jericho on NXT. The two put on a very good, albeit rather short, match, that ended with Jericho winning with the Walls of Jericho. This is another case of Jericho not needing to lose to put the guy over, but this match showed anyone watching NXT that Bryan was one of the best in the world.

5 Batista


While Batista had been gaining momentum in WWE, most of his matches had been in tag team form and he was yet to show his true potential. At Vengeance 2004, Batista faced Chris Jericho in a singles match that was just over 12 minutes and was a great showcase of The Animal's strength. This was a great boost in momentum for Batista, as Chris Jericho was still a huge star at that point and this victory helped propel Batista towards defeating Triple H for the World Heavyweight Championship.

4 Dean Ambrose


This is the most recent example of Chris Jericho giving one of his opponents the rub. Since The Shield broke up, Dean Ambrose has been the least successful member of the group, being put into countless feuds with opponents where he would not come out on top and especially since his almost squash match with Brock Lesnar, he has been desperate for a win, making Chris Jericho his perfect opponent. Jericho played off of Ambrose's craziness amazingly and made Ambrose look like the sympathetic babyface that he so easily could be, all while giving him some much needed momentum.

3 A.J. Styles


This is another case of not needing to lose to an opponent in order to put them over. When A.J Styles made his debut at the Royal Rumble 2016, there was a lot of initial excitement, while there was also some fear that he would be lost in the shuffle. Fortunately, he was put into a program with Chris Jericho. This was a great opportunity for Styles to show the more casual WWE fans his immense talen5 by beating Jericho at Fastlane. A win against such an established name in WWE was great for him, as it showed people that he wasn't just another 'indie guy.' The two then faced off at WrestleMania 32, which Jericho actually won, but AJ Styles still looked like an absolute star in the match.

2 Bray Wyatt


Bray Wyatt, like Dean Ambrose, is another wrestler who seems to be put in a lot of good feuds, only to lose most of the time. While in the earlier stages of his WWE career, Wyatt entered a feud with Chris Jericho, which culminated in a singles match at SummerSlam 2014 between the pair, with Wyatt picking up the win. This was good for Wyatt as he needed a pick me up after his WrestleMania XXX loss to John Cena and this victory helped him to restablish himself, while also giving the entire Wyatt Family a much needed boost. The match itself helped show people that Wyatt's a remarkably good worker, with a unique style that is interesting to watch.

1 Christian


Despite the terrible storyline that was involved with this (Trish and Lita and the Canadian dollar bet), the match between Chris Jericho and Christian at WrestleMania XX was great. It was important that Christian had a good showing to establish himself as a serious singles competitor, after a bit of time in the Intercontinental Championship scene. This victory is what started to help Christian truly separate from Edge and become a known commodity as a singles star. While always being a good in-ring worker, he has always been underrated in the ring and this was one of the times when it was truly recognized.

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Top 12 Superstars Chris Jericho Has Put Over