Top 12 Times Wrestling Mocked Current Events

[caption id="attachment_131966" align="aligncenter" width="864"] via[/caption] What has happened to our social structure? Our current events are not only horrifying, they are down right


What has happened to our social structure? Our current events are not only horrifying, they are down right disastrous. In 2016, the world was supposed to be void of ignorance and intolerance yet both remain as focal points on the evening news. It's a sad state of affairs but we really haven't learned anything from the past.

As a result, the future is doomed. Quit procreating while you still can; for your children are meant to grow up and inhabit a world of Moronic Mayhem. There is nothing left for Dreamers, allow the Nightmare to ruin each and every night of your life as you awake cold and soaked in sweat, wishing for an escape from the never-ending terror.

Somehow, someway, all over America, people are prepared to elect Donald J. Trump as the forty-fifth President of the United States. Yes, a Billionaire Buffoon in charge of the Free World; can you image? How the hell have so many Americans sided with the Psychotic Reality Star and his backward way of thinking? So much for progress.

However, such is the way of the Current Mind: think without rational or reason and vote without concern or consequence. In 2008, history was made when the first black President was elected to office. In 2016, history could be made once again in way of breaking color barriers as Donald Trump could be elected the first orange President.

Indeed such campaign dramatics are fitting of a WWE storyline. And why not? Everything political has become such a joke that it almost borders the insanity of Monday Night Raw. The Great Political System running wild in WWE as the country watches with devious delight.

Today, we will focus on the absurdity of wrestling and current events as WWE has taken time in the past to address the modern issues of the day as well as certain issues specific to their own unique world; mostly as a attempt at humor which has quite often fell flat but the attempts were valid.

These are the top 12 times WWE has mocked current events:

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12 Vindictive Towards Denver


In the spring of 2009, WWE was faced with an issue: a scheduled edition of Monday Night Raw was set to take place from the Pepsi Center in Denver, Colorado. However, the hometown Nuggets were set for a Game four playoff game against the Lakers.

According to Vince McMahon, WWE was "bumped right out of the building with hardly an apology." The solution? The famed Staples Center in Los Angeles would offer their venue to host Monday Night Raw; coincidentally, the home of the Lakers.

That night on Raw, in a childish move, Vince McMahon would have a Five-on-Five Tag Team match with one team suited in Nuggets jerseys and the other squad wearing the Lakers yellow shirts. Of course, Team Los Angeles went over on Team Denver.

11 Monday Night Mockery


In what was considered by many to be a controversial skit, star wide receiver Terrell Owens and actress Nicolette Sheridan would participate in a racy scene to open an edition of Monday Night Football.

In the skit, Terrell Owens is approached by Nicolette Sheridan, who is wearing nothing but a towel. In a play on Sheridan's hit series Desperate Housewives, some "dramatic" banter ensues before Sheridan drops the towel and Owens cannot resist temptation.

Naturally, Monday Night Raw would address this as Monday Night Football have hurt WWE's numbers in the past. The Raw version of this skit would included Shelton Benjamin, Vince McMahon and Trish Stratus in an awkward segment.

10 Remnants of Wrestling's Past


Hulk Hogan has always loved money, more so than the wrestling industry. Hogan would not perform unless the price-tag was pleasing to his massive ego. When Hogan left WWE to become an "actor," it was only a matter on time.

Enter a new, young WCW go-getter named Eric Bischoff and the check-book of Ted Turner and suddenly Hulk Hogan "missed wrestling." Translation: Hogan missed making money for performing mundane manoeuvres.

Eventually, WWE would make light of the aging Superstar as well as another former WWE talent in Randy Savage. Billionaire Ted's Wrasslin' War Room; a series a comedic skits directed towards their former employees would being to air on WWE programming.

9 Miss Universe Slammy Mishap


The final moments of the Miss Universe 2015 pageant would see television host Steve Harvey announce the wrong winner in what will live in infamy as a major TV blunder. Harvey would then apologize and correct his mistake.

The truth about this incident is that nobody cared. It's a beauty pageant, not a political election. How many men were watching that night and thought: "oh no, Steve?" None.

Nevertheless, WWE would find a way to mimic this incident at the 2015 Slammy Awards when R-Truth presented Paige with the Diva of the Year Award; only to correct himself and then announce the real winner: Nikki Bella.

8 Ric's Road Rage


In December of 2005, Ric Flair would find himself in a troublesome situation when the anger inside would take over the reasoning. Flair would suffer a bout of road rage in North Carolina where he exited his vehicle to assault another motorist.

