Top 12 Times Wrestlers Did "It" on TV

Could you imagine turning on basketball and witnessing LeBron James getting it on with one of his cheerleaders on live television? Or the Toronto Blue Jays engaging in "group activity" on the baseball field for the world to see? Of course not, because that would never happen! However, if you watched Monday Night Raw in the past, there was actually a slight possibility you might see one of your favorite Superstars getting it on with one of your favorite Divas. Maybe not so much anymore as the product has gone PG, but it's still much more plausible in the WWE than in any other sport. Why? Because we all know it's sports entertainment. Wrestling is fun, it's daring, if not a little crazy. But it's why we love it, isn't it?

Over the years, we've seen many budding romances in the WWE. Sometimes, it was innocent and adorable. When we witnessed Macho Man Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth fall in love before our eyes, we couldn't help but root for them. Or that time Lita and Matt Hardy kissed for the first time, the crowd went nuts! But as the WWE started to become much more risque in the 90s, so did the romance. And well, they didn't leave much to the imagination and over the years we would see many Superstars and Divas doing the deed on national television. And this is when we discovered that there is no such thing as a closed bedroom door in the WWE. Thus, we present to you... the top 12 times wrestlers did it on TV.

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12 Vince McMahon and Trish Stratus

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Over the years, Vince McMahon has managed to make out with some of the hottest Divas in the WWE, including Stacy Keibler, Torrie Wilson, and Candice Michelle. But one of the most unforgettable was Trish Status and at one point during their onscreen relationship in 2001, Trish happened to disappoint the Chairman and to apologize, she stated that she "deserve[d] a spanking." Vince obliged and we quickly cut to the next segment.

I think it's safe to assume that spanking wasn't the only thing they got to doing that night.

Trish, you naughty girl.

11 Batista and Melina

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In 2006, Batista and Rey Mysterio were granted a Tag Team championship match on Smackdown against MNM, MNM's most threatening challengers to date. Their manager, Melina, tried taking one for the team by seducing Batista into sleeping with her so he would call off the match. Batista took to the kind gesture and the two of them went all the way in his locker room backstage. The only problem was, Batista didn't call off the match. Melina was embarrassed. But if you want my opinion? She wanted it.

10 Val Venis and Ken Shamrock's Sister

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"Hellooooo ladies!" A porn star turned wrestler, Val Venis was a staple in the Attitude era and yes, the ladies loved him. In one of his more memorable storylines, Venus got Ken Shamrock's sister to star in one of his films. Venis would present the trailer on Monday Night Raw and let's just say Ken wasn't too pleased about it. From there the storyline unraveled when Shamrock's sister Ryan would hook up with Val, then go to Goldust, and Blue Meanie got jealous of her.

9 Torrie Wilson, Billy Gunn, Jamie Noble and Nidia

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In the summer of 2003 after Torrie Wilson's Playboy spread proved to be a hit, Jamie Noble began an obsession with the covergirl even though he was romantically involved with girlfriend Nidia. Torrie, disgusted by Noble's constant advances, challenged him to an Indecent Proposal match on boyfriend Billy Gunn's behalf, stating that if Noble won the match she would sleep with him. Unfortunately for Torrie, things didn't go as planned and Noble would pick up the win. The next week on Smackdown, he invited her to his hotel but before he could get his hands on her, Nidia and Billy Gunn would barge in to try and stop the madness. But alas, they all decided to have a foursome instead. Yolo, right?

8 Dawn Marie and Torrie Wilson's Father

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To get under rival Torrie Wilson's skin, Dawn Marie romantically involved herself with Torrie's father Al in what had to be one of the most bizarre storylines the WWE has ever had. And that's saying a lot. Eventually, Dawn and Al would tie the knot and a week later on Smackdown we bore witness to their honeymoon, the two of them having so much sex that it proved too much for poor Al's old heart. He had a heart attack and died.

Yes, Dawn Marie killed poor Torrie Wilson's father.

7 Lita and Dean Malenko

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Even though Lita and Matt Hardy were officially dating, it didn't stop Dean Malenko from trying to get in Lita's pants in 2001. Eventually, we actually believed Malenko may have won Lita over as she accepted his invitation to meet him in his hotel room. There, she would undress and tease him, but to Malenko's dismay, Matt Hardy showed up and smashed a bottle of champagne over his head. The moral of the story? Don't f*** with Lita.

6 Mae Young and Sexual Chocolate Mark Henry

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When a segment of GTV aired on Monday Night Raw, it was revealed to the WWE Universe that Mark Henry had just had sex. With who? A cigar smoking Mae Young. As ridiculous as it was, it was pretty hilarious and the angle worked surprisingly well. Even though their sexual encounters would result in Mae Young giving birth to a full grown hand (it makes no sense), we couldn't help but fall in love with the pairing.

5 Triple H and a Corpse

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When Triple H and Kane feuded over the unification of the World Heavyweight and Intercontinental championships back in 2002, Triple H made it very personal. How personal? He accused Kane of having sex with a dead girl named Katie Vick. The best part? Triple H apparently had footage of the incident. What we actually saw was Triple H dressed up as Kane pretending to have sex with the dead body of Katie Vick in a casket. For some reason or another, I think WWE thought this would be funny, but it failed miserably. This is solely on the list because it's memorable even if for the wrong reasons.

4 Brian Pillman and Marlena

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Another Indecent Proposal match saw Brian Pillman defeating Goldust, thus Marlena contractually having to become Pillman's slave for 30 whole days. This occurred before WWE went full-on Attitude, so a storyline such as this was very risque for its time as we witnessed a segment of a terrified Marlena handcuffed in Pillman's bed. It was pretty obvious what he was using her for. Sadly, Pillman passed away during the angle so we never got to see the storyline play out. Oh, what could have been...

3 Vince McMahon and Trish Status (again)

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Trish and Vince crossed paths once again in 2004, spoofing a controversial opening skit Monday Night Football did the week prior, featuring Nicollette Sheridan seducing Terrell Owens in order to market the new hit show, Desperate Housewives. Apparently, people didn't have a sense of humor and thought it was unsuitable for ABC programming. So what did WWE do? They showcased what they're known for. Hot women and wrestling! It resulted in one of the funniest backstage segments of all time, making fun of how people overreact to sex in entertainment. If you don't like it, don't watch.

2 Torrie Wilson and Dawn Marie

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Before Dawn Marie tied the knot with Torrie Wilson's father, Dawn would seduce Torrie into sleeping with her, promising to call off the wedding with Al if Torrie agreed. Not wanting to see her father be made to look like a fool, Torrie reluctantly agreed to meet Dawn at her hotel which resulted in one of the most heated Diva segments of all time. According to Dawn, they went all the way. But we never saw past the makeout.

1 Live Sex Celebration with Edge and Lita

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After Edge won his first WWE championship at the 2006 New Years Revolution, he decided to celebrate the next night on Monday Night Raw by having a Live Sex Celebration in the middle of the ring with his girlfriend Lita. This was a first and only because as you can see, every other instance of "sex" in the WWE has occurred in either a taped segment in a hotel room or backstage. Before things could get full-on XXX, John Cena would prematurely end the celebration by delivering an FU to Lita in the middle of the ring. The segment scored high ratings and goes down as one of the most memorable moments in Raw history. It proved that anything really is possible in the WWE. Even live sex. And no, they didn't actually have sex. But we did get a nip slip out of it. Sorry, Lita.

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