The end result would see Ric Flair charged with two misdemeanours: injury to personal property (Flair also kicked the other vehicle), as well as simply assault and battery. The "Nature Boy" lost his cool on the road.

And of course, leave it to WWE to mock one of their own. Around this time Ric Flair was involved in a feud with Edge. One night on Raw, Edge would air the "footage" of the road rage incident which was only Edge dressed as Flair (Actually funny).

7 Tea Party Time


Everyone is entitled to their own political beliefs. However, becoming a member of the Tea Party is a treacherous move. The political party consists of nothing more than right-wing recidivism; constitutional criminals.

In WWE, a new manager would emerge named Zeb Colter: a real American. Aligning with Jack Swagger and pushing the Tea Party propaganda on the WWE Universe for a while before the gimmick died out.

The angle would go as far as WWE requesting an interview with political pundit, Glenn Beck, who would decline. Beck would, however, go on to address the WWE and their Tea Party-related storyline.

6 The Democratic Race Comes to Raw 


The 2008 Presidential Election was one of great importance and significance as America would elect their first African-American President. However, prior to the nomination Barack Obama would do battle with Hilary Clinton.

As the two front-runners for the Democratic Party nominee, Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton would both run vigorous campaigns with stops all over the United States; including a visit to Monday Night Raw?

In an absolute horrible parody, WWE would actually put on a match of sorts between Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton on their flagship program, Monday Night Raw. The results: terrible television.

5 The Daily Show with Seth Rollins


Celebrity cameos have occurred quite often in the wrestling industry. In 2015 with Seth Rollins at the top of the card as WWE World Heavyweight Champion, "The Architect" would find himself feuding with late-night talk-show host, Jon Stewart.

Seth Rollins would appear on The Daily Show and in turn, Jon Stewart would appear on Monday Night Raw. During this time, Stewart was on his way out as a new host of the late-night comedy staple was set to take over.

Well, who better than the WWE World Heavyweight Champion? On an episode of Monday Night Raw, Seth Rollins would have a Daily Show set-up placed in the ring as he would host his own version of the program.

4 Bush Bashed


Kanye West would declare on live television that "George Bush doesn't care about black people." The forty-thirst President of the United States was undoubtedly a controversial figure during his eight year tenure in office.

Parodies of George W. Bush were everywhere (Will Ferrell most notably) as a nation of angered Americans could do nothing else but laugh at the idiocy which was elected into power during a time of Great Fear.

One night on Raw, Cryme Time - an African-American tag team - would introduce a George W. Bus impersonator as a special guest in an awful segment which included the faux Bush confusing George Jefferson for Thomas Jefferson.

3 Degenerates and Politics 


The Bill Clinton/Monica Lewinsky scandal rocked the nation back in the '90s. All the focus had suddenly shifted from public to personal affairs as the world become more interested in President Clinton's sex life than his political policies.

Around this time, the rise of D-Generation X as the most controversial faction in professional wrestling history had begun. When the USA Network (which carried WWE) issued a written noticed about the antics of DX, Triple H and Shawn Michaels hit back.

The result of this network notice would produced a most controversial segment where DX address the issues at a podium akin to a political press conference. During this segment, HBK would make reference to the actions of the "oral office."

2 White Bronco Chase at WrestleMania 


At WrestleMania XII, Roddy Piper decided to "make a man" out of Goldust as the pair did battle in a Hollywood Backlot Brawl. The match itself was spread throughout the broadcast before coming to an end inside the Arrowhead Pond.

The match would actually consist of a "car chase" when Goldust drove away from the venue in a gold Cadillac, only to be followed by Roddy Piper in none other than a white Bronco; a blatant take on a recent event which used actual footage from the incident.

The white Bronco of course being the getaway vehicle of O.J. Simpson who was accused of killing Nicole Brown Simpson and would put up a chase through Los Angeles in said automobile. WWE felt the need to mimic this incident.

1 Battle of the Big Mouths


It should come as no surprise that Donald Trump has engaged a number of petty feuds with other celebrity figures; one of which included Rosie O'Donnell, who herself has been known as an opinionated person.

The grade-school back-and-forth banter between Donald Trump and Rosie O'Donnell would capture headlines and help create one of the worst moments in the history on Monday Night Raw.

Donald Trump and Rosie O'Donnell (both badly impersonated) would step foot into the ring one Monday Night in a match that actually had the WWE crowd chanting for TNA. This, on the very program where Mick Foley once won the WWE Championship

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Top 12 Times Wrestling Mocked Current Events